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  1. My ass really isn't that big.... *Rereads* Hey, wait a second.....
  2. Agreed. I feel like you think this is bashing on French. Nothing was ever about French on -this- post. The devs should take on more of the responsibility to add content, I agree on that.
  3. Stop involving your personal feelings on the criticism with your responsibilities on this forum. If you don't feel the criticism was called for, fine. It's still not you're place to remove it.
  4. This us all hypothetical and NOT specifically directed at French BTW. If I put work forth and didn't get any criticism for it then there is not much reason for me to improve it. Even though it's free and the content creators invest their own time into it, doesn't mean they shouldn't get any criticism or review on their work.
  5. Plus Rob, if you're not going to do something because you think you're going to have critics idk what to say. Everybody's a critic, don't be so insecure about things and then criticism becomes a positive.
  6. Agreed, it's about freedom of speech, which ,really if the devs and mods don't allow it then we're S.O.L. But I have an issue with being on a forum where I can't speak my mind (bashing and trolling aside ofc)
  7. If I want to complain about how the gifts people are sending aren't appropriate then I could. Would you block my post? I would sure hope not, especially if other people have an input on the topic.
  8. There is no such thing as unnecessary criticism. If you can't handle a critic it does show your insecurity. Plus, I don't know why Achilles is trying to speak for French, she saw the post herself, we didn't need a mod to intervene at all.
  9. We need to keep this post off the tracks. It's mutated into an obsession of cookie and donuts. I'll throw muffins in the mix. /me likes muffins
  10. Here's a plot twist. What if FD is really BF :OOOO
  11. Toxically Sweets neighbor right here in Bmore. I'm loving it so far. Bike riding around the harbor to work every day is like a dream.
  12. You should just be able to hook up your Samsung as your display somehow and then enter Oculus mode with SHIFT+O
  13. The special sauce >.> It's very "professionally" implemented.
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