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  1. OMG ... what a blasting engagement Party it was . Thank YOU all soo much for coming , passing by , Partying with us . My Special thanks To Danielaa , Monymonty and Meliinda , to open up their 3Tulips bar , decorate it and give us the Best possible place to have our Party . Thank you for the great music again , Danielaa
  2. if somehow we couldn't reach you ... be welcome at the 3tulips bar always great rock tunes By Danielaa
  3. Super thankfull to be able to download : The Chapel by Allforyou and Icarus
  4. a very lovely wedding :-)) my special thanks to MeiLing for taking pictures 🤗
  5. Palinka ... schnapps ... Jenever ... it will all be there 🤗
  6. pictute taken on September 22 ... resting a moment during preparation . We can gladly confirm , Rehersal went well Yesterday 🙂
  7. any change to a one day free entry to 3dx
  8. Happy Birthday 'old' Friend
  9. how long you've been playing with the character you're reporting formostly on as jowie from June 2014 till Feb 2017 how often you have been married in game so farquite some times , about 4 - 5 times to the same person how long the marriage lastedlongest last about 5 - 6 months if you would consider marriage againi'm out of the game , no more marriages to me ( ingame that is ) greets jowie
  10. make this game better ??? really ??? start updating then !!! when was last update ???
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