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  1. Maxx

    Wood Textures

    Is this why some of the older built places wood tectures have changed?
  2. I would disagree mostly. Sure, couples are more invested in each other, but they also want new stuff too.
  3. Maxx


    Stop spamming World Editor. Make a single thread like everyone else.
  4. Will you be adding the Wicked Thoughts game? I watched you all playing it and it was quite interesting.
  5. I went on for the first time in a long time and noticed there were no more new polls and votes on things like XGold sharing from 2019 and other things have never been added. Is Discord even being used anymore?
  6. Maybe the Grinch stole it on Christmas.
  7. This has been around for 8 years and men haven't had any original shirts made other than the uniform shirt and Santa in how long?
  8. So they aren't going to make a Pose Editor?
  9. Will you be posting the how to play here?
  10. Can you make some type of prop that is able to be merged into a room as a group like the Say Flirt Do game you have above? I'm looking for something small enough that can be dropped in a room that Swingers or Partners can play together and break the ice? Something that has everything needed all together.
  11. Men need clothes badly.
  12. Thank you. Will you release the Valentines one? I'd like to play that with a special friend.
  13. That sounds like a kewl idea. I have no idea about role-play either. What time?
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