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  1. Haha fair enough, it's a print screen link from a program called LightShot. The screenshot basically shows someone's pm with a super lewd title, some seductive text and a link. Underneath it is a lewd gif too, but I can't be bothered to include that. I can't really save the screenshot as I'm at work... but that's the general idea, don't click on any links you don't know or trust :p
  2. Henlo, So someone sent me a PM on the forums > https://prnt.sc/tmsqhe. Going to leave their name there to warn others. It's a completely new account sending out malicious links, be on your toes!
  3. July 16th, 2020 It's been a while... but I've been dealing with uhm... some interesting stuff I suppose. A little while ago when I was at this weird party, Altair said that one of the two possibilities of people staying here is because our sense of lust is increased or enhanced in this world. I'm... starting to believe that's the case... The last 2 weeks have been extremely difficult for me, it almost felt as if something was manipulating me in order to feel this sense of lust. Raichu has been uhm... helping me stay sane...? I guess that's a nice way to put it yea... I also had a very strange dream yesterday... I met everyone, and we talked for a bit. It almost felt too real... I mean Ryuji was worried about me, Ann asked infinite questions, and Joker... he blushed and even cracked a smile for a split second. Oh and I got to cuddle with Mona again! But it felt too real to be a dream... I think they somehow contacted me. I guess it's time to put some real effort into making this Metaverse app connect to my old world... maybe I can finally get it to work... July 22nd, 2020 Welp, that's that. Spent multiple nights without sleep to try and get it working and it just isn't! *a bunch of text has been crossed out here and is unreadable*. I can't believe the insane waste of effort in this dumb project. Of course the Metaverse can't connect outside of this world, that's just a silly pipe dream. On the other hand... I did learn something very interesting. Apparently I'm not the first one to try and look into this strange sense of lust that we're all being exposed to in this world. Earlier today I found some documents left by scientists who have either given into lust or went missing. They stated that there's some people who are immune to this whole lust sense. It's a rare find, but those who are immune are just able to walk around without feeling... you know... excited. They also believe that there's something out there that's doing this to us, that's making us feel this lustful. Now maybe, just maybe, this world has a Mementos too? A collective "palace" of everyone's heart. If this place does have a Mementos, then maybe that's where this lust feeling is coming from. Mementos is really scary though... I don't want to go in alone. I need to find someone who can help me first... but first, there's something I have to take care of... Screw this stupid lust thing! I can't even spend one day without touching myself!!!
  4. July 1st, 2020 My eyes! I was just swinging on the swings until the sun suddenly started shining again! The entire world was suddenly overflowed with people again, although I did experience some strange things. One of which was the phone numbers of the people seemed a bit off, but I guess that'll get better as the days pass. Either way there's light again! Time to meet some people :3
  5. The "We don't know who we are in the poses" has been a problem for years, that's why we have a "change position" option. If they really bother you, go into a single world, test out all the poses and make your own notes. Even if we want them to make things clearer, I don't see any of that happening any time soon.
  6. Right, then a simple solution would be to add a tg symbol onto the poses. That's a much faster development project too compared to removing the strap-on section, creating a new gender, adjusting the male model for transgender purposes. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see what would happen in this community if they were to create males with vagina's. I've known a girl that transitioned into being a man, she kept her own privates for a very long time before taking the full transition. So that's something that'll have to be accounted for to.
  7. Weird question, but from what I've seen this topic mainly focuses on the whole futa part, right? When we're talking about transgenders, aren't there women who transition to a man? If that's the case then we shouldn't just have the "transgender" gender option be a female model with a penis, right? This would add a whole new load of work to the devs, won't it? Now you'd suddenly have to create the male model with a vagina too. I personally have 0 issues with the whole strap-on section, just don't use it if you don't want to. I've also seen people mention that it's frustrating to suddenly be in a position where one of the two is forced to have a penis, don't use those poses? It's genuinly confusing to me that people are argueing here about a topic like this. The question was "Transgender option, yes or no" and suddenly everyone's talking about removing the strap-on section, putting it inside the character editor, argueing over poses that force one to have a penis, do all topics go like that? My opinion might be slightly warped because I don't mind using a penis in game even though I'm a girl. I love fantasy rp so nothing's out of the ordinary for me. It is however, totally understandable that some might be disturbed by this. But won't this be a one time thing? You've seen said pose once, now you know it forces one to have a penis so don't use it anymore. I also saw someone mention that they were disturbed when a girl suddenly has a penis... 9/10 times it's written in their bio, reading isn't hard 😕
  8. June 29th, 2020 The world's been dark for a while now, I've got no clue what's happening. I've heard some echoing voice that it's a ddos attack? The computers in this world have all shut down too so I can't really do much to help. Raichu's been missing too so I don't know what to do T_T I've filled the house with candles so there's at least a little bit of light left... but I hope this will blow over soon. Another interesting thing is that I had a strangely realistic dream last night... I was sitting at cafe Leblank and I was just chatting and drinking with Ren. He made the coffee and told me to stay calm, that everything would end up alright... Was this dream a sign? Are they looking for me? Maybe I'm just going crazy, oh well I guess time will tell. For now I'll just wait around for the light to return to this world.
