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  1. well that's a big problem... i get democracy (2 out of 3 voted in favour) but yeah being spitroasted without being able to consent is quite... what's the word for it? fucked up?
  2. Well, gliding over the unfortunate comment of the dude over there I would suggest you to simply decline the pose, or if you mistakenly accept tell your partner you feel uncomfortable, and say, even out of character (normally you write this between brackets, something like (sorry I’m uncomfy with that) instead of stopping sex altogether… if your partners are not entitled toddlers they will totally understand! And if they are toddlers you better off without them! Hope my humble suggestion helps you and have fun!
  3. Mmmh that will give men the chance to fuck up even more their matching oooh god not to mention the risk for us gals to have sex with guys with socks… so now we must add a no sex with socks to the no colds policy! but on the bright side that will open the door to new kinks such as smelly socks rooms or even a torture machine built with said socks… and when asked how a man was in bed we could simply say “he socks”
  4. Well it would be an interesting feature (such as a search tool for rooms, to avoid the disperate scrolling we all experienced) but I would limit to “open to all” rooms, cause if a room is open for friends you will see it on the first spot on the list anyway, and if it’s just for groups, well you’ll see it anyway if you’re invited in said group… so it would be easier and clearer if you have only a button to see which friend open a room from everyone… does it make any sense to you?
  5. Well in my early days I also mistakenly clicked the stop sex button… we’ll learn to not missclick the spank button either
  6. yeah like i would wear the leather jacket we have if i could put something other than a bra under it....
  7. yes yes yes... and did i already say yes? i want that!
  8. and hitting them in their groin with your knee perhaps?
  9. i. e. another petty Alice's request Women of 3dxchat, aren't you sick and tired of seeing your avi kissing or even running in some random douche's arm without you having nothing to do to stop it? well those are my suggestions for an improvement for having total control of our beloved pixels that form us in this world! First thing first i suggest to add an animation for men when they take the initiative like the man kissing the woman on the cheek (and not the other way round as is it now) and he taking us in his arms in a warm embrace Second thing i want the option to refuse said greetings, like for slowdance when you can say yes or ignore the request, and my dream would be an animation of my avi, or the man's avi if i'm the one harassing, making a "piss off" move! as usual lemme know what you think! Your Alice
  10. i don't know... we would see an huge amount of horse's cocks around... like so long if they're not careful enough when they walking they will trip on them...
  11. yeah i guess some sudden spank might add a little spice... but then you will have the someone abusing it
  12. well Areej... you already got me by mentioning the word "cats" ... Alltho your idea is so freaking fantastic: kudos! i want cats in my room and also the possibility to intereact with the baby would be so awesome (for the ones wanting one)... and you know also the surprise to go in someone's house and find out they're parents and even hearing the toddler crying while you're having sex... that would be so freaking realistic! XD
  13. well i didn't thought on the economical side of having a baby alltho i think the money should go to the one keeping the baby (yeah there are single fathers aswell XD)
  14. yeah i totally agree: stairs and poses, expecially oral ones, with clothes on are a priority, this post was more a curiosity of mine. for what concerns bringing life in real life it's the latest thing in my mind to be honest And yeah there's no need for the father and mother settings but it would be a nice feature for some
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