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  1. Pretty sure those bottles are the "source" of beer for your room so you can't get rid of em.
  2. *meanwhile at 3dx server control room*
  3. Maxxim

    ReM Express

    Good job on the train, looks awesome!
  4. I find that in order to activate the hot key for gizmos i have to double tap them, when I push and hold W A S D that's when the camera moves. Not having to click the buttons every time makes it so much smoother to edit imo Now, what I have been having a problem with is the camera turning completely upside down when I'm zoomed into an object and then try to move it slightly >.<
  5. Work in progress of another addition to my island
  6. Maxxim

    World Editor

    This looks great. With all the wolves prowling about, it would be nice to have a safe brick house to hide in. Can't wait to try it out!
  7. Looks nice, where'd you find that photo. bro?
  8. Seems like you're thinking too much into it. I know it's the topic's name, but the concept of safe sex in a game is ridiculous. The way I see it, having condoms could add a bit of excitement, RP wise (no actual in game effects), with implied dangers of unprotected sex. Either way, that's just my 2 cents. I personally don't care much about it, especially knowing that it would never be implemented even if everyone wanted it.
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