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  1. While I'd love to see 10 gallery slots to be open by default, I highly doubt that's ever going to happen. Since they're just pictures, and it's not 2001 anymore, I believe that they can be a much higher quality these days and the slots should be considerably cheaper than they are now. Paying 50+ for a single image slot is not okay, especially when you consider the time and money it costs to create a picture. An argument could be made that not every player has their own art pieces, or cares enough about their profile to put up some decent quality pictures. No matter how you look at this problem though, it's something every single person deals with. As someone who cares about profiles and characters, I love to read people their descriptions and see their pictures. It allows me to get a complete picture of who their character is and what their personality would be like. Seeing the neat tiny details that went into an image is now lost due to the low quality. I do like the suggestion of photo albums, but do keep in mind that the reason these slots are so costly is most likely due to the developers not having much space to work with. Even f-list has a limit on how many pictures you can upload, 50. Dividing these into albums isn't really possible either. I don't remember what the default slots are, but I'd say a healthy start would be up to 4 or 5. That way you can have a dedicated profile picture and 3 or 4 pictures that can visualize your character. If you'd like to have more slots, purchase them as they do end up taking space. Like mentioned before though, it'd have to be considerably cheaper.
  2. That was really cool to see! Great job on organizing all of this.
  3. That's right! I've made another post a few months ago about that extra page https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12200-in-game-profile-tab-relations/. Regarding your statement about the file size of profiles, I feel like this is a problem they need to fix anyways. If they're already having trouble with disk space because of profile descriptions, then the idea of getting higher quality images is faaaaaaaaaaaar away :c Either way, discussing about what problems it may give the developers is odd since only they will be able to tell us what they can and can't do.
  4. Agreed, I also think that giving each character a specific amount of MB is a good and calculatable solution. They can judge ahead of time if they need more space depending on the players that arrive. If the need rises, they could even opt to remove inactive characters their art if there's a real problem with disk space. I fully agree with your statement about wanting to have certain mysterious when engaging with another player. My only personal bother with the limited characters is that those who do want to present more, can't. I wouldn't want to read a massive wiki page about someone their character either, which is why I provide a link to my f-list page for those who are interested. There's no avoiding the trend of people placing other people their names on their profile to show their love and respect for these people. Putting this on a new tab within the profile could be really great both for the sake of clarity and space within the profile description. When I tell people that I want more space for my profile description, I don't mean that I'm planning to write an entire novel. Yes, I'd like to write about my character, but sometimes there's more to tell. I won't go into detail about my character, Veronya, but she comes from a specific place which might be interesting to others. Imagine opening someone their profile and you read something about the place they originated from. The ways of entering a conversation with that person will multiply. In my eyes, a perfect description of a character looks as followed. A very short summary about who the character is which is the most important bit. After reading something like that, most people will have already decided whether or not to engage. Right behind the short summary, is a little bit about his/her background. This can help define this person's personality and help you see what you can expect. Last but not least is anything else you feel the need to share, could be other relationships, magic related things, likes and dislikes, etc. The most important thing that rounds all of this out, is a proper gallery. One that's holding quality images that can represent your character in a light that you want others to see him/her. With the current state of the image quality and size, this is impossible. I'm sorry if I ranted a bit too much :< I love writing fantasy related things so things like these are very important to me. Looking at the general player of 3dx, I see that this doesn't apply to everyone. The pictures are still able to show something, the description still allows you to describe things, but all at the sacrifice of great detail. I do really apreciate those who read this and support it, thank you.
