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  1. This upgrade nicely relaxes my fans in my PC. Not sure what the complains are for? It's a huge and important upgrade. It's like driving in a big traffic on a 5 lanes free way every day and then suddenly for the same traffic you got 10 lanes. Imagine the difference. Anyway. Thank you Gizmo. Cheers!
  2. If that works then I'm guessing one of the permanent rooms would be the best "other room" choice. One that is not busy. Like the Saloon. It's pretty quiet usually. If she goes to a hosted room, if it closes then there is again a chance to crash.
  3. ""Why can't they give their services for free?"" Because it's theirs to give in any way they please.
  4. I always ignored World Chat. In some rare occasions I posted there but soon after that I moved on not caring about the responses. It really is an all you can eat trollville but I would not get rid of it. Just like Mikey pointed it out World Chat = WC = Water Closet = Toilet is an important part of our lives. All the crap goes there. That being said, I think many people read it so it's still a good place for promotions too. So yeah, it is good to have for those two reasons: Crap out and Promo.
  5. Our newest movie is out! Read more here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/7300-brothel-avenue-by-laylak-and-brettsmith-jbheat-productions™/
  6. And here it is. After a long time JBHeat Productions™ brings you a new full feature, starring the beautiful and lovely LaylaK. She is also the creator of the location. Look for Brothel Avenue in the open places and make sure you visit it, you might have a chance to enjoy Layla herself too The cover art was designed by JuicyJina. You can watch the movie by visiting jbheat.com at this link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b54dc490a6ec You can also read Layla's bio and leave her comment. Enjoy!
  7. I personally don't like Trump for various reasons but I don't see the big issue there. The queen is wonderful and I'm pretty sure she didn't care about that mistake and watching videos of the entire thing it's clearly seen that he did in fact show respect to the old lady and was careful around her. He made a wrong step and the media is buzzing. He is not young either. Come on the media is buzzing about anything we, the little people would want to read and talk about. That's what the media is for.
  8. Hey guys. Quick question that I couldn't find answer to, with search. If you put someone on your ignore list here on the forum and set their posts to hidden, will that also hide your posts from them? Thanks!
  9.   The Creep was made a bit of the dark side. Released in December, 2016. It was the last full feature I made before I walked away from 3DXChat for a while and this movie had a different approach than the rest. While all of my movies are different in theme and story this might be a little bit of odd ball. It is a bit psychotic.   The story is that a creep kidnaps and keeps a girl (Lisa Anytime) as his sex slave. It's a fantasy that some women and men have and based on feedback I received many plays those roles in 3DXChat and Second Life, in fact Lisa really liked to play that part on the set.   Props and locations: Fresco and customised room #2   http://jbheat.com/the-creep
  10. The Stripper was the last movie made in 2016. It has a laid back story. Kinda classic. Dancer stays behind to entertain he boss after the club closed. And then things get on with more than just watching. For this particular work I actually hired and paid a professional musician to make the theme (title) music in a way that all three instruments used be separated on a different track that way giving me freedom to edit it as I like. Props and locations: Customised room #2 Cover design: JuicyJina http://jbheat.com/the-stripper
  11. All good points but I ain't touching this one. Especially with all the #metoo crap out there. Best of luck though.
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