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  1. Arent most of them college drop outs ? ahaha men's does not have large creativity of making avatars
  2. Just grab the 3D glasses and the popcorn and watch the show going on the forums. The devs does not care about the game nor the playerbase.... they just want money , why should I pay a qualified artist when I can just give some random guy free play-time for the items he creates
  3. here are the animations made for 3DXChat or should I say 3DXSimsChat the animations are like 4 years old or older...
  4. Everything is a paid asset or just changed/edited but I am thankful you paid attention
  5. I would recommend you to stop trying to get items for the official, they do not care about they playerbase. At the end you will be only yourself with the created items and I talk from good experience... Better learn and create own game, but the rest is just wasting time
  6. Just an image of what I created A very normal cigarette Using the software Blender and an object which I found on the internet (I am unsure what the "quality" supposed to be) Prefered to be saved as FBX file with the textures...
  7. How to replace a TEXTURE (2D) item (Print or Eye_Pupil) 1. 2. 3. Search for the edited texture 4. After you chose it, press OK 5. After that OK and OK and YES 6. Save where you want. 7. Right click and press "Cut" 8. Replace 9. TADAAA! Ofc is changable with the color. Same with Prints! 3D items are hardly to test, because you do need the unity project. Things which are possible to edit via 2D are Stockings, Tattoos (just paint it over the body and translated to man/woman body diffuse), Eye_Pupils, Pubic hairs, Eyebrows, Prints and other stuff which I cannot remember 3D are the parts you usually wear on the body, in fact the female nails are object over the nails and are not part of the real female body (just a small detail)
  8. Hello 3DXChat Forum, I represent myself as the user Fvcker. Today I want to show the forum few things on how to make clothes, take items from the game and test in Blender. I will call my approach modding the game and making it suit the user/player. Note, everything shown in this topic is to encourage the community to be more active First of all you will need few programs. https://www.blender.org/ <<<Usually for passing the item models on the FEMALE or MALE bodies (or heads) https://pixlr.com/x/ <<<User friendly online-photoshop https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases/tag/2.2stabled <<<Usually for the 3D and 2D Models If you do not want to use your current game files, I have a solution for you. Download an older version of the game. >>> https://mega.nz/file/riRBhS6R#J5eQAv5nb8mm2XKgsTdGFk8_ZXhyzkqipr5VxV6Tx04 And if you want to play on this 390 build, download the OFFLINE DLL >>> https://mega.nz/file/HupikQgQ#UwI7ZaVsig0lIrFkMMAGMqJ68v66MxQpAq4x8Ks19M8 after that copy the contents of the archive to the game folder and agree to replace the files. 1.Step 2. 3. 4.Choose the Texture or Mesh you would like to edit (Example Eye_Pupils) 5. Here choose .png (if you want a Mesh, it will show "Export to .obj") 6. Export to location by your choice and should look like that. Now you are able to play around and do creations which would be fun to use for the game. Me as an old player, would be glad to see changable eyes, just a tip of what to add ;). Of course you can now create different sorts of eye pupils and test them in the game. I do not take any responsability if you break your game! Man and Woman as OBJ files (Head + Body) woman_body-resources.assets-3783.objman_head-resources.assets-3102.obj woman_head-resources.assets-3788.objman_body-resources.assets-2800.obj You paste the bodies of the models in Blender and you test different type of items (OBJ files) from the internet (something you desire to see in 3DXChat) One more trick you can use is, models from the game called Sk*rim or Fall*ut. This time you need the program Nifskope. https://github.com/jonwd7/nifskope/releases/tag/v2.0.dev8 and you want ot search for desired site with many mods like https://www.nexusmods.com/ and there you search for Skyrim. I found KS Hairdos which has a lot of hairs and this type of hair can be then translated into OBJ file and tried to be placed on the woman head. If you are lucky enough and got the unity project, you can directly place them there and see how would they work. Some stuff work with Si*s4 or Ho*ey Select. Just google further and you will find many cool stuff. Anyways... have fun and hoping I do not get suspension for trying to help out...
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