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  1. This is not a game for children!
  2. It is half of a month, there is the solution of your math problem
  3. Looking for stuff to discriminate people? Nope.
  4. It would be great to have the cheek kisses for FF not only MF
  5. I hope we see this someday... have been a lot of years with this "issue" maybe it is the right time to check on it now that clothes have been improved so much. Kisses.
  6. You are silly. Understand, if you can... , that a lot of ppl are not native speakers. Try to read them in a friendly way, you will live longer with less hate inside your heart. * Winks *
  7. Do not change this, I do not want to see weird stuff about penis... oh my... .
  8. Why so intolerant?! What's next? Complaining about others' clothes? Anyway you can always ignore half the game.
  9. Great idea, I hope we see it in the game relatively soon.
  10. More not cock/strap on poses would be nice. Not all of us like only penis or strap-on thing as the only options. And that thing about patriarchal is dumb.
  11. Hehe when I said "manners" it was a joke about her sentence: "why the fuck... " Nothing related with her good idea
  12. Great idea. I also miss the option to send messages to ppl out of friend list, like in other games like /pm or /w NAME. When I close a chat with someone that is not friend of mine but later I want to send a message my only option is to look for that person everywhere. Boo.
  13. Manners! As you sure know, we do not have a lot of pieces of clothes, that is the real reason. Developers are going at the pace they are going, we all wish they were much faster. But what is not fair is your manners. This game is very inclusive taking into account the resources that can be intuitively perceived to be used in the game. And yeah, would be nice, the more clothes the better that is an universal fact everywhere !
  14. The real issue here is not if I have the file or if I am willing to use it. Nor if I said (I did not) people would be banned. People should be careful about using exploit, because the exploits can damage their game experience (for instance infinite character loading), some others can damage the servers stability and that is not fun for anyone.
  15. Do not be alarmed, rumors say the developers are monitoring the exploit and looking for a solution and what action to take about ppl using it. But well, what can a veteran player like me know? Cheers.
  16. I am starting to like it! Do not be so boring
  17. It is one of the first hairsyles of the game! Look on the bottom
  18. I agree with Tony... local chat is at best meh for some of us... I stopped using it time ago to be honest. Maybe that bubble thing can be a good idea.
  19. 良い意味でも悪い意味でも、世界中の人が同じ言語を使っているのが一番です。 国際的なコミュニティで他の言語を使用することは、英語を知っている場合、愚かなことです。 そして、彼のことですが、もし彼が同じものについて2つのトピックを作ったら、それはルール違反でさえあります 彼はあなたのように、同じ場所で両方の言語(まあ、英語が優先されるべきですが、あなたのプライドでOK)を使うことができます。 GL HF peace my friend! Лучший способ - все в мире пользуются одним и тем же языком, хорошо это или плохо, но сегодня это английский. Использование других языков в международном сообществе глупо, если вы знаете английский. Вы, ребята, можете сделать французский дискорд-сервер и говорить там на французском сколько угодно и получать удовольствие! А насчет него, если он создал 2 темы об одном и том же, это даже против правил Он мог бы сделать как ты, в одном месте на обоих языках (ну, английский должен быть на первом месте, но ладно с твоей гордостью). GL HF мир мой друг! Best way is every one in the world uses the same language, for good or bad nowadayts it is english. Using other languages in an international community is silly if you know english. You guys can make a frenchy discord server and talk all the french you want there and have all the fun! And about him, if he made 2 topics about the same stuff it is even against the rules He could do as you do, same place both langauges (well English should come first, but okay with your pride). GL HF peace my friend! Lo mejor es que todo el mundo utiliza el mismo idioma, para bien o para mal, hoy en día es el inglés. Utilizar otros idiomas en una comunidad internacional es una tontería si sabes inglés. Podéis crear un servidor de discordia francés y hablar todo el francés que queráis allí y divertiros. Y sobre él, si hizo 2 temas sobre la misma cosa es incluso contra las reglas Podría hacer como tú, el mismo lugar ambos idiomas (bueno el inglés debería ser el primero, pero bien con tu orgullo). ¡GL HF paz mi amigo! Der beste Weg ist, dass jeder auf der Welt die gleiche Sprache benutzt, im Guten wie im Schlechten ist das heutzutage Englisch. Andere Sprachen in einer internationalen Gemeinschaft zu benutzen ist dumm, wenn man Englisch kann. Ihr könnt einen französischen Discord Server machen und dort so viel französisch reden wie ihr wollt und den ganzen Spaß haben! Und was ihn angeht, wenn er 2 Themen über dasselbe Thema macht, ist das sogar gegen die Regeln Er könnte es so machen wie du, beide Sprachen an der gleichen Stelle (gut, Englisch sollte an erster Stelle stehen, aber das ist okay für deinen Stolz). GL HF Frieden mein Freund!
  20. The language of the forums is english, so use english. English is the language to use in an international community, fight against it is not smart, and it is even rude no matters how much french love their own language. If everyone starts using their own language it would be a mess, so eat your proud french friends and use the English as we all do (and it is not my 1st language). Do not be rude.
  21. English would be appreciated. Thanks!
  22. Superman and batman are coming to the game... but when?!
  23. This has been asked for years... what make you think they will do this now? We wish... . We wish! Did you read developers?
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