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  1. Can you make some type of prop that is able to be merged into a room as a group like the Say Flirt Do game you have above? I'm looking for something small enough that can be dropped in a room that Swingers or Partners can play together and break the ice? Something that has everything needed all together.
  2. Men need clothes badly.
  3. Thank you. Will you release the Valentines one? I'd like to play that with a special friend.
  4. That sounds like a kewl idea. I have no idea about role-play either. What time?
  5. Meth City link is broken.
  6. So that's pretty much the end of the features we all wanted eh? Shame. As Shakespeare once said: "To 64 bit or not 64 bit, that is the question."
  7. There are so many high impact things that would improve 3DX. I still wonder why a pose editor was offered then nothing more was said of it. Why hasn't the emphasis been on creating avenues for more user made content like the World Editor? The World Editor should be a clear indicator for the impact such creative tools can bring. Perhaps spend more time on creating a plug-in where movies and youtube can be streamed real time in world and theaters could be made, and focus on the creation of some kind of texture editor for the clothing meshes users can make designs with, tattoos, accessori
  8. A massage table prop with just various massages and positions that would work on a narrow massage table would be a great addition.
  9. With the sheer number of issues, you would think it better to just roll it back, sort it out, and give it a go later.
  10. It should be blatantly obvious why this bitch slap should NEVER be in game. For those who don't understand why a man doesn't strike a woman in the face.. there simply may be no hope for you to understand the difference between the secure man and the insecure man - no matter how much she may want it he simply doesn't. It's a man thing. Of course there is the other real world reason that if you leave a mark and she calls the cops, your ass is going to jail. We could also talk about how when everyone repeatedly sees women being struck in the face this normalizes it and the propensity to strike
  11. Good for you, nor do I care what you like or don't like in terms of being bitch slapped. A real man NEVER smacks a woman in the face. Only a weak insecure one does. A man never strikes a woman in the face unless he is defending himself to incapacitate or shock. Once you open that door, if that same guy bitch slapped you when you didn't like it - why should anyone care? That they would even add this is incredulous and a bad precident. How it is presented is even worse. Out of all the possible BDSM spanks, ropes, bonds and other things that could have been made - striking a woman in the face
  12. I guess you don't know the difference. Why doesn't that surprise bro? Does it need explained?
  13. If you don't know the difference between bitch slap and and an ass slap - I cannot help you. Maybe drink a big cup of bleach to clear your mind?
  14. Umm.. yes we are forced. We can't delete the bitch slap. We have accept it. For guys posing as women who wanna bitchslap each other- fine. But there is a golden rule among real men - you don't hit a freaking woman in the face. Only a turd does. Smacking a woman in the face is a bitch move. A man NEVER smacks a woman in the face. Only a bitch does. Guess it will be easy to spot the posters on the bright side. 99% of real women don't want to be bitch slapped across the face.
  15. With the garbage bag dress and the hair far too high off the scalp and thick weave braids, plenty of opportunity to role play cheap weave trailer park trash I guess. The mohawk works for height, however even that suffers from hair shading issues to soften the thick heavy feel of individual braids and with better color shading could create a better hair illusion. But on a serious note. Compare the hair to the picture of the red heads hair. Her's isn't a meter deep till you hit the scalp. It is far more realistic in terms of depth. Maybe hair volume reduced a third may help the illusion. I
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