  5. Henlo, I'll get right to the point, I find the price for gallery slots compared to the quality images we can upload absolutely awful. Currently, I try to re-size my images to about 600-700 pixels in height in order to have a low quality image that's at least slightly clear. I understand that you don't want people to upload images that are 10+MB in size, but these image qualities are really terrible. My next gallery slot costs me about 38.000 gold which translates to roughly $50 (Getting the $25, $10, $10, and $5 already brings up to 50 which is 37.000 gold) and it sounds crazy to me that it'll cost me $50 in order to upload an image that looks like it came from 1990. Now for the more personal part, I love my characters. I've got custom art made for my 3dx character (you can find it at f-list.net/c/veronya/) which is already fairly expensive. Speaking of f-list, they allow you to upload an image that isn't larger than 2.000 pixels. I'm able to lower the file size to about 190 - 900 KB depending on the image height/width. To me, it sounds like a new gallery system should be put in place. One where you can click on the image, zoom in if you want to, and close the image when you're done looking. I'm no game developer so I won't go around screaming that this needs to be fixed now or that it's easy to do, it's a mere request. I'm currently having an artist work on comic/manga pages even though I'm aware that they won't be readable at all on the 3dx gallery. So I am forced to put my f-list link on my profile and hope that people will pay that a visit in order to see my custom art :< I personally think that the whole profile system can get a massive overhaul, especially in terms of function. There's so much you can potentially add that'll help with some proper roleplay. The ability to fill out things about your character such as height, specific sizes, name prefixes, race, etc. I made another post a little while ago about a relationships tab where you can put some people into the spotlight that you appreciate, love, or anything else specific. Having all of this in other tabs will mean that it won't be forced down someone's throat, you create more free space so you can actually create a description/bio for your character, and you give people the ability to bring their character more to life. All of this combined with better looking galleries and image quality would make the profiles near perfect! Hopefully this hasn't been discussed a hundred times already, but I felt the need to make a topic about it so... here it is o-o
  6. I see where you're coming from, but if we'd want to see a chance of this getting into the game, we must start simpler. Personally I'd already be extremely happy if we could assign relations to people in our friendlist that are visible to others as described in the main post. Having things change automatically to "grandchild" means 2 things. First that'd mean the person who now becomes your "grandchild" suddenly pops into your friendslist and second, the title should automatically be added on your relations tab. This is something I don't ever see happening and will have to be done manually. Not everyone plays the game that way so the best way to go about it is by making a function that can be used by everyone for a lot of different situations, which is why I suggested the feature of writing out our own titles. Personally I think the fastest way to get something like this into the game is by keeping it simple. A new tab "Relations", ability to add rows, ability to write out our own titles (including inline css), pick someone from friendslist to give a title
  7. That's a very valid point. With that in mind it should even be possible to remove yourself from their list be removing them from your friends list. This should 100% be how it works.
  8. Hmm I don't think it'll do well if the game traces how many times you've been divorced or had sex with a partner. Maybe as a potential thing you can enable or disable, but that sort of thing shouldn't be publically available by default.
  9. Henlo~ I'll be straight forward with the suggestion so you don't have to read through a ton of text. Simply click the image below to see what I'm trying to suggest. If you want to know more, feel free to read the rest ^^ So to give some context... A bunch of my friends have lines on their profile description about who their family are or who their mistress is. This is all perfectly fine of course, but it takes up space in your profile description. Some people that I know easily have half of their profile written soley about they people they enjoy being with, which again is perfectly fine. So what if we get an extra tab where we can add something like this without taking space in the profile description? This would allow you to show relationships with others to the public eye. You add whatever title you'd like, this could even allow you to unofficially mary another person. The possibilities for a list like this are up to your imagination. Of course there will be people who are like "Why... do we need this?" but I know loads of people who could potentially enjoy something like this. Oh one more thing. If we go with the dropdown option where you select one of your friends, maybe their name becomes a clickable profile? Let me know what you think of this idea, I'd love to read if this is something that people want or if I'm just going crazy :x EDIT: The dropdown option to pick from your friends list should be how it works. This way we can avoid abuse!
