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  1. New forum... my bae’s pic is gone.0

    1. Pierrousss


      not gone, im here babe ❤️

  2. For me it was lack of customization and overall boredom with the game. I did enjoy SL at one point. I preferred their graphics and animations. If you’re willing to spend your avi can look top notch. But that’s boring too and unless you have a gaming laptop, pretty laggy. the funny thing is, people here complain about men playing as women. There it’s women playing as men. When I played I found it weird to have to ask that question because my game play started here. 3DX has been around too long to have such poor options for customization. Then when new items are added they do not look good. The Afro for example.
  3. I think part of the reason that it may not have worked is because they pulled from the user base which creates a separate set of problems. I wasn’t around during mod times so I can’t really speak to it. I just notice some differences between then and now which made me ponder. Like I’ve been called the N word a lot the last couple times I visited whereas it had not happened before. I will say, as someone who tried second life, 3dx drama has not reached that level, thankfully. I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to give ideas but it’s partially why I left. There doesn’t seem to be much moderation there either but their support system is more effective.
  4. I rarely log in. I just don’t have time or desire to. I was mainly here for friends and most are gone. The climate has changed a bit. I’ve seen racism and sexism. I don’t recall that in the earlier days which made me wonder. As the game grows with new people is a system required to moderate in game? Maybe. I don’t think that 3dx has the capacity to do it the right way so, maybe it’s best left as is. Point is, even as it is right now, there’s plenty of drama. A whole lot of drama. I haven’t tried the test server. I was tempted as I wanted to cockslap my boo with my purple strap but... I’ll pass.
  5. I always feel like somebody's watching me. I'm watching.
  6. That’s a lot of damn time on ones hands. Sheesh. It’d be interesting to know. I think it’s more convenient to pay for 24K to buy two slots then another 24K, as you don’t have to make up different email addresses. However, if you buy ten accounts three slots will never be enough.
  7. Subscriptions can be annual. For example, I subscribe to Amazon Prime annually, as it’s cheaper. It renews annually on my anniversary date. If you choose the 12 month sub, it renews annually if not purchased with the sale. It’s around 20 monthly in USD if you choose a monthly sub, OP. You don’t have to buy the prepaid card, but you can for any of the options; one month, one year, or six months.
  8. Rob, Giz himself said it will make him money. My guess is that the convenience of just paying for an alt versus creating a new account may increase the number of alts, thus more money. Whereas right now there’s only a few morons paying for two accounts or more: Rhet, I was waiting for your response as form development most def applies to storing user information as it applies to databases and scripting those databases. So I was a little puzzled at that response.
  9. The comment made me laugh. I wasn’t expecting it.
  10. Gizmo said “let me get that troll money”. I’m lmao
  11. *sips kawfee* I remember being a young, naive avi. Having a conversation with a friend at Sin. So much potential, I thought of the game. We’d discuss different ideas. Some things have changed, not much, though. World Editor being the biggest change. Sometime after that conversation, we were both a little older, and a little wiser. We thought, yup, they see this as a sex game, nothing much more than that. The social aspect gave an edge that others didn’t have, that and the graphics. Gold is going to be spent. The number of profiles are limitless as long as you got the dough. Personally, I rarely log in and if I do, I’m in my apt or at a friend's place. I’m not to bothered by it. It didn’t seem to change much of the drama that the charge was supposed to help reduce.
  12. And I’ll take some time Just to be thankful That I had days full of you, you Before it winds down into the memories, it’s all just memories, la, la, la, la, la
  13. No two women are the same. Personally, depending on my mood I might want to have sex quite often. Quickies included, so long as he’s not a two pump chump. Because honestly, we can go at it for an hour but if it’s trash, I’m just going to want it to be over. No one likes just being pounded like meat. Get that left stroke viral.
  14. This is what happens when the powers that be take for granted services provided to them and shit on the provider.
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