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    I love going to my cottage, dancing, sports, the outdoors exercising going to the gym and keeping fit.

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  1. I have fell for another in this game and lost hard, with my heart broken and stepped on. lesson to self do not get attached to anyone in this game, be and feel alone and just have fun.

  2. babyfa


    I want to add a new spot were one can add there selfies if they choose, good idea?, or bad?
  3. glad, to be back with the most amazing women around, Adara, I almost lost to my stupidity, and now will never lose again.

  4. this is awsome..need more costumes and latex and leather..also crotchless PVC suits the kinkier the better....Im a huge fan of the naughty female apparel...I will post pictures of more ideas once I figure out how too..
  5. Like the lingerie the naughtier the better, need some latex body stockings too would be awesome
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