  10. Hello, I'm not sure if "pose menu" is the right word, but I'm talking about the menu that pops up after clicking on a prop where you can select your poses. I've seen people create some very interesting and unique machines that can only be "used" in very specific poses, usually just one. Wouldn't it be very interesting to allow us to decide which pose is allowed in a new menu? While I'm talking about the pose menu, this might be a good time to throw in another suggestion. More clarity on who goes where in the selected pose. Sure, you can swap positions as soon as the pose is selected, but wouldn't it be better if you clicked on pose A and then you'd choose it you want to be on position X or Y. That'd already save you the need to swap after selecting. Last but not least, perhaps allow us to do poses that are supposed to be done with others without being partnered with someone. So essentially you'd enter Pose A with position Y and the animation would play out as if there was a second/third person there. Something like that would already help a ton with those specific machines I mentioned or in a fantasy erp setting. I'm sure these things have been mentioned before, but I figured I'd throw in my two cents. So my apologies if this has been asked before! Regards, Futaba~
  11. Hmmm I don't wanna make a new post so I'll just throw this blasphemous double post here. I'm sure that increasing the word count per profile isn't that big of a deal. If it is, please just allow us to have an extra text input field where we can link to a post on this forum! I want to expand on my character (Yes it's fantasy, so if anyone's interested in that they can click the link and read more) but the extremely limiting space on our profile don't allow for this. It's not just exclusive to fantasy profiles either. Anyone who wants to give an introduction in two or more languages, has to keep it short. Anyone who wants to tell about their kinks in a bit more detail, has to keep it short. I am very aware that most people don't tend to read a lot, but I'd love to have either more space in-game or to have a section on the forum that we can link to on our in-game profile. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who hates having to cut down on their bio :c
  12. Haha fair enough, it's a print screen link from a program called LightShot. The screenshot basically shows someone's pm with a super lewd title, some seductive text and a link. Underneath it is a lewd gif too, but I can't be bothered to include that. I can't really save the screenshot as I'm at work... but that's the general idea, don't click on any links you don't know or trust :p
  13. Henlo, So someone sent me a PM on the forums > https://prnt.sc/tmsqhe. Going to leave their name there to warn others. It's a completely new account sending out malicious links, be on your toes!
  14. July 16th, 2020 It's been a while... but I've been dealing with uhm... some interesting stuff I suppose. A little while ago when I was at this weird party, Altair said that one of the two possibilities of people staying here is because our sense of lust is increased or enhanced in this world. I'm... starting to believe that's the case... The last 2 weeks have been extremely difficult for me, it almost felt as if something was manipulating me in order to feel this sense of lust. Raichu has been uhm... helping me stay sane...? I guess that's a nice way to put it yea... I also had a very strange dream yesterday... I met everyone, and we talked for a bit. It almost felt too real... I mean Ryuji was worried about me, Ann asked infinite questions, and Joker... he blushed and even cracked a smile for a split second. Oh and I got to cuddle with Mona again! But it felt too real to be a dream... I think they somehow contacted me. I guess it's time to put some real effort into making this Metaverse app connect to my old world... maybe I can finally get it to work... July 22nd, 2020 Welp, that's that. Spent multiple nights without sleep to try and get it working and it just isn't! *a bunch of text has been crossed out here and is unreadable*. I can't believe the insane waste of effort in this dumb project. Of course the Metaverse can't connect outside of this world, that's just a silly pipe dream. On the other hand... I did learn something very interesting. Apparently I'm not the first one to try and look into this strange sense of lust that we're all being exposed to in this world. Earlier today I found some documents left by scientists who have either given into lust or went missing. They stated that there's some people who are immune to this whole lust sense. It's a rare find, but those who are immune are just able to walk around without feeling... you know... excited. They also believe that there's something out there that's doing this to us, that's making us feel this lustful. Now maybe, just maybe, this world has a Mementos too? A collective "palace" of everyone's heart. If this place does have a Mementos, then maybe that's where this lust feeling is coming from. Mementos is really scary though... I don't want to go in alone. I need to find someone who can help me first... but first, there's something I have to take care of... Screw this stupid lust thing! I can't even spend one day without touching myself!!!
  15. July 1st, 2020 My eyes! I was just swinging on the swings until the sun suddenly started shining again! The entire world was suddenly overflowed with people again, although I did experience some strange things. One of which was the phone numbers of the people seemed a bit off, but I guess that'll get better as the days pass. Either way there's light again! Time to meet some people :3
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