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  1. Undersea Bullet Train https://sabercathost.com/9k30/Train_Final.world Enjoy
  2. so... I made this lil game since we can now throwing things 3.0 version, it might be glitchy but... could be a choice to fulfill the lack of in-game minigames? feel free to use it anywhere, but please don't malicious use it for earning xgolds please measure the distance(top of the stairs) before throwing vapes into the board Truth-Dare-Spank-Board.world
  3. Insatiable Presents SENIOR PROM The way it SHOULDA BEEN giving you a do-OVER!, bringing a magical time in life from the past!, NOT back to the future style! but the power of 3DX, be that person u always wanted to be and have a night to remember ! (Sunday 5/29/22) - (8PM EDT) Special Dances, Prizes For Best Dressed!, Trivia, Mini-Games & MORE! 6 DJ Line Up DJ:Ravaged DJ:Squatch DJ:Nightsong DJ:Tene DJ:Linux DJ:MommaBear F L A U N T Dancers! make sure to have a formal attire !
  4. Hello, this is a room not a house, it's the nerd refuge or simpy a place where two people can stay,no more. NERD ROOM.world
  5. A.I.-3DX Presents The Final Ride! Doble Dece Calgary Stampede Event Closing Ceremonies Friday (7/16/21) - 5 PM EDT Time To Giddy On Up To This Celebration Of An Annual Rodeo, exhibition, and festival, The Calgary Stampede "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" We Host in This Wild West Themed Heavens Escape, Opening This Friday t on Horseback, W/ Country Style Tunes, Streaming The Event LIVE & PRIZES! DJ Line Up DJ Ron Keith DJ Gremlin DJ MommaBear 3dx Most Desired Dance Team FLAUNT d_d_special2.mp4
  6. Mentioning @Gizmo @Lisa to make`em know about the idea. This is an old idea and it can be implemented in 3dxchat in my opinion. Just few new simple animations/pose spots and simple code needed with the same randomizer as we have in the /dice roll. I know that some people like to have X Gold just because they like to collect it or because they need this for anything that they can buy. We still have to pay for weddings and stuff. Some people isn`t good in hosting or they are not so known and pretty new here. It doesn`t mean they are bad. We are different and its okay. This idea is half a mini game and at half to help new people to show their room by increasing traffic. Gold Hunter. A Bank object should be created in the World Editor by developers for this idea. The room owner can place this item in the room and, by clicking on it, transfer any amount of gold inside from own pocket. All the games will be sponsored from this bank. Fishing. A fishing spot (a chair with a rod for example or just a fishing rod) should be created in World Editor. The room owner can place this spot (any quantity) somewhere where it will looks okay. Would be great to create a fishing animation. Would be great to make the rod clickable. So you sit on the chair, and your fishing rod appeared in your hands or just appeared. You`re clicking the rod, 45 sec timer appearing above the fishing rod. After 45 seconds ( just an example) - "ready" word shows you that you can take your fish. You click the rod again and take a fish. In a chat you can see what amount of gold you got from your fish. Use the same randomizer as we have with "dice roll".
  7. A place to post your suggestions for in-game activities. For example : volleyball, spin the bottle...
  8. Hello there, you hard-working builders! It's me again, and I got all those requests about sharing my world. Still won't do that - but maybe I can give you something to take you one step closer to making your own awesome creations with some of my help! Therefore I will share some objects out of my Prismarine Forest and Side-Builds that you might like and find useful. I grouped the downloads a little, so that you can navigate a bit easier. Furthermore i will probably add some more builds later on. Before you go enjoying all those things I'm about to share, please let me kindly ask you of one thing; Please don't be a dick and take the credits all for your own. I don't want you to write my name down somewhere in your world, but please mention me if someone asks about the objects. That is the least thing you can do. I also don't care if this gets added to the Workshop. So without further ado, let's see what I've got to offer: Dark Souls 3 - Buildkits: Skyrim - Buildkits: Dead by Daylight - Buildkits: (did anyone notice that I'm hiding in the locker? =D ) Candles and Lanterns - Buildkits: Edit - 09.05.2018: Last Link for the Candles and Lanterns is not clickable. Just Copy and Paste it. Challenge to all the builders out there: It would be awesome if we could make some Roleplay-Worlds in the editor like in the real games! How cool would it be to have some Dead by Daylight maps in the game?! Feel free to use my kits for that as well! ^-^/
  9. Where: To be shared, a Shanti Design (I gave up on building a club just gonna use what SAB gave me, it’s anazing.) Music Genre: Variety Games: Finish This. When: 10PM EST ATTIRE: Black and Silver, Black and Gold. Or one of those mentioned alone, not mixed with another color. I couldn’t load a poster from my phone but it’s coming. Some of you might remember that I love hip hop and R&B but play house and rock. Feel free to leave requests in this thread.
