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  1. My laptop with GTX 860M works fine but my desktop with a GTX 970 is awful and turning the frame rate down and reducing the graphics quality makes very little difference
  2. Yes please,,,,,,, Snow and coffee for me too
  3. If you registered with a password of more than 10 characters just enter the first 10 Passwords longer than 10 characters don't work
  4. Be careful opening your mouth that wide, she might have a friend!!
  5. Wait!!!! It's not April 1st is it?
  6. Last time they did that they just went ahead and ignored the result.
  7. I love you Minx Nothing changes that Cat
  8. Happy Birthday!!! Kisses Cat
  9. As far as I know there is no way that you can legally do it Sorry Cat
  10. They are just annoyed that someone is showing them up!!!! <darfc> Just my $0.02 Cat
  11. OK, what alternatives to 3dx are out there?
  12. Not at all Sparkle, I love the idea Perhaps we could sync them and spray the audience? Cat
  13. Every avi has a real person behind it with hopes and expectations So treat them like you wish to be treated yourself Cat
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