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  1. That's all folks. The only answer you will ever get around here. And the only actual reply to your sugestions. I was asking also quite a number of time, why the male avi has hundreds of items less in poses, clothings, and why female dances are applied to the male avi also just to call it a day, while it's not exactly the free to play option when selecting the gender. Guess how many replies did I get? Yeah you guessed it. But "Hi!" Well I guess they are atleast alive and well Merry Christmas then. Oh a pose and clothing editor would solve the huge lack of con
  2. Tsela

    Build 428

    What is the explanation about the huge lack of clothing and customization options for male avi, over hundreds of items less everything counted. And when can that be expected to be greatly improved, because you are behind with probably years of content in that department, to be fair Yes Also dance moves because it hardly is enough to simply apply the female specific dances on male avis too and call it content.
  3. Oh come on. -After posting a video crashing the servers -after making the actual LOGO of the group a Shut Down button -After deliberately threatening one of teh devs with war It is simply a very classic case of blame shifting when you say stuff like, they are innocent, and the whole fault is on the side of the crappy servers.
  4. I am more inclined to think that this was a manual and deliberate ban. Simply because otherwise the same bot would have caught her other times also sharing the same link resulting in the same automatic action. So I think it was a deliberate ban. I mean yes indeed there are people trying to do something constructive through polls and promotion videos, but at the same time if everybody starts doing it, it can result in quite a number of unforseen consequences, where people will also share harmful links. So a general user will not be able to tell the difference. That's why they also made a rule a
  5. Well think of it this way. Even Olesya was banned and she only shared legit youtube links and her videos are actually promoting the game. It would be really silly if you or anybody is exempted from the rule even if you obviously have the best intentions. It's just not the place for that
  6. Well sharing and advertising external links, aside of the official sites directly related to the game regardless of your best intention is against the rules in my opinion, because if you can do it, others can too, with far worst intent, sharing questionable links whenever they would like, and advertise them directly on world chat. So just don't do it in the game, on world chat or wherever. Keep them on the forums and maybe discord. But it's a nice work. And I'm sure it's appreciated otherwise.
  7. Everybody knew what they did, all their friends, their entire collection of idiots on their discord chanel end even who weren't even affiliated with them. In case they missed somebody to brag about it to, they openly advertised their actions on their youtube channel. But Ex tries her best bullshitting around here saying... Ooooh people are innocent, they didn't know. They don't know it even now. Where is the proof! hahahahah Oh man... this is so funny. See? that's what a pathological liar actually is. Even if you rub it to her nose she will still continue with the bullshit. It's
  8. You are full of shit and you know it. You try to lie your ass off when the truth is very obvious. Good luck with that
  9. wow you are so full of shit. Even you knew, you pathological liar :)) Even when you decided to hang out with them on discord or fuck knows where. And ALL their friends knew. Hell even many of those who weren't their friends knew about it. They weren't exactly hiding it either. Hell they even posted a video crashing the server on their own youtube channel. You can't ever stop your bullshit, can you? :))
  10. if she would have, you would have said: "she didn't specify WHAT KIND of friends" You are well known anyway for grabbing every occasion to say something realy stupid, even if the message is quite clear. But nothing is clear for you since nobody specifically called you, kissed your ass presented all the proofs, explained everything word by word. Sorry to break it to you, you aren't important. The message was clear and you can bitch all you want about it, the fact doesn't change. Staying palls, hanging out, affiliating yourself with them , chatting around is not the same as staying awa
  11. Doesn't matter if it's someone's pm. It is their official stance. even if you cry a enough about it until snot is dripping out of your nose. Your excuses are weak and nobody will take you for a "fair trial" before banning your crybaby ass if you don't stay away and push your luck. You are simply catapulted and that is quite reasonable. This is not a courthouse. If you push it, you will be banned. If you don't stay away, kiss and hug and try to bitch about you being innocent, you can also be banned. And I'm very happy about that they took that stance. Looks like even warnings aren't
  12. Well you do what you do, but don't come here bitching about getting banned if you keep pushing your luck with your discord pals bullshit and apologist nonsense.
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