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  1. As you fix the lipstick fix it right now. Black color and such <.<
  2. How about finally fixing the black color on skin. Especially black lipstick and darker skin colors looking red instead of the intended color in darker areas?!
  3. Can you for fucks sake fix the nippple? Why do they have their own layer now?! I can't even make them pinkish/paler anymore with CE this is fucked up! I have now red orange nipples irl why should i have them here?!
  4. Not sure whats going on. I can login, but my room wont load nor profile, roomlist or anyone showing in public rooms.
  5. The hamsters are on the lose! Chain them to their wheels!
  6. Don’t mind Kush. He is known to be negative about so many things ^^ The idea is nice and I might watch a session or two if that’s ok? Also for imersion move the whole build below the grid. Enforcing no names
  7. Why do you think they need a new server? 😂
  8. Not unusual. Most come on when the game goes down and flood the forums with complains. ^^
  9. Doubt that will be avaible anytime soon, if at all. Makes me wonder why the pirate server already has it lol
  10. Well. It’s not like were ‘paying’ to be beta testers for 3dx before... Only that it now feels more like back to alpha mess.... And the shit about the datacenter sounds like (edit:where too friendly) bullshit....
  11. Maybe they 'accidently' destroyed the server during the maintance xD Who knows. The discord news is partly over two ours old already.
  12. @Valen They don't give a fuck that it's saturday. Never did. Also most crashes were on weekends from what i recall. Up until near 5 days serverdowns because noone seemed to observe if the servers are running or not.
  13. Hey, i just pointed out that they had put news on the discord, why not here earlier i don't know ask them that.
  14. Looks like discord is still used afterall...
  15. Sounds more that the sever is nearing it's next crash downtime.
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