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  1. Hello to all my friends I had here before the forums went to shit.... Just popping in to state JustSomeGirl (AthenaStarfire) and I are celebrating out 2 year Wedding Anniversary on 8 November (NZ Time) She got me a cute 100% cotton shirt (since cotton is the traditional symbol for 2 years) ..Fuck you Naysayers who said it would not last 6 months. Cheers to you all..
  2. Well, after close to 6000 posts I'm leaving these forum, its been great, but these new forums are just total shit,all the areas I enjoyed are being locked and deleted. Have a nice life and keep it going. JSG and I will never forget you all. Cheers and Take Care
  3. "I shot the sheriff" "But I did not shoot the deputy"
  4. The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) Hardcover – April 19, 2016by Anna Pulley (Author), Kelsey Beyer (Illustrator) https://www.amazon.com/Lesbian-Sex-Haiku-Book-Cats/dp/1250072646
  5. "Love is not about 2 genders, its about 2 thirsty souls" -- Simran Thakur
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