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    I am Alice in the game.

    Likes: playing sports, techno music (Hands up!), mojitos, spending time with friends, knowing new interesting people. I am into space stuff.

    I am a business woman in a company of technology. I am growing step by step, be nice with me and you will earn a really loyal friend.

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  1. Excellent idea, so we can discover liers and cheaters. Implement it as soon as possible. Only ppl who has stuff tu hide would dislike this neat improvement!
  2. I like the idea of not getting messages if you are AFK and get them when you come back from AFK, and the one sending the message gets a message like: "They are having sexy time! Join them or do not disturb! :P" But I wouldn't like any help for stalking... I wish ignore account were back.
  3. Please add a second people counter for rooms: One for ordinary people inside, another for dancers and bots. Thank you a lot!
  4. Yeah let's make the game just for you and your likes, I agree! Because it is hard to read text moving here and there... . That's why ppl love public sex, no one can know who they are because the text is moving! (Do I need to say: Sarcasm! ?).
  5. Oh my... All your ideas about what could happen scared me! Since long it is just a game to have fun and meet silly ppl for most of us. But yeah... since clubs and other stuff showed up... game has changed. Big things bring big changes. Let's hope the next one is a good one
  6. Please, add blow a kiss to the game. Thank you
  7. This is not a game for children!
  8. It is half of a month, there is the solution of your math problem
  9. Looking for stuff to discriminate people? Nope.
  10. It would be great to have the cheek kisses for FF not only MF
  11. I hope we see this someday... have been a lot of years with this "issue" maybe it is the right time to check on it now that clothes have been improved so much. Kisses.
  12. You are silly. Understand, if you can... , that a lot of ppl are not native speakers. Try to read them in a friendly way, you will live longer with less hate inside your heart. * Winks *
  13. Do not change this, I do not want to see weird stuff about penis... oh my... .
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