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  1. I see where you're coming from, but if we'd want to see a chance of this getting into the game, we must start simpler. Personally I'd already be extremely happy if we could assign relations to people in our friendlist that are visible to others as described in the main post. Having things change automatically to "grandchild" means 2 things. First that'd mean the person who now becomes your "grandchild" suddenly pops into your friendslist and second, the title should automatically be added on your relations tab. This is something I don't ever see happening and will have to be done manually. Not
  2. That's a very valid point. With that in mind it should even be possible to remove yourself from their list be removing them from your friends list. This should 100% be how it works.
  3. Hmm I don't think it'll do well if the game traces how many times you've been divorced or had sex with a partner. Maybe as a potential thing you can enable or disable, but that sort of thing shouldn't be publically available by default.
  4. Henlo~ I'll be straight forward with the suggestion so you don't have to read through a ton of text. Simply click the image below to see what I'm trying to suggest. If you want to know more, feel free to read the rest ^^ So to give some context... A bunch of my friends have lines on their profile description about who their family are or who their mistress is. This is all perfectly fine of course, but it takes up space in your profile description. Some people that I know easily have half of their profile written soley about they people they enjoy being with, which again i
  5. Hello, I'm not sure if "pose menu" is the right word, but I'm talking about the menu that pops up after clicking on a prop where you can select your poses. I've seen people create some very interesting and unique machines that can only be "used" in very specific poses, usually just one. Wouldn't it be very interesting to allow us to decide which pose is allowed in a new menu? While I'm talking about the pose menu, this might be a good time to throw in another suggestion. More clarity on who goes where in the selected pose. Sure, you can swap positions as soon as the pose is selected,
  6. Hmmm I don't wanna make a new post so I'll just throw this blasphemous double post here. I'm sure that increasing the word count per profile isn't that big of a deal. If it is, please just allow us to have an extra text input field where we can link to a post on this forum! I want to expand on my character (Yes it's fantasy, so if anyone's interested in that they can click the link and read more) but the extremely limiting space on our profile don't allow for this. It's not just exclusive to fantasy profiles either. Anyone who wants to give an introduction in two or more languages, h
  7. Haha fair enough, it's a print screen link from a program called LightShot. The screenshot basically shows someone's pm with a super lewd title, some seductive text and a link. Underneath it is a lewd gif too, but I can't be bothered to include that. I can't really save the screenshot as I'm at work... but that's the general idea, don't click on any links you don't know or trust :p
  8. Henlo, So someone sent me a PM on the forums > https://prnt.sc/tmsqhe. Going to leave their name there to warn others. It's a completely new account sending out malicious links, be on your toes!
  9. July 16th, 2020 It's been a while... but I've been dealing with uhm... some interesting stuff I suppose. A little while ago when I was at this weird party, Altair said that one of the two possibilities of people staying here is because our sense of lust is increased or enhanced in this world. I'm... starting to believe that's the case... The last 2 weeks have been extremely difficult for me, it almost felt as if something was manipulating me in order to feel this sense of lust. Raichu has been uhm... helping me stay sane...? I guess that's a nice way to put it yea... I also had a ver
  10. July 1st, 2020 My eyes! I was just swinging on the swings until the sun suddenly started shining again! The entire world was suddenly overflowed with people again, although I did experience some strange things. One of which was the phone numbers of the people seemed a bit off, but I guess that'll get better as the days pass. Either way there's light again! Time to meet some people :3
  11. The "We don't know who we are in the poses" has been a problem for years, that's why we have a "change position" option. If they really bother you, go into a single world, test out all the poses and make your own notes. Even if we want them to make things clearer, I don't see any of that happening any time soon.
  12. Right, then a simple solution would be to add a tg symbol onto the poses. That's a much faster development project too compared to removing the strap-on section, creating a new gender, adjusting the male model for transgender purposes. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see what would happen in this community if they were to create males with vagina's. I've known a girl that transitioned into being a man, she kept her own privates for a very long time before taking the full transition. So that's something that'll have to be accounted for to.
  13. Weird question, but from what I've seen this topic mainly focuses on the whole futa part, right? When we're talking about transgenders, aren't there women who transition to a man? If that's the case then we shouldn't just have the "transgender" gender option be a female model with a penis, right? This would add a whole new load of work to the devs, won't it? Now you'd suddenly have to create the male model with a vagina too. I personally have 0 issues with the whole strap-on section, just don't use it if you don't want to. I've also seen people mention that it's frustrating to suddenly be
  14. June 29th, 2020 The world's been dark for a while now, I've got no clue what's happening. I've heard some echoing voice that it's a ddos attack? The computers in this world have all shut down too so I can't really do much to help. Raichu's been missing too so I don't know what to do T_T I've filled the house with candles so there's at least a little bit of light left... but I hope this will blow over soon. Another interesting thing is that I had a strangely realistic dream last night... I was sitting at cafe Leblank and I was just chatting and drinking with Ren. He made the coffee and tol
  15. Out of character! So I've been working together with a 3D artist to create a lewd Futaba Sakura model for me. It's quite pricey but I feel like it'll be worth the effort. I'm currently learning a lot about Blender in order to make some nice scenes. I'll try to put together my own background scene and try to replicate the "Café LeBlanc" from Persona 5 myself, that should help with some interesting scenes ^^ Now of course this is going to take a while, like I can't give an estimate at all. The 3D model is almost done being modeled and after that it's going to get textures, clothing and
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