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  3. Don't tell me what to do! /me runs shrieking in circles with her hair on fire.
  4. So not only is my ignore list suddenly, bizarrely, needlessly, and inexplicably empty, but ... and this is almost funny ... when i try to add someone back to my ignore list ... i add the person ... their name appears in my ignore list ... so far so good ... but the person that actually gets ignored is my goddamn WIFE. Stop laughing. It's not funny, dammit. And no, I didn't misclick. Oh. And another thing? It appears that only one person at a time can be added to my ignore list. This is a problem because I have a bunch that desperately needs to be ignored ASAP. So if anyone out
  5. The weird thing is? With my GPU I can play ANYTHING on ultra ... like all day long ... with no problems. 3dx is the ONLY game with these stupid black screen crashes. But underclocking the GPU seems to have solved my 3dx crash problem. I don't underclock for any other game. So I'll just stick with my current GPU until it's obsolete (and I can afford a new GPU).
  6. I had a similar problem. My screen would go totally black (like I lost monitor power) but I could hear music playing. I'd have to power down and restart. Then it would happen again. This happened only with 3dx. I tried every fix under the sun ... and the only thing that fixed it was to underclock my GPU slightly. So now to play 3dx I start an EVGA utility that underclocks my GPU. Then I start 3dx. Underclocking the GPU totally fixed the freeze / crash problem I had been struggling with for over a year. I hope this helps.
  7. Like 8 minutes after the pose editor goes live.
  8. That's not the choice that is offered. Does anyone here really think the devs are suddenly going to start cranking out new poses? If you do ... can I please have some of what you're smoking? There are two possible options here: 1) A pose editor (and many user-created poses); or 2) No pose editor and we continue forever with the poses we have now. Those are our choices. People voting against a pose editor: do you have any idea how long people have been BEGGING for FFF? All that begging ... and it hasn't happened. A vote against a pose editor is a vote for the status quo. Th
  9. Even making something so simple as more natural idle poses would make 3dx so much more immersive. Kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_hIHAhY2R0 A pose editor will revolutionize 3dx.
  10. Right! Forget the pose editor. It's a bad idea! Horrible! Wrong! It's stupid and bad to have players creating poses. I mean ... look at what a complete failure the World Editor has been. All those new rooms are unprofessional and creepy. I've had to iggy 9348034958305985 new room creators in the last two days. We don't want a repeat of THAT, do we? Plus, people are SELLING rooms created with the World Editor! Tonight had to pay $249.99 in Swiss Francs just to get into a player-created 'medium-sized-cock-but-it's-really-about-how-you-use-it' room. As we all know, the new World Edito
  11. Ugh. This again? "Human sensor"? What does that even mean? Do you think the devs hire porn actors and scan their sex movements in a laser-equipped studio to make a 3d digital map that they upload into a supercomputer? Somehow I doubt that. Unity has an animator component. And how do you know what the new hypothetical pose editor can and can't do. It doesn't even exist yet. Are you from the future? If so, can you please PM me some upcoming winning lottery numbers? What you're saying (once again) directly contradicts what Goose says. Maybe someone with actual knowledge (like
  12. I dunno ... the devs have been highly resistant to the screaming of their customer base for new poses for a long long long long time. Why would they change suddenly? You're right. And at the end of the day, you'll still be right ... and we still won't have new poses. Complain all you want--just don't hold your breath. I think (and I hope) that Gizmo's post that starts this thread is a recognition that the devs need the players' help in creating new poses. The only way we're going to get new poses on a consistent basis ... is to allow the players to create them. The only way we're
  13. I am totally on board with the idea of a pose editor. But I believe that there should be safeguards before any player-created pose is adopted widely. There are poses that could be created ... that could be toxic to other players. Consider how the game could be damaged with the following: [TRIGGER WARNING] A pose where a player slugs another with a fist, or kicks another player, or stomps a player's head.A pose where a player strangles another.A Nazi salute: some asshole will undoubtedly create a "pose" where the players Sieg Heil each other. A player posing as if to shit on another.A hai
  14. Did you bother to read Goose's post? I quoted it for you. He dashed those poses off in 20 or 30 minutes to make a point. Jesus Christ. They could be polished. Is an unfinished pose used as an illustration really so "creepy" that you'd prefer to wait until the end of time (and a day) for another pose from the devs?
  15. Anyone remember the following post? So 20 to 30 minutes for Goose (an admittedly experienced designer) to create a new pose. Or was he lying? I just don't see why it would be soooo damn impossible for a newbie to create a good-looking pose in a few hours .... using pre-rigged 3dx models, and a quality built-in pose editor / animator.
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