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  1. Thank you for being you....you're by far the best friend I've had here! 

    Check your discord

    Image result for pink hugs gif


  2. You have outdone yourself yet again! BTW who is that handsome guy your with
  3. WOW what a great design - Very well done Jets!
  4. jameis


    Nymph knows what she is talking about ... def should get the 1050 or better graphics card.....like MeiLing suggests.... well worth it .... its not that hard to build your own.... I wish I did that a couple months ago -- I wound up upgrading some things after buying a pre-built one ...... good luck!
  5. Congratulations to both of you on this special day!
  6. All the best Urtoy! hope to see you again sometime!
  7. Can't you just open your room for the Group?
  8. Be Well Doc! Looking forward to when you return!
  9. All the Best My Friend! Be Well look forward to meeting again!
  10. Happy Birthday Pashion!!! Have a great one!!
  11. Happy Birthday Mael!!!! have a great one!
  12. Have a Great Day to our Northern Friends!!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!! hope you had a great one!
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