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  1. Just to jump in front of some questions. I don't use cheat engine or any modified DLL files.
  2. Hi ! So after around 2-3 years of playing with no issues 3dx suddently became unstable. I connect to 3dx (tried both US and EU) and after around 1 minute or less I stop getting messages form people and I don;t see anyone moving, the weird thing is, people still get my messages and I can load people profiles perfectly and I never get disconnected. This specific issue started to happen after I reinstalled windows 10 and changed wireless adapter in my PC, but everything else works fine, internet speed is as high as ever and there is no latency issues anywhere this isue only happens with 3dx. I
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to start of this message by saying WHY? alot,here it goes. 1. WHY did a new club seemed as a good idea to developers ? Now out of 6 locations 4 are clubs. Nigh club, nigh club #2, sin club and love island (it has all the futures of the club - lights, dj booth, dance floor. And no other features, so .. a club with an iceberg) 2. WHY atmosphere is no longer a concern when it comes to locations ? Back when I joined we had Night club, BDSM (aka Sin Club) and Beach, all of them seemed unique and had diferent vibe, now apart from Beach and Sin club every other place
  4. I support the changing to 80s- 90s music, like most of the player base is around my age, and it is the music we grew up with, current pop music connects more with teenagers then young adults. Would be nice to have a club with dedicated 80-90s music and we can already see how many private rooms this aswell, so there is peopel who want it already. Best, Dande.
  5. As to more ideas expressed here. I don't know where you get the notion that throwing more money at it makes it better, and thats the opposite of how things actualy work, if you want more money for something you make a product that is worth more money you don't ask for more money on the promises of it being worth it later on. In game shop aswell , bad idea, ingame shops really only work when it doesn't affect core values and purpose of the game, if you say put an ingame shop for poses or clothing even that's making people pay for more money for main features of the game (it is not like any gam
  6. Chaostika, if you want to seperete the community entirely, then your idea works great, for anything else it is just an absurd thing. Paying more to get bdsm features ? so that means only top paying people will enjoy bdsm between themselfs ? The price is good as it is, it doesn't need to be lower or higher as you suggested, definetly not higher. And dividing features based on how much player is paying is just bad practise. One price , all features it;s how it is and should be. Best, Dande
  7. Hello as always will put in my 2 cents. 1. Please no DJ booth, puting Dj booths everywhere is not a solution since they are only visual (becouse by your suggestions it doesn't seem liek you knew that). And sin club is really not a place for a DJ booth. 2. Community changed so alot of less active players that tlak in local in genral, over all locations. Now as to what i would think might help atleast a little. 1. Maybe organize Descriptive strip dances (everyone would know when they happen so players who like RP or descriptive active chat would come at those times) 2. Organize traditional
  8. Hellos, well I read thru most of it or enough of it to realise that it actualy doesn't say anything about ethics just about excuses for acting "unethical" and i put that in quotes becouse thing as Unethical is never done, it is only perceived as unethical. Alot of those point refered to Ethics like clear and defined behaviour peopel should follow, which in reality it is far from it. Ethics is unclear thoughts and discussions about what should be considered right in the eyes of the person who is making up those thoughts, sure some of it gets mainstream and are accepted my majority of people lik
  9. Sorry only found a playlist sort of full album on youtubes. It is Madness - One step beyond , and i could listen to all of their albums form start to finish, but i had to choose one ^^
  10. 1.DandeA person who pulls fast ones, slickThat guy pulled a Dande 2.No one can mess with this kickass last name. Whoever has this last name is automatically the coolest kid in the world. U can pronounce it many different ways but it is still cool. so hahaahahahahhaha. The boys with tend to very hot and have the best bodies in the world.Person 1: Hey who is that cool kid over there? Person 2: Oh, if hes that cool, and sexy, and hot, then his last name must be dande Person 1: that is soooo true
  11. First of all i think this is very confussing title for the topic, i came here thinking someone needs help with something. and well i think what most peopel are tlaking about here is those first few months of so called Love when everything is good and happy. Me personaly think this stage is the worst since peopel ussualy lose sanity during it and even if they did ehave rational prior to this stage , they stop doing so while in it. Actual love i believe comes after months or even years. When both parties show respect and trust to each other after prologned time of being together and still
  12. *looks in the mirror* hmm well i still look the same, name in game is stil the same ... so i guess i am here.. and i am online daily these days:o in sin mostly And welcome back As for changes in 3dx, yes it changed and anyone who says otherwise either has bad memory or lies well not 3dx itself to he exact but peopel and the way they interact, rarey do i get a pleasant thing as a fun conversation in local chat which used to be my bread and butter in 3dx. People turned more private and not willing to talk to people they don't already know for some reason or prefer to tlak in private rather
  13. How about this logo and name? sounds rather nice to me
  14. Can't decide if this is true democracy or communism tho a nice club is always welcome
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