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  1. Happy Happy Birthday 3DX Chat!!!
  2. Totally agree AndrewJ, best sex community anywhere on the web!
  3. Good Luck Gizmo and 3DX Dev team. Might be time to cloak the 3DX servers behind a CDN.
  4. As always Alivia, you have great ideas!!
  5. That's a weird one. Maybe try running the install as administrator.
  6. Wonderful rooms Amy!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Merry Christmas!
  7. Hey Hun, Here's a good article on gaming laptops and recommendations. They constantly change but for a moment in time. https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/best-gaming-laptops
  8. If you right click on someone's name in WC and then click "send gift", and the person is not in the same room as you, it won't send the gift after selecting a gift.
  9. I'm seeing the same and tested (no option to see show more gifts)
  10. Random Gift Giving - I was able to give a random gift to someone when I was in Sin with them but could not from any private shared room or other public room, when they were still in Sin. This person was not on my friends list and I was trying to test random gift giving. Looks like you have to be in the same room to give a gift. Update I check this same scenario with someone on my friends list, who was offline and it worked with no problem Patch 377 Update This seems to be fixed and working fine.
  11. Ignore, ignores instantly without options and removing from ignore doesn't return the ignored avatar back, until reloading the room Patch 377 Update This bug still seems to be present in 377
  12. Update on this issue. Any purchased photo slots show up after you go to a new room. If you clicked the "300 XGold" 5 times, you have 5 slots purchased at the normal prices associated to each, not 300 XGold, except the first one. I've also updated the original post Patch 377 Update This seems to be fixed and working fine.
  13. Hey Gizmo, When giving a gift, the gift menu often pops up behind the person profile and not in front. It happens about 2 out of 3 times. Patch 377 Update This seems to be fixed and working fine.
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