  10. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I guess that depends but anyway this involves clicking. Click here http://en.nametests.com/test/be-like-click-here-to-see-your-story/5572/ Enter your name and the generator will give reasons to be like you. Mine says Accurate af
  11. Hey Everyone! I'm here to join up with your community, and tell you guys about us and our plans for the future.We are Noxious Studios, and we are an up and coming game development firm servicing the niche market of the h-game community.Our first title in progress is called Monster Girl Garden, is a garden building, time management/ life simulation game. The player is granted a dejected section of land in which to build a garden to attract the monster girls of the world. Various types ranging from slime girls and harpies to lamia and succubi, roam the wilderness looking for a place to call home, attract visitors by fulfilling their attraction requirements, and "persuade" () them to stay. Ward off feral untamable girls by sending your strongest to fight them in order to protect your garden and weaker monster girls. If you've ever played Viva Pinata the game will play a lot like that. Just linking up the Dev Blog and posting a few screen shots from development here, the game is in EARLY alpha and has been under development for about 2 weeks so keep that in mind. We will be looking into building a community and possibly collecting donations in order to speed up the progress of a public playable demo. Dev BlogYouTube Channel (The final 3 photos showcase the time lapse/ day-night cycle.)
  12. Well, now that the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are almost over... "What were some of your most favorite moments ?" Hmm, 4me I have to say watching Katie Ledecky was one of my favs by far... https://youtube.com/watch?v=yX5JqNQAQk8 PS: I'm sure there some smartie out there that will say...that it's finally over. So I saved u the trouble ha : )
  13. SPACE PARTY IS CANCELLED Sorry all, but due to issues beyond my control I'm afraid that the Space Party will not be going ahead tonight. My apologies to all those who were planning to attend. RobPathfinder is a freakin' genius! He's managed to create a whole dance club among the stars, and both PolyInsanity and Princess Sugar Bunny will be celebrating his accomplishment by throwing him a SPACE PARTY at Pandora's BoX! Come dressed up in your most futuristic outfits! Join in on mad science trivia! Play extra-dimensional truth or dare! Win prizes! Listen as PolyInsanity plays the music of the future! This event is open to everyone with a love of dance, music, games and, of course, SPACE! Don't be a Wheatley and miss out on the fun! For more details on this and other events, please visit my website at... http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny Hope to see you all there! Love,
  14. Hey Members, Tomorrow, 8/11/16, we will have our third game night, playing "Never Have I Ever Done...", which will uncover everyone's sexual secrets to share with the group, in a fun and enjoyable way, as a challenge to see who can remain clothed the longest and have the partner of their choice. Come join us and have a fun and tittilating walk through sexual trivia as we get to know each other a little bit better, opening those sexy doors! Please check out our website for details. http://christiens1958.wixsite.com/3dxsdmc Hope to see you all there! Christien
  15. Hey All, The Sexy Dance and Make-Out Club welcomes all of our members to our second MEMBERS-ONLY game night, tomorrow, Thursday, 7/28/16, 8:30-10:30pm EST-US. We hope that all of our members can come share the fun and joy of the evening!!! Look forward to seeing you all there. Check out the website for pictures of past events, and check back to see the pictures of this one. http://christiens1958.wixsite.com/3dxsdmc Take care, Christien
  16. This game is nothing NEW to anyone here, but lets make it crazy, lets make it FUN! Here GOES >>>>>>>>>>> I opened the door to my bedroom and found___________________________? ​(the next person to post will finish my sentence! Then you will leave space for the next person to add on to your sentence!) I look forward to ​seeing HOW crazy you all can make this game!!! LMAO!
