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  1. Here we go again.. Troll gif followed by pithy quip, accompanied by explanation of how everyone should stop bumping the thread, concluded by message to other troll who isn't in the thread yet about something unrelated, or possibly poking fun at op by calling the thread pointless and predicting future thread deletion because of the controversiality and pointlessness.
  2. It's not html but made to look like it.. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/StyledText.html Also, you have to get the tag nesting right.. This would fail: <size=30><b>Hi!</size></b> This would work: <b><size=30>Hi!</size></b> Also, with sizes, the profile won't let you use bigger than 100 or smaller than 10. With gift text it is between 1 - 500 I think.
  3. The thing I love most about 3dx is that it is a very good thing to do that if you want to play some of the team stuff you can just do what you want and deserve but I can't reach out to you for making it so much baby.
  4. Sentra

    Another Life

    Thanks I will try that one too.
  5. Sentra

    Another Life

    Thanks Jess. Yeah I found the website. I was wondering if that was still going and I'm glad to see it is. I am interested for sure. I will try Sansar also and I believe you that it is amazing, especially with VR. Maybe I will get a VR headset sooner than I thought. I do have a 1060 OC so I guess it might work on my existing stuff. Will Sansar have music streaming, dancing, cuddling? And what is that video stuff they have like in the videos with the movie theater thing I have seen? Is it at all like Rabb.it? And are you always locked into first person or can you use third person if you aren't in VR? I still think gizmo could make something more mainstream out of what they have already built here for 3dx so far, and I think it could make them some extra money. Maybe a lot. I would hope that it might make them finally hire more people. If they put it on Steam I don't think they would really even need to advertise.
  6. Sentra

    Another Life

    The game I want does not exist yet. I have been looking a lot. 3dx is actually still the closest thing. There is also no proof that putting something like I suggested here on Steam would not be profitable.
  7. Sentra

    Another Life

    DaddysGirl is talking about Sansar I'm pretty sure, she just can't see my posts. I think anyway, as far as the sequel to Second Life. I'll be interested to see the other thing "without limits" too, although I'm sure it will be another niche pornographic type thing. I'm not saying it won't be good, but I do think the audience will again be limited if that's the case.
  8. Sentra

    Another Life

    Jess, everything I've read about trying to play Sansar without VR sounds like it's.. not good. I'm sure I will get a VR headset someday soon, but not everything needs to be VR. There's a much bigger market for non VR still, and I'm not sure it will ever be ALL VR. VR sort of locks you into first person doesn't it? Does Sansar have cuddle poses and dance animations? It has music streaming, right? I saw a video with a movie theater playing video.. How does that work? Is it like Rabb.it at all? I'm asking bc I'm genuinely curious and I can't find a lot of info. Maybe I will try it.
  9. Sentra

    Another Life

    The Sims is single player though! Plus it's just way different. There isn't any cuddling or dancing in it really. You don't have the same level of control. Also, if they want to reach a wider audience or put something on Steam like I'm suggesting here, I don't think they should or could do it under the SGD name.
  10. Sentra

    Another Life

    Thanks. I would call it a wider audience rather than a younger audience though.
  11. Sentra

    Another Life

    Idk, just brainstorming here, but maybe it goes even smaller. Maybe just release something on Steam called "My Room" or "Come Hang Out" or something and just give access to a room and the World Editor and the ability to invite friends from your Steam friends. You'd still have the character editor, internet radio and music streaming, dancing. No public locations needed. No public user rooms with offensive names either. No need for instancing or anything, just set a limit to the number of people who can be invited to the rooms. Modify the copy of 3dx to be only this and then sell it for like $15 on Steam. Idk maybe more.
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