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  1. Isiana

    The Quiet Temple

    I'll be waiting for your comeback dear, takes care of yourself outhere
  2. Isiana

    The Quiet Temple

    Well, now that hugs are done. You better get your mask back in the game you have something like two month late of conjugal duty è_é *flee far away*
  3. Isiana

    The Quiet Temple

    *runs toward Elenn and jumps in her arms : Sweeeeeeeeeeeeetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ah so good to see you back, i got damned worried but i'm glad you're fine
  4. Good stories, as always
  5. I can say the same things as you Miss' *Cuddle Elenn*
  6. How the hell did you do that Naori ? xD
  7. *Stares at Shandasen : It'll get hotter ~ As for me, i'm playing a succubus, i always loved fantasy plays and in rp there is so many things you can do and so many good story you can have. My best time was the turning of a "nun" into something less sacred. I also had many other rp that we're just as great as this one but there is too much for me to tell everything.
  8. Same for me. *Captures Naamah to go back where they left it.
  9. Aaaaah ? It's working ? need to try *_*
  10. I have asked a friend to try my account and she couldn't connect on it. I used one of hers and i manage to go in the game... Meaning that it's an account issue. Omg... i'm tired of it.
  11. But shit... i have some wonderful friends in the game and being unable to play with them is what pisses me off the most xd Making me think of buying a new account.
  12. I'm beginning to think about it. Edit : unfortunately, you don't get a refond. Grmnmnmnm.
  13. Well personnaly i stopped being mad, it's just a waste of time and i'll do other things meanwhile.
  14. So tired of waiting i have use a vpn with many different ip and i couldn't connect. I'm trying something else but for now i'm believing that it's something related to the user's account.
  15. I tried a few time this morning and this afternoon but no luck for me so far. I'm still unable to play the game. Personnaly i'm in the game for a few month already and it's the first time i had such a problem (i purchased a year anyway). I just hope things will get fixed... that's the only thing i can do unfortunately.
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