  17. Guest

    Truth or Dare - Weekly Event

    Rules: 1. Be respectful. 2. Mind your manners. 3. Have fun. 4. Some may not mind questions about real, but others do. If asked about real, the person doesn't have to answer. For Dares: If you don't want to do a Dare, you lose a piece of clothing. Jewelry doesn't count. There will be a time limit for each Dare, how long is based upon the amount of people in the room. Host/Hostess picks a person for T or D, they go then that person picks the next person to T or D and so on. I will open my room on a weekly basis for the game to be played. If you want to just have fun in the room but not play the game, there is a caged table stage and tables by the window to enjoy as well. It's fun for all.
  18. Join me for Trivia Night, aka pub quiz, we'll have lots of fun and even win some xgold. Yes you heard right! First and Second place winners will get a boat load of xgold! Gizmo is loosening up the purse strings, people, don't miss out! Hope to see you all there. Poster design by the amazing Luli Trivia Game Play and Rules 1. Responses to questions must be made in local chat only. 2. First correct and correctly spelled answer wins. 3. Only one response per player per question. 4. Players that continually respond more than once will be ignored and disqualified from the game. Players will be notified if they are ignored. 5. Spammers in local during game will be ignored and disqualified from the game. 6. New players can join game at any time. 7. 2 Players with the most correct answers win. 8. Only questions with fact responses will be asked. 9. Recommended that Attendees not greet friends in Local Chat so as to not disrupt game. Use the PM, people, please. Post any suggestions that you think will improve the game.
  19. Here's to resurrecting old threads, and thank you Rochi-kins for the inspiration Your Avatar! Rather than break away from the original theme, I'd like to imbue this thread with new flavour, but using the same creation software. The premise here is to recreate the likeness of any famous character, whether from a movie, anime series, video-game, etc., by heading over to Rinmaru Games and combining the myriad of options available. Then, save the finished portrait and upload it to a website, Imgur for example, so that it can be correctly posted here I came up with the idea because, as Mikey pointed out in Rochi's original thread, there is no short (shaved) hair option, and I really couldn't settle on a particular style for my avi. So, I thought I'd instead post my interpretations of the wandering samurai, Kenshin Himura. One of my favourite anime characters, with a distinctive style and admirable demeanour, his stature though (at only 158cm tall), being a far cry from mine Posing for his picture in the park: No thank you, miss Kaoru: Hitokiri Battosai of the night: I'm curious to see what other characters people can bring to life here
  20. Are you a 3DX Survivor? Come find out at the beach on March 21st at 5PM EST. This game is set up a little like the show but with a 3DX Twist. Rules and Info: Gameplay: 1. There will be ten challenges geared toward 3DX to complete. 2. There will be two teams selected once all players arrive at the beach. Teams will be selected randomly. 3. There will be a team captain elected at the beginning of the first challenge. For additional challenges a new team captain can be chosen by the team. Note: Please make the new team captain known to the players. I will be communicating with this person to keep the game moving. 4. What does the team captain do? The team captain leads the challenge and supports the team. Think of them as the project manager for the challenge. 5. Once the teams have been assembled each team chooses a name and a color. Teammembers will be given five minutes to change. Immunity, Castoff and Winning a Challenge: 1. The first challenge is to find resources and the immunity necklace. (We need volunteers for food, water, fire and shelter. I will be immunity.) 2. To win a challenge the team with the most members who have completed the tasks involved in the challenge first wins. However, in the case of a race the first team to have all members at the endpoint/finish line wins. 3. At the end of each challenge each team will vote a member off the island. (The purpose of this is to speed it up for 3DX purposes. There can only be one survivor). 4. Castoffs from the team who wins the challenge can be kept around as advisors. They will not participate in the challenge but can support and cheer their team on. As an advisor they can be part of the voting process but cannot be part of the challenge. For example, if the challenge is a trivia question, that person cannot give the answer. 4b. Castoffs can also be lured to the opposing team. The purpose of this is for fun and to form alliances. If a castoff is lured to the opposing team they can share their former team's strategy or other info that they learned while being a member. 5. The second to the last challenge, all castoffs will participate in the voting ceromony. Not split into teams but as one group. 6. Winning the challenge. The goal is to get the number of members standing to one per team. These two people will compete in the final challenge but... There will also be a vote on who should win by all of the castoffs. However, to keep it fair, the voting system is designed as a point system that adds to the final score. Rules 1. Have fun but be courteous to all participants. 2. Remember it is just a game and is all in good fun. 3. There will be a judge with each team to verify that the challenge has been completed. Suggestions: 1. Do a group chat with your team and include the assigned judge in the chat. Suggestions Welcomed Time converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=3DX+Survivor+Challenge&iso=20150221T17&p1=179
  21. Guest

    The person above me...

