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  1. Well after the last update the brightness went low in fullscreen mode (dunno why), so it's pretty dark now.
  2. Teasing with butt shake while he's masturbating ;P Plus ball sucking )
  3. Some more booty jiggle action would be nice
  4. Excellent ! Keep up the good work, hope to see a lot of updates focused on content after that one !
  5. Sex toys. More jiggly physics with butt and tits bounce:
  6. https://www.tumblr.com/video/las-nenas-de-papi/137469335154/700/ That would be fucking hot.. Also some cheek cock slapping and spitting.
  7. Actually it doesn't really matter what things we would like to see in the game, I think the dev's top priority should be releasing new content every week or two. Lat update was awesome, keep up the good work! :*
  8. - Priority 1 - TATTOOs - Definitely more hair styles. - Option for bigger butts for females. - Control of erection, as option to cum anytime (not just in two positions) - creampies etc. - Equippable condoms. - "Key" for your apartment that you can give to people you want. - Oil option for body. - Kneel twerk dance ;P
  9. Overall it's good. Hope things will get lot more faster in the future tho. Keep up the good work ;P *kisses*
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