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  1. You're right ! It don't care them at all, you can write here what you like but the dev's don't do anything with it
  2. Well people you can write here what you want but the devs are not interested at all in what we as users want, this has been shown so many times
  3. that's right, most of them don't miss anything either, but that's exactly what I'm trying to say. It is a social platform where people meet, talk to each other and can dance and that is 90% of the players. Only I belong to the 10% who see 3DX as a sex game and that is definitely missed in the evenings when there are only dance parties
  4. Lol, when you enter a FUCK ORGY with 70 people, the vast majority of the people are dancing there, as example: go to the ROOFTOP - pool & fuck party with 65 people now
  5. Despite the fact that the developers are trying to make the game better by adding Lovense and new sex poses, the vast majority of players see 3DX as a dance game rather than a sex game for adults. Of course everyone is free to play how he or she wants to, but if you only see dozens of rooms with dance parties every night, then in my opinion the intended purpose of 3DX has been missed.
  6. Thank you so much Olesya to do this for us !!
  7. The PRIVATE DESIRE GROUP proudly presents Wednesday 6th January 1pm CET - 5pm GENTLEMEN's CLUB YACHT SAPPHIRE Feel the real erotic ambiance of this beautiful floating strip/night club
  8. The PRIVATE DESIRE GROUP proudly presents Sunday 13th December 10am CET - 5pm Reopening of one of the most spectacular designs from the past BARE ELEGANCE GIRLS FROM LOS ANGELES Come and see this beautiful classy strip/gentlemen club
  9. The PRIVATE DESIRE GROUP proudly presents: ❀ PENTHOUSE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB ❀ SUNDAY November 8th - 10am CET - 5pm CET Feel the real erotic ambiance of this beautiful strip/night club Experience this Sinday as never before with our beautiful dancers/escorts (and no we don't need DJ's , danceteams, etc, our girls can do it all by their own)
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