    Can never have enough silly games sooo... Bit like the say something nice one but you don't have to be nice lol...mostly just silly. No one above me so...like this... ^ ...doesn't even exist.
  22. First ever Naked Geek Race. We're looking for participants for the Naked Geek Race. All you have to do is show up at the beach naked, wearing a bow tie, glasses (not sunglasses) and any hat or ears of your choice. Underwear is optional for those that just can't bare it all. A map marking the course will be coming soon! Remember the sharks, if they touch you, you're shark meat and you have to return to shore and start over. 2 Races, 3 laps each, runners must dive off the end of the pier on the last lap. The winners will go on to the final race. Date and Time: November 22 at 5PM EST Time zones Location: The Beach Prize: bragging rights and title Naked Geek Race Champion Gotta have RULES! -feel free to suggest any rule you think will make this game more awesomerer or if you don't like a rule we might change it...maybe 1. No kissing the runners- they'll be slobering at the time 2. No cuddling the runners- a sweaty geek is never good 3. Tripping other runners is cool if you can manage it. 4. Stay on the freakin' course! No shortcuts! Mind the poles (markers) they'll be green. For safety reasons they will be in their undies. 5. Spectator, as a courtesy don't send partner invites or friend requests to runners, that will trip 'em up for sure...well, yeah, go ahead and send partner invites and shizz LOL. Cold invite the crap out of those geeks. 6. If the cops, sharks or markers lose sight of you even for a second that means the sharks ate you and you have to go back to shore. Sexy female cops will be patrolling to ensure that no geek is breaking the rules. Any geek caught breaking rules will be cuffed, gagged and hauled away for interrogation and torture. WARNING All geeks be advised, there will be sharks in the water, you must avoid sharks at all cost and still remain in the race. They will eat you! To be continued..
  23. Letter Change Game ## Rules: Do not expand the words & use english words only. Make two completely new words by changing one letter in each of the both previous words. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Example words: METRO TEENS METRO can become TOTEM by changing R to a T. TEENS can become GENES by changing T to a G New words: TOTEM GENES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So here are the starting words: SUGAR BUTTS Have fun
  24. Camden

    Pajama Jammy Jam

    We are doing it House Party Style! Bring your pillows and dress in your PJs (Red, White, or Pink is the theme) Now for some additional info: Additional Info There will be a vote for most creative style of pajamas. A game of 'Would You Rather'.There will be booze but feel free to bring your own.There will be drinking games (prefer that you have a spirit or beer in real to participate. Of course, not everyone drinks, so non drinkers can substitute).There will be a random RP pillow fight just for fun (keep it fun and playful please).One hard and fast rule; please respect others and have fun. Any rude and offensive attendees will be asked to leave immediately. Suggestions are welcomed. We hope to see you there.
  25. Hopefully this game is fun! The Idea is: If you could change or witness one moment in time what would it be...it could be that you are doing this for yourself, family, a loved one, a friend, the world, etc. In both situations (change or witness) you have to travel in time (either backwards or forwards), in the case of change you also have to say how you would change or prevent that moment from happening. In the case of witness, you are just an observer and your presents will not impact the future. Examples Change: I would travel back to the Dakota Apartment in New York City on December 8, 1980 and inform the doorman to alert the NYPD that the man standing across the street was carrying a gun and intends to kill John Lennon on his return. Mark David Chapman would be arrested for carrying a concealed weapon... -Or- Witness: I would travel back to see what woodstock was all about. Gotta be honest it looked like a nightmare.
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