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  1. i still dont get why they are doing it. the fuck can the motive be?
  2. Who the hell can be attacking the game?!?! These attackers needs to be euthanized
  3. Thank you guys! these new hairstyles are great! I will only steer clean of the justin bieber hair... people will get the wrong idea about me
  4. Those words will be in my bio for sure xD
  5. Yeah dont think they are going the world of warcraft route with no return. i was thinking same hairstyles but the awesome detail they put in the last patch. It might only be the colors but the Blacks they put in the hair make them look so much better. seems like hair and detail "even though a texture" it does loads.
  6. Oooo. you are still here man !! Hope you sneak peak ingame soon
  7. Would be cool if the old hairstyles would be updated to the current quality that you have put out these last patches. Think that will be a possibility in the future?
  8. exactly. Alivia, you should do a a vote on post with poll. then we can see if the democratic agrees with you. i would say its only fair. Remember to post it on worldchat too
  9. Yes a creampie option! maybe even a thrust as that it really seems to hit home. Like in the japanese illusion softwork game Koitatsu! if the japanese can do it so can SexGameDevil studios. (the animation is optional if you want to make it legit) Edit: also would make the ones happy that keep calling themselves "Cumdumpsters" 😜
  10. DeAngelo

    User Reviews

    This is the bain of every social game and its not exclusive to 3dxchat. Try WoW for instance, where you have people who go face to face because of some digital loot and they get nasty. And some people are going to be wannabe's when it comes to sex. After all men and women try to 1-up each. As for the ignore system its to avoid witch-hunts that happend 2-3 years ago and subscribes were lost just because of bullshit like that. Its still hard to make a perfect system for ignoring because the game starts to get silly when you see people humping the air. Plus do you want to hear someone who ignores you anyway?
  11. Well yeah! titties make me want to go back ingame and MOTORBOAT!
  12. DeAngelo

    Patch #337

    Pc dies and a super patch comes out... Shit! >
  13. HAH. i just have to put this in here, whenever you like someone's post it says "Nobody likes this" xD
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