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  1. Hmm why the weird change to the eyes?
  2. Why did you split tattoos between females and males? I want the demonic head too! xD
  3. Awesome work. To bad there is no official stuff like that for everyone!
  4. Usually we had those pumpkins that would transform you into ghosts or turn you invisible. But last time they forgot it entirely, so I wouldnโ€™t get my hopes up.
  5. If you mean the spiky one then you could only color the metal bits and dll allowed you prints I think.
  6. I say it again. My guess is that the hole system is coded to only support two of the same gender at once and prolly the guy or girl that coded it is not on the team anymore xD Meaning. They would have to recode the entire pose system themselves, if that is true ^^ Of course thatโ€™s all speculation, but somehow it makes the most sense.
  7. I didnโ€™t complain about the idea. I complained about the quality. Up close the textures are blurry. If they were better resolution I would use them gladly. Like this only from the distance.
  8. Wonder what happens if you load a female file with changed letter onto a male avi ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway thank you all for your find
  9. Cyra


    Das auch/that too. A weekly restard would prevent a lot of hickups and clear some glitches you see.
  10. Well. You will find a few people playing/rping vampires here. So might find some interested in it. Still would need a proper location.
  11. Cyra


    You would think they finally managed to make a script that checks if the server is online or down, killing the process and restarts it.... but no! Thats just a few lines of code.... *shakes the head*
  12. The new material's suck too. The are so... blurry.. yeah only ok maybe for far distant skylines...
  13. And people wonder why I find her annoying as hell ... *shakes the head*
  14. This is more like kindergarten. Who ever screams louder is right. Sadly for Alivia itโ€™s her that canโ€™t shut up with telling everyone that we should chill take things like they are. Because itโ€™s oh so great now! She can do that, but should shut up and not try to force her point of view on everyone else! I rant a lot too I know that, but I at least donโ€™t try to force others too do it too, just pointing out what we lost. What other do after reading it is up to them.
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