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  1. Hello, I have a question which is not strictly a technical support one, but which I think falls into this category better than any other. The question is this: Setting aside holidays and other exceptional time periods, what are the days / times in which the population of 3dx peaks? Please share your thoughts and observations. Sincerely, Sugar Bunny
  2. That's what I thought. Oh well, so much for that. Thanks Shanti.
  3. Quick question: Is there a way to create a post, and then lock it so that an event is advertised but nobody is allowed to comment on it? I know that moderators can lock posts, but is it possible for a player to lock their own post voluntarily?
  4. I've learned two lessons here on 3dx. The first is that most people would rather see you fail than succeed themselves. If there is a real sin that pervades 3dx it’s not lust, but envy. The second is that pride cometh before the fall. You can think you've earned love or respect or kindness, but none of these are ever a given. Most people will forget anything you do for them in moments, so in the end we must all carry our own water - be self-sufficient and self-motivated. But all that being said, I choose to carry on here. To try and tame my pride and learn from my mistakes. Perhaps I will yet change 3dx as I envisioned, into a wonderful place where everyone can find excitement and happiness and connection. Or perhaps in the end it will be me that's changed, and dwindle into a reflection of the wasted potential here now. We shall see. For now I ask all I have wronged to forgive me, I forgive all who have wronged me, and I will neither ignore nor friend anyone. To all those who wish me well, thank you for your good wishes. To all those who hate me, I ask that we start with a clean slate.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm afraid that effective immediately I am withdrawing from EVENT 2 and also withdrawing the prize. Best of luck to Rob in making the event the success it deserves to be, and I hope all the DJs have a great time showing the audience what they've got. I shall be adjusting the first post advertisement tonight to reflect the changes. The lowest of creatures is the vulture, for weak and dimwitted they rejoice in the losses of others, and claim the kills of the lion with squawking voices.
  6. Special thanks to Carus who built us an AMAZING playing field for the next game! Can't wait to play!
  7. Doom Room is coming up in just over an hour from this posting! Don't miss out on the fun!
  8. I know we're still a good month away from EVENT 2, but EVENT 3 is already in the works! If you'd be interested in DJing at that event please let either RobPathfinder or myself know. We're hoping to make the EVENT a quarterly experience for the peoples of 3dx, so don't be shy about coming forward!
  9. Can't wait for the 30th! Going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! And you know what happens at sexy Halloween parties, right?
  10. Looking for more weird and wonderful events? Visit my website at http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny!
  11. It's you who will need the luck, Roman, you sniveling, spineless sycophant. And you'll soon see just how much I bluff. I you had any brains you'd know by now I never bluff.
  12. Aggression is a response to cowardice, Roman, and cowardice seems to be the only thing you're really, really good at. You know full well what you did. So does Domonique. You're just desperate to back peddle now that you realize you're being called on it and that there are going to be consequences for your actions. Unfortunately for you, you already have quite the reputation on 3dx, as does Domonique. Once again, Naike, once again you're showing how little you can be trusted. Everything I post you can't wait to repost, and in so doing you've proven my point. I sent you that gift knowing you'd post it here, just like you'll use anything anyone tells you. You're worse than Domonique or Roman in that you have the brains to know better. You are the lowest, most despicable person I've had the misfortune to meet on 3dx, and it disgusts me that someone like you would offer a service in the guise of helping people only to use what they tell you for your own amusement and gain. The only thing that disgusts me more is that you used my friendship to help promote yourself.
  13. You'll soon find out just how energetic I can be Roman. Already I'm reaching out to everyone on 3dx and letting them know exactly who you and Naike and your backstabbing bitch of a girlfriend really are. Domonique has opened a can of worms by her malicious nature, and now realizes that there are consequences, so I can understand why a groveling, pussy-whipped so-called man like you is scampering to try and protect her. You three have used me, abused my trust, and now have struck out of me in the most cowardly, underhanded way imaginable as punishment for me politely declining to work with you. Jasmine and I are not friends, but at least she had the decency not to go after events which help people. You, Roman, and your conniving girlfriend, and your backstabbing friend Naike, are all going to be exposed for what you are.
  14. The cowardice is typical of you, Dominique, and when you're called on it you're too much of a sniveling, bitchy coward to actually own it. And I meant what I said to Naike, who by posting my message has shown exactly why I would not recommend anyone trust their personal matters to her. She not only has poor judgement, but you cannot trust her to show discretion of any kind, and she freely associates with lowlifes like Domonique and RomanFox and will happily post private messages. Before I'm done I'll make sure everyone knows who and what you all are, and I doubt you backstabbing cowards will find the judgement to your liking.
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