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  1. Mine has it's own most current grahic drivers availabe, it's basically a clean windows installation considering that there's only 3dx and google chrome installed as apps.
  2. Okay so, a couple of days ago i updated Windows 10 to the latest version (2004), and since that, i started to find the game unplayable, i usually play at med specs, windowed without any issues but since the update, it has been like that, having me struggle for days. The Fps drop is very terrible and it barely handle it without freezing the client. I am now back to the previous version of windows but the problem persists. Ps: i use a laptop, which i play games with since years, despite it's components it still goes pretty good. anybody had the same issue?
  3. Question out of the blue: Will the test client be back operative in a matter of time? I'd like to test the game before making a subscription, my laptop may not be able to make it perform correctly.
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