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  1. @Gizmo I saw you liked the idea back then. Will it ever be considered to realize?
  2. Just found this excellent tool, ty @Music It helped me to group some "text" in my room, so i could select it to move it. The text creator idea is very good, but... it creates very coarse and extremely large text.... 1000's of meters :)) To make the text creator work at all, i had to make the following edit in frmText2Pic: ''lvPixelSize = CDbl(Me.TextBox6.Value) ' 02-01-2023/em lvPixelSize = CDbl(Me.TextBox3.Value) ' 02-01-2023/em Did you leave the project?
  3. And make that opacity slider work for panties and bra's too
  4. I couldnt upate from inside the app, i had to follow Gizmo's link. The app said version 4.0.3 newest version, but with the link you get 4.0.7
  5. I downloaded the app once again, now it says 4.0.7, and it seems to work :))
  6. I get the same message on a LG G5 with Android 7.0 App is latest version 4.0.3, toy firmware is updated. I dont have the + button on Close range page, only on Long distance.
  7. Where was that second update announced?
  8. I think it would be very simple to always have the game remember the latest selection (no penis/penis/strapon).
  9. I would love to have the possibility to adjust the glossyness of clothes, f.ex. the leggings, to make them not look like latex. Also, i would like an option to make clothes partly transparent, f.ex. making bra's, panties or tops semi-transparent. I hope the devs follows this forum
  10. I miss the possibility to save body and clothes separately so much. I have saved a lot of avatars with different outfit. When i chose to change something about my body, i need to change the same things for every saved avatar. Would be so much easier, if i could load body and clothes separately, ie "load x.body" and load "y.clothes". I hope the devs follows this forum
  11. SOLVED! Look at last post in this thread https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/4370-remote-gaming-with-teamviewervncetc/ Install "Splashtop" host and client, works like a charm :) https://www.splashtop.com/downloads#pers_sec
  12. I needed this badly for the winter cabbin, this is what i came up with hot-tub.world
  13. I know its an old thread, but I wanted to say thank you so much for those nice tips, it inspired me to build this at my winter cabbin. For the wave distortion seen from under water, i made the water cone just a few pixels high, instead of the full height, and placed it at the waterline. This way your get the wave effect seen from below too.
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