  9. Out of character! So I've been working together with a 3D artist to create a lewd Futaba Sakura model for me. It's quite pricey but I feel like it'll be worth the effort. I'm currently learning a lot about Blender in order to make some nice scenes. I'll try to put together my own background scene and try to replicate the "Café LeBlanc" from Persona 5 myself, that should help with some interesting scenes ^^ Now of course this is going to take a while, like I can't give an estimate at all. The 3D model is almost done being modeled and after that it's going to get textures, clothing and hair simulations, and rigging. Besides the creation of the model, I also have to grow accustomed to 3D modeling in Blender as I've never done anything of the sort. I'm sure it'll be fine if I give myself plenty of time. I'm not planning to make any fancy animations or anything, I simply want to make a comic style version of the story I'm telling here. Once the model's done, I'll probably post some random poses showing her off, but actual scenes will have to wait. I'm also not planning to use any other custom made models for a while since this is simply a passion project. To give you an idea, this Futaba Sakura model is going to cost me 550 euros and I'm not planning to pay another 550 for a second custom model. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to make my own at some point! Anyways, that's about it. If this plan continues and grows to become a reality, then I'll most likely drop this "Futaba's Diary" post and continue on the new one. It's going to be based on the same story as this one, but slightly changed. For example, the very beginning is something I can't re-create in 3D since I don't have any of those models ready to be used. Same with characters like Veronya and Raichu, I'd love to bring them in but I'm afraid that I can't with my current budget. This whole idea isn't something I made up in order to earn money, so spending that much should be out of the question. Hopefully that's enough info and I really hope that I'll be able to pull through with this >_< ps. is it possible to somehow extract the default appartment from the game and import it into Blender or would I have to recreate it?
  10. June 26th, 2020 I hate summer... Two days ago I got drunk and someone managed to take me home. The thing is, I don't remember much from that night >_< The only thing that I remember is waking up, completely naked with my clothes thrown across the room. There was no one by my side either... I feel like we did some things together, whoever that was. Either way today it's hot... I went for a walk today but it's too hot. Went back home as fast as I could to undress and just sit in front of a fan. Raichu was home though!!! She stayed quiet and snuck up on me as I sat in front of my fan... she abused the fact that it was too hot to struggle so she started teasing... I guess you could say that we both ended up feeling really good but extremely sweaty.
  11. June 15th, 2020 So... yesterday I was invited to go to this dinner party. They told me it was an exclusive party so I gently declined. I'm not a party person, what makes them think I'll just show up like that?! Either way I showed up >_> There were some people that I recognized, but most seemed unfamiliar. I was told by the one who held this party, Altair, that everyone involved here was brought to this world by some strange force. She continued to explain that everyone came from another world and that we had two options. Either we enjoy our time here or find a way to escape. Something else that I was told, and this really worried me, is that our lust is enhanced in this world. That explains why I've been feeling so strange ever since I've arrived here... Either way this party was more like a meeting to me, only a handful of people were chatting and laughing together. Some of them were even doing lewd stuff together ._. June 22nd, 2020 It's getting hot... I hate the summer! Either way I forgot to mention in my last entry that I met an interesting person! Her name was Zoe and she helped me out after I uhm... took my futa pill... Nope, forget what I wrote! She was just very kind to me and helped me out. Seems like she'd enjoy being around Veronya. Speaking of which, it seems like she managed to calm down a bit so I approached her again two days ago. Apparently she wasn't even using all of the magic available to her! I told her about this unique ability to make people feel things that aren't there, I called it "Ghost's Touch". Another thing she's able to do is to increase someone's sensitivity. I can do it with my phone simply by taking a picture of someone, but she can do it by giving them a kiss and having her tail touch them simultaneously. She... tried it out on me and I can confirm, it works flawlessly. This is such a strange world... I might try to see if there's a Mementos here too, a collective cognitive world... if there is, I bet it's filled with lewd desires.
  12. I see, no clue how that's happening but I guess I'll just close the forums when I'm not using it. I also just scanned my pc with Malwarebytes and it didn't find any threats. Either way, thanks for the input Ash ^^
  13. Hiya, So for some reason I keep getting this problem: https://prnt.sc/sua2zy As far as I know, I'm not going against any rules so I'm pretty sure this is just a strange bug. I'm also able to go to the forums on my phone and log in while my desktop is telling me that I'm banned. Would anyone happen to know why this is happening? Am I doing something wrong?
  14. June 4rth, 2020 The fever finally seems to be calming down... Hopefully I'll feel a bit better at the end of the day... I feel a lot better, especially now that the weather's been less hot too. All these lewd things that have been done with me have been driving me crazy. I wasn't able to do anything the last few days. My lazy ass has been asleep most of the time and if I were to be awake, I'd be on my phone staring at my messages... hoping for one of the Phantom Thieves to respond... Either way, since I'm here now anyways, I should make the most of it. I'm an a-adult now anyways! Once I feel better, I'm going to head out and explore for a bit...
  15. I read through your post, Xizl, and it looks like we were thinking about the same thing. The suggestion from people to just add a colon after writing /me, but I don't think that's any good either :< Probably the best way to make this work is if we can do /me: or /me's that way it starts out with FutabaSakura: or FutabaSakura's. It'll shorten things down and won't make the first sentence so mondane every single time. The space isn't the end of the world of course, but I'd love to see something like that. Also regarding the colors, I think that'd be great but certain people will need to learn which color can hurt eyes. There are some profiles for example that have this specific blue color that's barely readable and they write entire sections with it. But overall I'm not against a color slider for your rp text, or even regular text. If you could color regular text, that'd solve the colon problem instantly, just make it the same color as your rp text and it's done. Guess we'll have to wait and see, thanks for linking your post, was very informative ^^
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