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  1. Of course not. And having crappy servers, and features they never added and promised for years also doesn't mean they are "working on it"
  2. that is correct. GPU-s usually can go as high as 90c and still not throttle yet to reduce heat. Radeon GPU-s generally work on higher temps Geforce lower but can go as high as 90c before throttling (reducing speed) on Pascal or MAxwel architectures for example. The CPU on the other hand should be below 70, depending on the type, before starts throttling and slows down to reduce heat. In case of laptops cooling is almost NEVER adequate. That's the price you pay for having a compact machine. So probably it's better to satisfy your gaming habits on desktop computers, if
  3. Yes it's vertical sync. you gotta forgive me sometimes I just misspell a few things. Basically monitors refresh in vertical sections, if the framerate doesn't match, there are sync issues causing screen tearing. Now vsync doesn't really strain your hardware. Or rather the performance impact is really minor. It is known to cause slight input lag in some games, which is why this option can be disabled, generally fast reaction competitive gamers want as low input lag as possible. It isn't the case for a game like this. Generally reduces the strain in many cases, especially if we a
  4. Vsync (Virtual synchronization) is synchronizing the framerate to your monitor's framerate using top values like matching your monitor's framerate, or locking it at half framerate when that drops. Usually is used to prevent screen tearing but also prevents the game running on much higher framerate than your monitor can display anyway. The FPS limit is similar, only that simply locks it at a set value. Check both. you don't need higher framerates anyway. Plus monitors display only as many frames per second as they can. the rest is just pointless work on your system.
  5. Well gizmo created one topic for people to post these, to avoid them creating new ones. But they locked their own topic. Which I found silly. Of course in that case people will create new "useless" topics about the same thing then. Why did they lock their own topic? Nobody knows. It's like saying "don't talk about it. It makes us look bad"
  6. I am not experiencing such issues just yet. I can't tell if the fans work harder or not, but I have a badass cooling solution. Meantime until we figure this one out, make sure in the game on the graphics settings the FPS limit is set to 60 and Vsync is enabled.
  7. They have been doing a crappy job since a long time now. Only this time it is far more obvious to everybody. They just start saying something this time trying to do some damage control, while locking THEIR OWN THREAD, which was created by Gizmo, for people to post Server issues instead of creating new threads. They have been lazy with pretty much everything, including fixing bugs that were present for a very long time now, and adding the long waited features they themselves teased and promised. Without any feedback whatsoever. So now the server starts kicking the bucket, (not very s
  8. Stop pretending you know more Alivia, and don't speak for the devs. Only they can speak for themselves. You just sit down and wait it out with the rest of us, until there is an official announcement about this. You know nothing either
  9. I love you 3DX I wish the *devs* treated you better. All these problems lately are just sad.
  10. Keep crying there and try to educate people who are smarter than you are. "Noob" eh? so you found that in your childish little dictionary also? Don't be so upset if you were ridiculed. Breathe, before you get a panic attack there. And then RobT will be out for sure You really shouldn't piss your pants for every single reply you get. Learn to stay calm. Cheers
  11. Yes that's what I'm saying. She is in no position to tell us how they work or what they do, only they can answer that. Or not at all if they don't communicate. We bring up the obvious issues like bugs here which we are encountering every day. And nobody aside of the devs can answer what they are working on currently. If they do at all.
  12. Yeah you actually do. At least you really try to. And I saw a few doing that around here. You are not guessing anything. You are talking down on people who share their obviously reasonable concerns, and you are no dev. "I agree that Gizmo's team silence is sometimes frustrating, but that's how they work." You are not the one to know how anybody works. you can agree or disagree with people but you can't speak in the place of the devs and tell us how they work, while they are silent.
  13. well you gave your opinion on something totally unrelated, in a desperate attempt to sound cool, that's all. Cheers
  14. Oh my god. Now that "bug" has to be fixed ASAP! We can't even play the game until it is not fixed... You are right!
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