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  1. And for even more realism, removing the cock from the female avi.
  2. HAHAHA Oh man Now I really want to gather the rocks outside and sell them to this guy. First of all he has no clue about the difference between a service and a product, and second, he's very happy to pay for any garbage. Why would people be upset? Ok jokes aside, nevermind idiots like him around here. Those who are angry about this, have every right to be. It's not like it was like this just now, this week, this month... It was like this before and you bet it will not change much if the devs are either lazy or incompetent. But most often they are both. Every paying customer of a service has a right to voice their concerns and you all are within your rights to do so. like 5-6 morons around the forums think they are wise and try to lecture you, because they are bored, but that doesn't mean you are not all totally right about being upset. Again, this is not a new situation with 3dxchat.
  3. She didn't have for a good while, she even admitted it, but she was still trying to speak for the devs on the forums back then. Apparently she resumed her sub eventually. Well anyway.
  4. No. Game time is not money at all, Ex. It's like working on a potato field and instead of being paid, they give you potatoes. Or you are cleaning the pool of a public bath house, and instead of paying you, they allow you to get in the water now and then. But anyway, it's bullshit to begin with. Either they share the body mesh publicly so talented creators can submit their work for consideration or whatever, or add a pose editor, instead of this bullshit. They don't make new poses, and others aren't allowed to. It's free work anyway. Just like what builders do and enhancing the experience. Imagine if we would be restricted to those few rooms the devs officially added and everybody would be stuck with that.
  5. Yeah something we could do with a pose editor. Otherwise these bread crumbs are just crap. Small random trash. Waiting for months for some crappy pose that some might or might not like is a retarded approach. Either they share the body mesh publicly, so any talented person can work on much better poses than which were previously made, and possibly submit them for consideration Or pose editor. (Which was supposed to be an "important part of the game" according to Gizmo, and I agree)
  6. oh I see I remember for a while she didn't have any active sub not long ago, didn't even play the game anymore, still was hugging the forums and trying to speak for the devs
  7. Apologist detected You don't even have an active subscription, do you, Ex?
  8. 3dxchat is nowhere near the size of any big organisation to be worth the investment to keep up a serious DDOS attack. The thing is that the security measures are simply trash level here. And some silly kid can pull this without any problem. It's a small server with a couple of hundreds of daily players, dropping every day, and some trash security. What did you expect...
  9. One word: laziness (most likely)
  10. Nah you have to admit that the devs ARE lazy. VERY lazy. Let's not speak for them, while they don't listen, write or respond on the forums. It's simply easier to stay ignorant. Yeah we talked about many things like male clothes also Lisa was contacted directly and politely. Nah, the simple fact is that they are really lazy. Barely ever respond to any suggestion, request or problem, almost never test poses if they work properly before including it in a patch. They didn't stop writing here in the forums because people are "aggressive". Unless you can quote them saying that, You have the accept the simple fact. They are ignorant and lazy. Probably people would be less aggressive if once in a while they would address the issues and talk with the community in these forums.
  11. one failed day now. some failed weeks before, and so on so forth. People have every right to talk about it, I'm just saying, that it's silly to put it the way you do, trying to find excuses FOR THEM. Saying that it's a small team and blah blah. The only people who can speak for them is themselves. And I don't see the communication being any better from their part. However is totally normal for people to give them as much shit as they want here on the TECHNICAL SUPPORT section, sice it's meant for that, while obviously most often they are silent and possibly ignorant. So you can't speak for them, finding excuses for them there. You may or may not agree with people and their issues. And it's your personal opinion, that's all. Let's not patronize here anybody. You are just a user like the rest of us
  12. They are nobodies. Just some attention seekers really. What is causing this is a very bad management of service, and awful technical support. If they are not eager to work on it as they should, naturally things are crap in the end.
  13. Nobody cares if they are a small team. Don't find excuses for them. Their service indeed sucks. If they don't have enough people, hire more. But I'm not telling them to hire or not, but the service must work as intended. Without excuses that "we are a small team" and cry. Hire more? work heir ass off? It's their business, not mine. My business is to have a working service. Can I come up with an excuse like "I have no cash moentarily, please give me free months"? No If I don't pay, the account gets locked. Well when I do it should work Can't handle the workload? Hire more people. Nobody cares if it's a small dev team or not.
  14. I agree with Olesya completely. The lack of communication between the dev team and the clients is out of this world. Rarely you see such an unprofessional attitude from a dev team of any kind of online service. So basically there is zero communication, and many issues will probably be there forever. It's like the devs themselves live in a totally different reality. Probably watching netflix and come up with some lazy update between two shows once in a month, It's like watching a team of lazy workers building a road (one guy pretends to work pokes the ground aimlessly here and there with a shovel, while the rest relax in the shadow... probably taking turns at times to poke the ground to seem like they are doing something. Something that reminds of work) Seriously these forums often feel like it's simply a platform for arguments between players, while devs are completely silent. It doesn't feel like we are reaching out to them at all. Probably they made the forums to keep us busy, and atleast it "feels" like you are bringing up issues and suggestions to somebody who is listening. But that doesn't happen So you tell me how can you trust in the future of a project you are supporting with your wallet, where the workers themselves are lazy to work, and don't answer the phone when you call?
  15. It would be so nice though if they would give updates in the same place every time. Intead of randomly announcing something here, there all over the place, so you have to check bunch of places to see if they said anything. Either there is nothing here but supposedly announced something on discord. Then maybe here in the news section, or maybe at the announcements, or tech support, or maybe their twitter place or wherever... It would be nice if every announcement would be in one place only instead of us asking each other if somebody heard anything anywhere
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