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  1. I need help as i have uninstall 3dx game then i downloaded a client from 3dx website but it's keep giving me an error. i can't install it
  2. Depend on what's in update if there is one.
  3. Another good idea but what's the point ? It will never happen just like other good ideas.
  4. I wonder too perhaps same faith as Pose editor and Clothe Editor. Dev is busy posting women images.
  5. I agree. common on we could at least try this new idea for sometime. it's not necessary means that what happen with Achat would happen with 3dx. game really need new idea. gold transfer could change this. i think this is biggest problem of this game is that people like him ruining it that's why we only have limited inventory instead of market place. it's not bad to have small market for girls to buy new lipstick, nails, earrings and other small stuff. boys could buy condoms with xgold coins. price could be decide by dev eg...could not be charge more that certain amount for specific item.
  6. you got very valid point here. Buying xgold coins to someone with real money make sense for dev to make money but players doesn't get more than 2 option to spend them on something. buying room with xgold coins wouldn't make sense for builder i mean they can get tons amount of xgold coins but where would they spend to ? game seriously need to reset almost everything.
  7. This idea is worth implanting or at least give a trial period before some negative thinkers discourage Dev. Dev. must try some of these new ideas instead of always get scared. many people love to transfer gold beside what's the point of all those gold except buying worthless gifts or gallary. Game seriously need a way to spend gold coins but again all this is fantasy untill they get proper team for game who could listen and try new ideas but chances are rare.
  8. For some old people its like "update ? why the Fck we need update ? i'm cool with my 8 years old clothes and being afk in sin club. same people keep bragging how game is good then before but forgot its been very long time. by now game should have pose editor, clothe editor but all is dream and dream....
  9. Good luck dear. It will never happened. many of us tried many times but other side people have swear in god not to communicate except post few pics or notice either here or in discord channel. that is why discord channel is dead and forum is dead too except few handful peoples. my guess is they are old people who doesn't bother to talk or communicate.
  10. It will be out on April 1st. in 3dx words doesn't mean anything.
  11. How's new update ? February is almost finished.
  12. Seems you aren't woman so you won't understand need of clothes.
  13. Are you high ? Its the truth that only 2 people manage whole game. Most work has been outsourced as loruna had said. Not forget we as customer pay money. If they won't do good job then they will lose money. Instead of becoming sensitive think with brain. We are customers and they are providers.
  14. It is not logical to compare 3dx with big companies game. They are way better and not meant for potato PCs. Look at 3dx still in Beta stage with few limited clothes, customization, pose wise.(pirated version even got more clothing prints and now getting poses.) Men's department is even poor. On other hand game like second life update regularly and intrect with players (un)like 3dx. When you purchase most game they don't mention update but they do because after sometime players gets bored and need to provide something new like second life or other games do same goes with big titles multiplayer
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