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  1. the bug of music off not because of streaming services @Gizmo for my exemple, when i log to 3dx i can go to room and hear music and suddenly music stop and then no matter the i can go will hear nothing. i even trying go in y own room trying the stream feature see if use it will unblock and nothing. what is strange is that lot of ppl have music bug but not all the same bug and all these bug are appeared since the new update. hear no music is worse than having streaming following us on other room.
  2. I take advantage of this post to say there is another bug with this update with music.. for me when i log on and enter room music will work for some minutes then will be cut and only way to get music back it's for me to restart. i tryed everything, in settings, disable radio switch room re-enable. only thing didn't tested it's to delete and install back 3dx possibly my update was corrupted or something like that
  3. the beginnings of the spot light ! can't wait to see spot light like the one gizmo have made for public room with possibility to chose color and what it's show on the wall / floor
  4. Hello all, I currently have a 6 month subscription with 15 days game-time left and i don't want to renew my subscription but i don't see "cancel" on the member area. http://prntscr.com/mnvvup On the active subscription it say : " your subscription information will be displayed soon ". I would like to know if after the 15 days remaining it will renew my subscription ? or so it's good I have only 15 days left. I prefer to ask in advance, than having a new bill subscription to 3dxchat that i don't want. thanks in advance to those who can answer me EDIT: it's good subscription cancelled. bmtmicro respond really fast, good customer service. I want to reassure, i will come back to 3DXchat but actually i don't have lot of time to spend on the game and renew my 6 month subscription will be a lost of money and furthermore since the last huge update my pc can't handle 3dxchat andd i probably need better config.
  5. everyone knows why there is not a mass of people subscribing to 3dxchat. I invite 5 friends to me to come on the games,almost all have already tested SL / IMVU. ( the two best known ). they subscribed 1 month, after 1 month they does not renew. why ? Because of the lack of content, because 3DX don't have creator system that all ppl from the communiy of the game can create content for the game. there is no need to look for what is needed for 3dx attracts more people. i tried also to invite friend who are creator on ivmu and say no because they can't create content on 3dx. all told me, 3dx has no content because it is the developer who adds content. they also told me that 3dx has by far better graphics than imvu or sl and if thy add creator system they will come to 3dx and say that probably SL and imvu will die slowly because 3dx would have finally become better. it is useless to release 5 new poses every 6 months / 1 year, it will not make more people want to come. but I'm sure the fact that not a lot of ppl talks about a creative system it's because they are afraid that children / immature person could come on 3dx if 3dx become better and can compete with imvu and SL. Or, you think that it is impossible and that developers should redevelop the game from scratch to be able to make such system.
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