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    DESCRIPTIVE ROLEPLAY; electronica, EDM, & trance; catnip; kind people; mythology; slow burns, sushi; writing fiction; anything Gothy (I wish I could pull it off but I just can't); kemonomimi; progressive politics; sloppy open-mouthed kisses; literature & horror & erotic fiction (especially all three at the same time); getting spitroasted by Jonathan Franzen & Junot DΓ­az (I can dream, can't I?); anything zombie-related; anything post-apocalypticy; Nick Cave; Nick Drake; Kate Bush; Tom Waits (see how that rhymed? \o/); Fauxliage; Quantic; Scriabin; Tosca; Thievery Corporation; Zero 7; Dead Can Dance; cilantro, people who light up when they see me; ball gags; history; cats; sex-positive spaces; that feeling when the hot coffee flowing through the IV hits my bloodstream; following instructions; non-judgmental people; BtVS, ST:V, WW, WD, & GoT; gaming (Conan Exiles, Subnautica, Portal, L4D, GTA Online, Civ, Mirror's Edge, Dying Light, Long Dark); "Me and my fruity microbrews"; BDSM, and pretty much any power / control scenarios, especially lezdom; Sunstone; science & science fiction; staying up way too late; making people cum; pillow forts; humanism; kittens; full-bodied dry red wines that I can actually afford; semicolons; mind-fuck movies; people who wave when I let them into traffic; autumn; Did I say 'kittens' yet?; obsessively updating my 'about me' page; getting my hair pulled during; GGG people; and onomatopoeia ....

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  1. Real life photo of Kira Suicide


    2020-07-18 19-06-43_3990.png

  2. I'm so broke. I had to choose between paying the electric bill or rent. I bought wine.

  3. best page evah luv ya

  4. Not looking to be tied down. Might consider being tied up.

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      Pfft, that's only half true.

  5. Ceres

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  6. Mwuahhhhhh! <3

  7. Don't tell me what to do! /me runs shrieking in circles with her hair on fire.
  8. So not only is my ignore list suddenly, bizarrely, needlessly, and inexplicably empty, but ... and this is almost funny ... when i try to add someone back to my ignore list ... i add the person ... their name appears in my ignore list ... so far so good ... but the person that actually gets ignored is my goddamn WIFE. Stop laughing. It's not funny, dammit. And no, I didn't misclick. Oh. And another thing? It appears that only one person at a time can be added to my ignore list. This is a problem because I have a bunch that desperately needs to be ignored ASAP. So if anyone out there is wondering why you're no longer ignored by Yours Truly, please hang in there--I'm working on it. I'll getcha back where you belong as soon as i can.
  9. The weird thing is? With my GPU I can play ANYTHING on ultra ... like all day long ... with no problems. 3dx is the ONLY game with these stupid black screen crashes. But underclocking the GPU seems to have solved my 3dx crash problem. I don't underclock for any other game. So I'll just stick with my current GPU until it's obsolete (and I can afford a new GPU).
  10. I had a similar problem. My screen would go totally black (like I lost monitor power) but I could hear music playing. I'd have to power down and restart. Then it would happen again. This happened only with 3dx. I tried every fix under the sun ... and the only thing that fixed it was to underclock my GPU slightly. So now to play 3dx I start an EVGA utility that underclocks my GPU. Then I start 3dx. Underclocking the GPU totally fixed the freeze / crash problem I had been struggling with for over a year. I hope this helps.
  11. Like 8 minutes after the pose editor goes live.
  12. That's not the choice that is offered. Does anyone here really think the devs are suddenly going to start cranking out new poses? If you do ... can I please have some of what you're smoking? There are two possible options here: 1) A pose editor (and many user-created poses); or 2) No pose editor and we continue forever with the poses we have now. Those are our choices. People voting against a pose editor: do you have any idea how long people have been BEGGING for FFF? All that begging ... and it hasn't happened. A vote against a pose editor is a vote for the status quo. The status quo of nothing. No new poses.
  13. Even making something so simple as more natural idle poses would make 3dx so much more immersive. Kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_hIHAhY2R0 A pose editor will revolutionize 3dx.
  14. Right! Forget the pose editor. It's a bad idea! Horrible! Wrong! It's stupid and bad to have players creating poses. I mean ... look at what a complete failure the World Editor has been. All those new rooms are unprofessional and creepy. I've had to iggy 9348034958305985 new room creators in the last two days. We don't want a repeat of THAT, do we? Plus, people are SELLING rooms created with the World Editor! Tonight had to pay $249.99 in Swiss Francs just to get into a player-created 'medium-sized-cock-but-it's-really-about-how-you-use-it' room. As we all know, the new World Editor has created a microeconomy that has RUINED 3dx. I changed my vote to 'no' on the World Editor too, by the way. So if you let players create poses, they will sell those too! It will cost THOUSANDS to buy a boobie-kissing pose! I've seen the future with the Pose Editor and it was a Hellish apocalyptic nightmare where the living envied the dead. Plus, it was only like 20 FPS and it was really jagged and stutter-ey. Not smooth at all. Yeah ... so WE ALL HATE THE NEW WORLD EDITOR! DON'T WE? DON'T WE? .... Don't we? Well ... I can say (without any exaggeration or hyperbole whatsoever) that the Pose Editor--if it is created--will be a million trillion gabillion times worse than the World Editor, plus Smallpox, the Black Death, AIDS, and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, all put together. Times ten I think CowboyBob is on the right track. His plan to get new poses is the RIGHT one! Let's just the devs do it! The dearth of new poses for the last year or two GUARANTEES that we will have DOZENS of new poses this year! Right? Right? I mean USE YOUR BRAIN! It's SO OBVIOUS! But I have a FOOLPROOF plan to speed things along: Tomorrow at midnight GMT let's all join hands ... in a big circle ... and all of us at the same time ... some of us will have candles ... and we'll all close our eyes and we'll all simultaneously wish REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD for new poses. The problem over the last few years ... was that we just didn't WISH HARD enough! I'm SURE my plan ... to wish ... for CowboyBob's plan ... to come true ... will work! How can it not? It's common sense, sheeple! That's why I changed my vote on the Pose Editor to 'no' along with CowboyBob. If you think about it rationally ... like CowboyBob and I have ... it's clear that the devs are going to start cranking out those poses any day now. I'm sure they will hire that "in-house programmer who is dedicated to poses" any second! In fact, he's probably already BEEN hired! I bet his name is Gordon. I wonder if he likes to be called Gordo? Hiii, Gordo!!! Maybe Gordo has new poses all ready for uploading tomorrow! MAYBE GORDO ALREADY UPLOADED A BUNCH OF NEW POSES! SO WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING POSE EDITOR! WE HAVE GORDO! You 85% that voted for the pose editor ... I bet you're feeling really silly now aren't you? Aren't you? Hahaha! (that was me laughing at you 85% 'yes' voters) ​/me runs off to log in and see all the new poses ... especially the brand new FFF.
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