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  1. Overloaded with work and can't write/play from 19 November. Probably, it will be like this till the end of this month. Therefore, new episodes will be delayed and dates might be shifted.
  2. If Gizmo will not forget to let us know about start of development of Pose Editor. If there will be a start
  3. Some kind of mail system might be more easy and effective i think...
  4. Oh, and here is https://evanyapornstar.tumblr.com/ Evanya's Blog Still waiting for some feedback in Private Messenger. Come on, i as sure at least 2 of you is reading I want to improve, therefore i will need some comments from you about the story Okey, i will also post a picture of me waiting for Feedback, maybe it will add me some points
  5. Fourth and Fifth Curse: Bond and Masquerade[14.11.18] Composite Curse which takes to steps to break it. It’s power overwhelming. Reality itself is deformed from dark energy, which even alters rules of life and death. It was never broken before and Halloween Witch was its first creator. First Step: Cursed must build a bond with someone or his life energy will be drained over time, making his “life spark” weaker. Second Step: Cursed must create adventure and if it will be bright enough to stay in memory, Curse will be broken. It is possible only after it’s weakened by first step. If Broken: grants powerful regeneration ability. If Sinked into soul: Infertility Calm sea, gentle evening sun and golden sand. And a beautiful woman on chaise lounge beside him. This scenery can look ideal but it was not. Vitalick was focused more on a seagull, swirling above water surface. “Is this some kind of Zen?” voice of the witch distracted him for a few seconds, but not longer. He continued to watch at the sea and think. He have met this woman the day before yesterday. First, he got impression she is a nice and easy going person, but it was first impression and probably wrong. Some people is coming to this 3DX resort to get away from usual life, drop off chains or just to relax and have some pleasant evening. This girl have come here for things Vitalick was never felt a lack of. Maybe it was difference in age, or… - I was spending some time at beaches - she turned to him and smiled - how do you like my tan? - Looks nice - he took a look at her beautiful body covered by sexy red bikini - Also have especially good contrast with blond hair color. She was a decent person, but he have lost any sexual interest towards her. Vitalick have left behind things she was looking for. After some more time at beach he left and moved to a SIN Club. Some time spent there, as usual, he was alone and looking how other people having fun with friends. Eventually, he started conversation with a woman. They have talked for some time, danced and then parted. It is like he are a magazine in waiting room. While your friends is not here, you can read something to entertain yourself. Same with the people. Fixed friends circles. And there was fresh blood as well. New people, struggling to find friends as well. When they getting some support, their mood going up, they getting in some party, catching attention and BAM, they have some friends around. The guy they have met at the start? Not needed anymore. Maybe it is karma or he just not mixing in well. Vitalick returned home after 6 hours and entered his house. Betty was charging at kitchen and apartment was even more silent than usual. He walked from room to room, taking some pictures and making notes. - What are you going to do now? - woman’s voice softly asked. - First, i need to learn how to meditate - Vitalick placed his notes on the kitchen table and moved to a bathroom - Then i will be working on a new kind of building and then we will see. When jacuzzi was turned on, soft lights from its bottom lit the water and calm music started to play. He placed his clothes on shelves and sat in warm water. Some relax was needed after such heavy day. - You can’t get rid of hardon in warm water i think - witch was probably smiling right now. - Just need to calm down a bit and relax - Vitalick was thinking about Master Yoda… - Wow! - surprised witch was laughing - You really can get rid of hardon even in hot water just in no time! Is it some kind of Jedi training? - Zen, probably - he looked up to the ceilings. Sometimes, when you can’t change the way things work, you might try to change the way you see them. Understanding takes time. Therefore, something useful can be done meanwhile. For example, there is at least two types of music nobody playing or very rare to be played. Might be not popular or just underestimated. In any case, it is worth to try and make a place for it to be presented. - It is magic... - Wait, what?.. - Vitalick was not sure how to understand what Witch have just sayed. - Music can be compared to magic - Witch started to explain - Human’s body is made mostly of water and water tends to react on sound. Sound makes all kinds of waves which creates vibrations and… - Was not aware you are into science - he started to laugh, making fun of her. - So why i must be stupid? - she was a bit angry - Just wielding magic does not makes me unable to be aware of physics, mechanics, cybernetics, programming and… - Come on, programming and cybernetics? - Okay, maybe not this two things~ - she was clearly up to something. Vitalick wiped off his hand and reached console on the wall. After a few seconds of browsing he picked song and turned it on. - We will need to think about some nice playlist to start with - looks like Witch liked idea. - Yeah, let’s get to it on the weekend - he relaxed and closed his eyes. Before he went to a bed, Witch have asked him about woman he have met in the SIN Club and why he was happy to spend time with her and when returned started to feel a bit down. - Did you upset, she was not up for something hot? - Nah - Vitalick shaked his head - I was not going to ask her anyway, it was this… - Aura! - Witch shouted in his head and laughed - Come on, drop it already! I can’t see anything, it is your imagination. - Who knows? Maybe - he took his pills and prepared bed - I think, i like her, but when i left it was this feeling again. Like a magazine in the waiting room. Therefore i need to change my point of view. - You need to break the Curse, dummy - her voice sounded kinda weird right now - My powers will be triple from original, in any case. But if you will break it, it will be five times, which was never accomplished before by any Witch. And the more important, your chances of survival after month will end is not great at all. I’d say it’s about… One of ten, right now. - So, the first three Curses did not gave me anything? - You are wrong, “imminent death” means not zero chances to avoid it, it means minus one hundred percent… Do the math. - Oh… And what chances i will have if all Curses will be broken? - Vitalick looked at starry sky. - One of two.
  6. I am also think there must be something like Xgold and sub days. But i am not sure engine will allow to do it in a few clicks and same to the sub. And, doing it manually will take weeks, if not longer. Therfore... Compensation? But, yeah, i am not an admin so i only putting my personal opinion here. As well as i do not know game and engine specs as well as availible options and functions to it.
  7. Are you mean the one, which was lost due to server down period or update?
  8. Probably will take a week for me to make something as good My first creation is far from this one
  9. Thanks, retrived profile data
  10. This far it looks like 5$ will be gone, with a week of downtime from my first month sub. Time to watch some anime, while 3DX is unplayable. Nothing can be done anyway
  11. Great job How much hours did it took to build it?
  12. Persona

    Girls & rifle

    ExHaranFallout 4, judging from background. Modded.
  13. Might be surreal, if only nice experiences will be posted here Look at it from the bright side: you are so popular, so even need to block people who is going crazy about you
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