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  1. If it's not against the rules to get someone's room (because according to the 3dx staff once we upload stuff it becomes public), why getting someone suspended for sharing the method to do it, publicly? Lol. So basically what 3dx says about this is: "it's not forbidden to have chickens (someone else's room), but it's forbidden to have eggs (the way to steal them). If you get a chicken (room) from the shop (3dx forum), you're fine, if you get eggs (the method) to later on get chickens (the rooms) from them and speak about it and tell people how to get eggs (the method), you're suspended." I will now tell you something probably you don't know: You cannot have chickens without eggs. Hard to believe - I know. Same goes for stolen rooms and this method to steal them. So basically people that have been stealing are using this same method Pierrous posted. You suspend him but won't suspend people that has been doing this for months behind your back? People that steal rooms had eggs before having them chickens. There are no chickens without eggs. Hard to believe again, I know. If it's allowed to steal rooms and people don't get banned for doing it even when they are reported; why don't 3dx tell us how to do it, officially? And since it won't happen, why not letting someone tell everyone how to do it? Since stealing isn't against the rules? PS: Chickens ♥
  2. https://www.paysafecard.com/ Go there. They have an online shop for paysafecard PINs. One of the accepted payment methods is PayPal. I can't post here the direct link, since it will have to do with your Region/Country. This is the list of the countries that allow you to buy paysafecard PINs thru their website using PayPal as payment method. Belgium Finland France Ireland Italy Latvia Malta Netherlands Austria Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Cyprus As an alternative, you can check their local retailers list (just insert your city code after choosing your region). See if there's any near your hometown or something. You go there in person and buy the ticket. Then with that ticket you can pay your 3dx subscription.
  3. PayPal Instructions http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4792-paypal-instructions/?hl=paysafe&do=findComment&comment=215164
  4. Hmmm? Oh damn! Yes I wanted to win... with my invisible entry that I submitted. Damn, it was really the best entry... I will shut up because obviously someone busted meh.
  5. Yah, obviously they can. New players will see certain customized items on those banners, and once they join 3dxChat for the first time, I hope you Candice will be there to guide them and explain that they will need a certain non-official .dll from a certain 3dx member if they wanna wear the items showed on those banners. The winners could have made exactly the same banners without involving .dll'ed items.
  6. Banners for advertising shouldn't include clothes/items that were customized with the 'customized' .dll, since they aren't 'officially' part of 3dx.
  7. The good thing about it is that they have like 3,7k Environments in the unity store... So maybe we're lucky enough to get some more in the future (or maybe not).
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