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  1. Gterantre

    Wolves Den

    *comes in the den and looks around. He places hands on his sides when he sees Dena drinkign whiskey* I should have guessed where you escaped from me...
  2. Well, as lights themselves there are just 4 searchlights in the ceiling. Though there a lot of cubes and 'blue tables' but they never seemed to overload my PC. P.S. Just to mention if somebody experienced sees it. I tested the room with a program which tests load on different components of a PC and my GTX 770 gets 98-100% of load but it gets nearly this numbers almost everywhere and coolers don't seem to speed up significantly.
  3. Alright Torax. I'll keep my eyes opened to see your nickname
  4. Well, I'm trying to keep less than 3000 props in the room. We'll see if it's possible
  5. The room never was released due to too mnay objects. Though everything is possible so mabybe one day...
  6. I failed with the preparation and the room appeared not ready for the grand opening
  7. Not sure if my candidacy is suitable for the vacancy. You know that I tend to behave quiet and calm being in companies. Though, an orgy is pretty different situation
  8. I'll share my thoughts in a few points To my mind colds are okay if you don't have a list of experienced players who clearly understand what gangbang or at least orgy means. Also you should remember that there will be not only you and your wife occupied because as soon as you 2 are busy with 4 or even more men others will start approaching new coming girls. It’s natural so just be ready for it and don't get disappointed when it happens.An animator is a good idea but it's hard to find the right person who will agree just to watch and guide other people. Better give him something in return after the orgy - gangbang him with your wife, for example. ​Or you can start with something less ambitious. Take a role of the animator for a night and guide people to gangbang your wife. The next night you switch roles. You'll be able to learn some experience and maybe add some nice people to for future gangbang of you and your wife.And as others I've been taken part in some orgies too and I can say that there is needed a balance between a good descriptive actions and high speed of switching partners to keep it heated up. Aaaaaand in the end I wish you good luck and would like to see the gangbang to happen as it expected.
  9. I agree with TheHuntress that the language of 3dxchat is english. I'm not sure about nowadays but a long time ago there was a rule that the only language permitted in world chat is english. As for understanding or not understanding english and making RP easier, I can nothing except that it's pretty personal thing. For example, there's a guy from Germany but he doesn't write anything about it in his profile. So we'll have to talk in english and his bad english will cause some difficulty for the conversation but this is his choice - not to tell people from what country he is. And here's another example, me who writes in both in-game and forum profiles that I'm russian. So people may understand what to expect from me. What I want to say is that it's pretty impossible to bring everybody under one line. Every person needs individual approach - it's one of the difficulties in searching partners for good roleplaying
  10. I won't be original since people above wrote a lot. Still, it's opened topic so I'd like to share thoughts from my point of view. Meilyn's said she'd like not to be judged for bad english or something like this. I assume it just as some kind of standards. English isn't my native language too but I'm not afraid of making mistakes because I want to improve my english. Plus me and my friends here, in 3dxchat, are from different countries and sometimes one of us can write something that others won't understand. We don't judge, we don't laugh, we ask to explain - this all depends on who surround you. As for your example I can say it's normal and pretty full description of action even for me since my english isn't that good as yours guys. You must be just unlucky to find right roleplayers... *Advertesement time* There's an organizations, The Quiet Temple, that unite a number of really good roleplayers. If you can't find right people in the game, try this one. Best wishes
  11. Why does every event include my undressing?
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