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  1. well there might be full lesbian pretenders too... but the point is, that the developed content is one sided for the most part
  2. It's about self expression, same for male or female. I can tell you the same. If you are such a moron and the only thing you can think of is a masturbation pose. Females also don't need 20 more single poses. They have more than enough. they don't even need clothes, if we go by your logic. We only need them naked, right? So much for your silly "eye candy" logic. So allow me to talk about what we need and what we don't need, mkay? I know that I need just as many options in a subscription based game like the other gender. (Or the dudes who bounce around with their futa avis, and bowling ball boobs, maybe such as yourself)
  3. I absolutely agree with you that the same poses are not suitable for guys, of course, but there are male specific poses to be done then which are VERY few in number. Of course we are not asking for the exact same poses, but the one sided development is really dissapointing if I compare the vast ammount of differences in number of options depending what gender you are, or play as. It's not like the male avi is free to play but surely many times feels like that. Like a trial very much reduced version of teh game. And for premium package, with vastly more options, we should create a female avi? It's just unprofessional and unfair. Of course I am not asking for the female single poses. I'm asking for the male specific poses which don't exist, to fill that big void there. It makes no sense not to create and focus a bit more on the parts where one side is lacking the content they are paying for, while they add more and more on the side which has 5 times more already. Just in single poses. Not to talk about anything else. So probably the focus should be on MALE AVI for a while
  4. Yeah kind of feels like a scam at times, doesn't it
  5. Yes I did and paid more attention to it apparently. The single poses shown there are for women only again. The dance poses probably will be for both. I was talking about the single poses. Since it's not like women were lacking options how to sit on a darn chair, bed or sofa. But looks like when it comes to Lisa doing her job, she only knows one gender. Same goes for pretty much everything else. Thank god for the likes of Redji and others who at least make an effort in their spare time....
  6. Looks like @Lisa and co. returned to female only single poses in the latest patches. I gotta remind them again that the subscribers are of both genders
  7. HAHA :)) At first I thought that the existence of the pose itself is a joke. I couldn't find it. I didn't notice the "sports" tab. But yeah maybe just as a social fun thing, it could be filled with some actual poses, like working out, push ups, yoga poses, so on
  8. Yeah we sometimes complain about "everything" Well... more like features that the devs themselves promised and talk is cheap. to name a few: Pose Editor, hair customization options, working TV which was promised years back to work again after being taken down temporarily, space sky box for the builder, clouds sky box for the builder, the list goes on. The most active lately were people like @Manyasha and @Redji and others like them who did a wonderful job contributing with their creations, in any way they could, while the devs were sitting on their butt. No we didn't get any actual update for a long time.
  9. Oh absolutely. It's a very rare thing indeed, and there are other cases too where there a different set of chromosomes are present in an individual, like XXY, XYY or any sort of combination. It really happens rarely. And no, I don't know a person like that but I do know that it can happen. Naturally, we can talk about them as special cases as this isn't generally the case at the majority of people, it's not that we can speak about a community of intersex people here as the third gender. Genetic mutations also can make people have 3 legs, more toes, and so on. But saying, that people have 5 toes, is certainly not a discrimination against those ultra rare cases where some people have more on one leg.
  10. Well having a cock basically means you are a male. I don't agree with him on many things but cock means male. not female. Maybe some love to nurture these modern ideas about a guy having a dick is a female, but not everybody has to be part of that game, you like to have fantasies of. Especially since it has nothing to do with reality, only for calling him a "she" that doesn't change a damn thing. And in this game there is a magic cock option for females. There is no trans girl here. There is just a dick/strapon option, but there are only 2 genders. Male and female. Look at it when you create a character. what does it say? There is a trans? NO. So let's stop this stupid debate already always coming in with your silly ideas about your personal views. There are no dick girls. There are no turtle birds. But in a videogame you can have wings and fight against dragons whatever. stop taking it personal if someone doesn't like your dragons. It's not everybody's thing
  11. Nobody will freak out, jack. Who pays for the subscription, gift card or whatnot is completely irrelevant. Also even 3dx staff doesn't know who pays for it, or who's card is that. The transactions are managed through BMT Micro. So it makes absolutely no difference who buys it. That's why for example you have to pay attention to the email address when you renew your subscription because if you make a mistake, you create a new account. So don't worry about that. Help out your friend if you want, as far as 3dxchat is concerned they simply accept your transaction, whoever it comes from
  12. Well I don't think we should come up with excuses in their stead, if the devs themselves are never coming out and actually talk about the development status of any feature. Otherwise we can come up with any number of probable issues using blind guesses. You asked a question with this post.You did well. These are questions asked by many of us. It would be nice if they would give some answers, or some development status somewhere. You shouldn't do the favor for them, answering your own questions with guessings
  13. thank you. nice tutorial. I need this and the body mesh from somewhere? For example from the body mesh in that file they shared for tatoos? and I have all I need to start figuring this out? I only experimented with DAZ so far.
  14. can someone guide me through how could one start practicing and creating some of these said poses...? If the pose editor in game is never coming, can you tell me what can I use here to experiment creating something similar for my own personal projects? If it would be accepted or not afterwards is a whole other matter, but still I would like to give it a try. What would I need for this? PS once again thank you all for your incredible work. I can only have high praises for the last patch
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