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  1. Well just to mention it I would also like to make poses aand such the way I want and I don't need any Lorna or anybody to make stuff few times a year based on their preference. And pose editor was also asked for and promised just like clothing editor is now. I would not be happy with any Lornas making a few chairs every 5 months either, and thankfully we have the world editor. Just to point that out. Another feature that was promised and never realised. So probably most people aren't happy with bread crumbs, and maybe a few lame cage poses will not make them jump out of their chair i
  2. Wrong. People aren't downvoting that thing to oblivion because "they don't like BDSM" It has NOTHING to do with it. scroll back on that page and check every other entry and the reactions to those. There are many things for all sort of taste and the reactions weren't that awful like it was now. So nope. It has nothing to do with disliking or liking BDSM. It's more of a reaction to this people asking: "oh... and THAT is the best you were able to come up with after all these months?" They are simply unimpressed and the reactions show that. Let's not pretend that people are haters h
  3. Yes. Fair enough. They want to do what's best for the platform, and also they opened the suggestions and development part of teh forum for us to discuss their decisions. and we are doing exactly that. I think it was a poor decision, personally I think there might be other priorities. And people voiced their opinion through a voting system and obviously here also. It's not like I'm offended by any of these new updates. I do think it's a quite underwhelming addition, which has not many uses for most people, and it's a very situational thing. And naturally these parts of the forums are
  4. not from a single standpoint, but from over 440 standpoints which constitutes the majority of people who viewed it, downvoting that post and yes I drew my conclusion based on that. But you keep talking :)) And allow me to add my personal opinion also. Yeah I'm part of the majority too and I find that joke dissapointing and not what I was hoping for either. Basically I also think it's crap.
  5. No. I'm drawing a conclusion based on the obvious reaction, and yes, the majority of users are dowwoting this joke to oblivion, if you haven't noticed. So Yes I'm drawing a conclusion and pointing out the reason behind it. It's gizmo who created the Suggestions section on the forums, and if the majority of the suggestions are only there to fill the garbage bag of the developers and this section doesn't affect development decisions, then probably there is no point of having a conversation on this subject. So it's quite natural that the majority of users reacted in the way they did,
  6. Edited my post before you replied, and yes that's exactly what I'm talking about also.
  7. Well people would have expected something more substantial or interesting... that overwhelming ammount of "poop" reactions under it shows exactly that... There are tons and tons of suggestions right here in teh Suggestions section which you personally created for people to share their suggestions. And if their ideas don't mean anything, naturally people get dissapointed. Because I'm quite certain some iddle cage poses weren't anywhere on a top list among the suggestions And that's only if we take sex poses. Because aside of sex what else people do around here? That's right. They
  8. He might allso pull a Gizmopunk 2077 again and after about 2 years we will still ask about this update :))
  9. Step 1: -subscribe to a game which has cumshots, gangbangs and bukakke on the front page Step2: -log in and be disturbed that someone *gasp* ....hugged you! (anyway, jokes aside, I think it would be cool. It's just additional social interaction option visually, although I'm not sure if I would make use of your proposed option of kicking women in the c*nt, or slap them in the face for attempting a hug, but maybe a "piss off" gesture would be useful)
  10. Your answer is much appreciated. I'm also among those who are criticizing at times the lack of communications and sometimes unfulfilled promises (might be a personal thing but I did love a working TV feature for example...) But when there is a communication with the playerbase, there is barely anything to complain about. I'm sure 90% of the people do understand everything, if you reach out to them. Keep up the good work and thank you for your response.
  11. That's all folks. The only answer you will ever get around here. And the only actual reply to your sugestions. I was asking also quite a number of time, why the male avi has hundreds of items less in poses, clothings, and why female dances are applied to the male avi also just to call it a day, while it's not exactly the free to play option when selecting the gender. Guess how many replies did I get? Yeah you guessed it. But "Hi!" Well I guess they are atleast alive and well Merry Christmas then. Oh a pose and clothing editor would solve the huge lack of con
  12. Tsela

    Build 428

    What is the explanation about the huge lack of clothing and customization options for male avi, over hundreds of items less everything counted. And when can that be expected to be greatly improved, because you are behind with probably years of content in that department, to be fair Yes Also dance moves because it hardly is enough to simply apply the female specific dances on male avis too and call it content.
  13. Oh come on. -After posting a video crashing the servers -after making the actual LOGO of the group a Shut Down button -After deliberately threatening one of teh devs with war It is simply a very classic case of blame shifting when you say stuff like, they are innocent, and the whole fault is on the side of the crappy servers.
  14. I am more inclined to think that this was a manual and deliberate ban. Simply because otherwise the same bot would have caught her other times also sharing the same link resulting in the same automatic action. So I think it was a deliberate ban. I mean yes indeed there are people trying to do something constructive through polls and promotion videos, but at the same time if everybody starts doing it, it can result in quite a number of unforseen consequences, where people will also share harmful links. So a general user will not be able to tell the difference. That's why they also made a rule a
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