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  1. figured 3DX would be in the thousands by now per hour. Why isn't it?
  2. Will you do a request?
  3. I also would like to see these links you claim as free on the Unity Store of it's license.
  4. What about adding our own textures?
  5. It was good but needs fixed. Old boobs look so bad now.
  6. listening to these bitches whine is fumy after an update they bitched for.
  7. Maxx

    Tattoos / Ink

    Would be nice to see more good tattoos in game.
  8. Will the whining stop for at least a week?
  9. I have always wondered how prints were added in these games.
  10. Must be a big update if it's been this long.
  11. Sorry, double posted for some reason.
  12. Is this the revised Submissions?
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