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  1. Uhm... yes you can recolor the stones. I've gone into the editor and recolored them without problem. Parts of the rocks don't recolor and other parts of them do... What you can't do with them is change the textures.
  2. You forgot attack heliocopters... I am offended.
  3. One way to prove if a room is indeed yours if it's been stolen by others is if you have multiple iterations of it saved to your hard drive. Like... as you were building your room and backing it up there's a clear line of "WIP" that's been saved and you could show people who really wanted to know if the room in question is actually yours or not. That's only if the person that built the room kept those older versions or even make backups in the first place but it is one way to do so...
  4. Achroi... Black Desert Online is a far larger game with a far larger development team than 3DxChat... your argument is invalid.
  5. Personally I think gender only matters if you're trying to make a baby, but there's going to be a point in time where that won't even matter with gene splicing and DNA research going on. Pretty soon we'll have machine incubators (Matrix human farms inc.) and won't even have the need for a female to grow fetus to babyhood... at that point the lines will be even more blurred. Sure... men/women are more predisposed to having certain traits... but if you really want to be something there isn't much that can stop you from doing it now aside from predetermined genetic history and even that is going
  6. We're here with World Editor post count watch 2017! THIS JUST IN! THE POST COUNT WENT UP FROM 4... TO 6! More on this story at 11.
  7. And all those 'improvements to appearnce' are purely cosmetic and have nothing to do with the core gameplay. If you're not already enjoying 3DxChat with what is there already then more pretty shiney stuff isn't going to help... The newness of the new things will wear off fast and you'll revert back to the previous state of woe/despair/moaning when the next new batch of pretties is delayed. I shouldn't be posting and adding to the cycle but I couldn't help it...
  8. I think they're trying to get this VR update done so that it brings more outside attention to the game... It was also a feature early on in some capacity and it did need a rework. It's a nice bullet point for marketing purposes so I don't blame them. They're still working diligently on adding new content to the game while working on that so I don't see what the big deal is. Just have some bloody patience... The game is still fully functional for most everyone and there's no hurry.
  9. This to me looks like someone used hue/saturation in photoshop and upped that saturation bar... then went and took the sharpness tool and painted it all over the picture. It looks sorta grainy to me in those pictures... grainy = bad most times in photography unless you're looking to have that old timey feel to your photographs. It's interesting I guess... but ya.
  10. Yeah, diaries are good... I like reading some of the ones on here when I ain't got nothing better to do. Edit: Success... I love you mods.
  11. Maybe it shouldn't be locked but it does need to be moved. This isn't a diary... it's an announcement and probably should be moved to Member Announcements.
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