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  1. What 3DXChat is having, are more sex poses and prop sex poses, but there is NO WAY it will attract GTA 5 players. If GTA 5 players even come to 3DXChat, they will be afk and playing FiveM, the roleplay side of GTA 5. GTA 5 is the most sold game, if that does meaning nothing to you? GTA 5 - Just look it that way, I am able to drive Nissan GTR (100,000$ car), wear adidas clothes (1000$) and have garage full of tanks/cars/girls, a big mansion (9,999,999,999$). I can still marry, have sex, showing middle finger (YES THATS A THING) and cigarettes (YES YES SMOKING!). Shoot with guns, drive yachts, jump from airplanes and play casino game. 3DXChat - You have a Barbie doll house (Unknown price, since items in 3DXChat have lesser value than the Marriage) and you can only fuck and dance. There is no Cigarettes, middlefingers, driving cars and everything in 3DXChat is cheap looking like. The game is literally made to fuck and go on, boring game with 2 words. just compare the softwares, Unity vs Rockstar Game Advanced Engine (RAGE) and now compare the mods.
  2. GTA 5 has sex animations... and many others + is better for roleplay (FiveM). 3DXChat costs monthly fee, good luck with that. Even attracting other games, they have their Rule34 sites to fap on them and play again. Despite the fact, the internet is full of underaged people, GTA 5 is the hot spot for childrens, like 20% of the GTA 5 players are adults, rest are kids. 3DXChat needs to expand, in order to attract people. Make a squid game in 3DX and ooh boy, welcome all the people u want!
  3. I will pay money, if the devs update the female body texture, adding proper feet-skin and athletic body... Like the female body texture is like a doll (nothing appealing to me) If they add something more attracting, horse dildos, body modifications and sexier poses (less robotic) Avatars should have waaaaay more customizations, not talking about size or body measurements, just clothes and so on. If they add games like... Chess or other easy to create/make/add games.. Game is just lacking everything, sure u roleplay and chat but gets boring. Besides, there is skyrim(oblivion), sims4 and many other games which are capable of sex modification (even MINECRAFT!), spending money on such game, makes 0 sense. U cant even customize ur EYES, u cant customize body hair. Game is lacking so god damn much, is better picking Honey Select and just roleplay there... There is no reason to pay (even monthly for such downgrade) The game should add tons of animations, roleplay animations like GTA 5, futuristic and medieval items (lightsabers and swords, u name it!), props, avatar customization (condoms would not be bad ), more open rooms, gyms, parks, like dude, the game already stole 50% of what sims4 is, why not steal the rest 50% ?
  4. Arent most of them college drop outs ? ahaha men's does not have large creativity of making avatars
  5. Just grab the 3D glasses and the popcorn and watch the show going on the forums. The devs does not care about the game nor the playerbase.... they just want money , why should I pay a qualified artist when I can just give some random guy free play-time for the items he creates
  6. here are the animations made for 3DXChat or should I say 3DXSimsChat the animations are like 4 years old or older...
  7. Everything is a paid asset or just changed/edited but I am thankful you paid attention
  8. I would recommend you to stop trying to get items for the official, they do not care about they playerbase. At the end you will be only yourself with the created items and I talk from good experience... Better learn and create own game, but the rest is just wasting time
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