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  1. I have mine but that's because I have enough accumulated xgold, but I certainly will not buy Xgold to just rent a color for a while.
  2. I mean I don't mind their price but making it a monthly fee to "rent" the color, and logo, and whatever, is too much
  3. Well we saved enough on drinks over the years since the beer became free
  4. I dunno. But my guess is that this game isn't actually implementing "trans" in it's real world sense. They added Futa, which was present in hentai and games more of a female character which can also grow a dick, for the kink and because people were asking for it. Most porn games implemented it. So It was just a chick with a dick option, not actually "trans" as an option in this game, or most games generally. there are just two genders when we create a characters: male and female.
  5. It's the same for everyone who tested it, and for both genders. the bottle just sticks to your thumb and your hand simply remains in the position it was before you grabbed the beer bottle.
  6. oh lucky you yeah I heard there were some smart deals there with complete system only. Well the power supply and the rest sucked on most of them but people bought those for the GPU. Companies got rid of power supplies nobody bought separately, and other things like that :)) Well I didn't catch any deal like that. And these cost an arm and a leg. Well maybe only a leg. my arm is super expensive. I use it ever day... (hmmm that might sound a bit awkward)
  7. And by the way, offtopic. Who did you kill for that 3090? :))
  8. that might be also the case. We don't really know what he uses... Maybe i7-8750H ? Not sure. But when it comes to dedicated GPU 100% is a good thing, especially if you don't limit your framerates, the GPU optimally should work at 100% pushing out as many FPS as it possibly can. It's pretty much it's job unless it's locked to a certain FPS, Vsync is limiting it often, it's bottlenecked by your CPU, thermal throttling, or the game simply doesn't work the GPU at it's full potential. So 100% GPU load is normal, and preferable in the right conditions, when you simply want to push out as many frames as the GPU can push. well my setup I use for 3dxchat is way older and still does the job. I'm still using my FX 8350 and a GTX970 at home. GPU load maxes out of course in any game as long as it's not limited by anything, the CPU load however in 3dxchat is normally around 30-35% or less. It fluctuates when you load a room, until everyone is loaded, then drops back again.
  9. Probably it's not the end of the world for most people but since this bug persists for quite a while now, it needs to be reported regardless. Holding a beer bottle for both genders doesn't work as it did, we are not grabbing it anymore it simply sticks to the thumb of an opened hand instead of holding it. Again it's bugged for both genders since the last patch
  10. maybe you have some sort of crypto jack malware. I used to experiment with those. They usually hog up a few cores instead of all of them, but depending on the game you have performance hit. Those are usually programmed to hide themselves, by suspending the process, when you open your task manager so you can't spot them. Open your task manager and keep it open, while the game is running and see if your CPU usage improves. If it does, you might wanna scan properly with an offline scanner in safe mode. Limiting the FPS doesn't do anything to CPU usage, that is GPU related. And sure you may limit that to avoid extra hard work and heat from the GPU. But it doesn't do anything for CPU usage And yes you are right, this game isn't normally CPU heavy, I can side load other games also while 3dxchat is running with little performance impact.
  11. ok next time I accidentally call USA "USSR" probably people will laugh a bit also. But then again I'm not a professional news reporter, am I? BBC claims to be :))
  12. people are idiots anyway. Opinions are based on some mainstream media bullshit. Makes you want to throw up how easy is to manipulate all these morons to argue. This was actually reported by BBC! :)) they don't even try anymore to make the bullshit sound legit. Tarkov is a fictional city in a VIDEOGAME lol. Anyway people should mind their own business. we are a community centered around a game environment, social interactions over the internet, friendship and sex. Keep your political, ideological, gender identity bullshit opinions to yourselves. And agitators should sit a while on the bench smelling the flowers after a ban. So yeah rules should be enforced against the toxic morons.
  13. Yeah well people will be idiots and start these opiniated arguments on WC anyway depending what's the current trend to argue about. There were the Trump fan and haters screaming their lungs out before, later the antivax and vaccine supporters, of course how can we forget the complete bullshit BLM advocates bringing their own retard arguments on WC.... not to mention LBGTQPHJEKHJHGDD alphabet people... we saw everything. I completely agree that all these agitated losers should be banned now and then until they cool down.
  14. Well probably nobody likes steam because it's their favorite store but it's accessible since it has a huge population and game companies are able to advertise the game towards a really big playerbase there. Now when it comes to percentages, it depends on the company if they are alright with it or not. But baby steps were made by others also. Istripper appeared on Steam too, being kicked out of the steam store some time later because they made their sales through their own app bypassing steam and just using steam to become available for a biger audience through their store. It's like you open your stand in the mall, you agree upon percentages, then you sell stuff under the table to people to bypass the agreements :)) So it realy depends on the business model and if they want to do it or not But I'm not sure this game even can handle a biger audience as it is. The servers sometimes struggle even with the current amount of people. Things need to change quite a bit for this to go big.
  15. I swear if someone doesn't bring that up I wouldn't have even known that the print even exists. Well whatever Cheers
  16. Good Lord... well I can't argue taste, what can I say...
  17. maybe your GPU is thermal throttling, they added more limits to the section where you can limit the max FPS at 30, 60, 75, 120. Try setting that lower, see if it helps.
  18. look someone wakes up to do some language policing. How about start answering real concerns people have on the forums instead of silence treatment when it comes to actual questions, not some dude speaking Italian.
  19. probably. This accessory is easy to apply to anything, regardless of being a male avi, female avi... hmmm maybe even as a builder object... :))
  20. fair point. Well in fact the same way I can see tons of topics about female clothing. But yeah if you talk about this thread and multi posting, you got a point. EDIT: I didn't see his first post on this same thread saying the same thing.
  21. He has a point, you know. And he's pointing out the obvious fact. So maybe you shouldn't call it "whining" from the position where you can make use of hundreds more of customization options in an online game. You can talk about stuff you need, and he talks about stuff he needs. And I do agree with his point. The Male clothes options are trash level and has been for years. and it's perfectly reasonable to bring that up over and over again. I'm not talking you down if you need something, I don't see why would you talk him down about what he needs. Sounds stupid to say: "You need stuff? Fuck off, stop whining, go get creative with the amount of stuff you have, change your hairstyle or something. Fuck you" I saw also lesbian poses being called out and I agree with those females also. Straight poses applied to FF 90% isn't a lesbian pose. I saw suggestions over and over again for stuff to be added to world editor. Is that whining also? It's the suggestions part of the forums. That's what people do. I see 10 times the amount of "needs" spammed all over the place about female clothing and stuff. Quite often by the same people over and over again. But once a guy brings up his issues, suddenly counts as whining.
  22. Well Lisa doesn't seem to be interested in any sort of male content. She only adds things that probably she loves to wear or use. Recent discord posts are also about female updates, to have even better shaders for stockings, jewlery, even tails. Everything is always more urgent than male clothing, poses, dances, or anything that has to do with male avi. Most likely any suggestions here make no sense. I never saw a single reply from any devs about male clothes. Ever. Not once. They are aware, just they are lacking professionalism, and most likely add stuff that turns them on. Suggestions are a waste of time most probably. 99% if we get anything at all it's something they made for the female avi, and applied to male also. Like those female dances. Regardless if it looks stupid or not. But most of the time, just forget it. Contents updates are for female exclusively. They should advertise that on the main page though. There is a serious miscommunication in development, and same goes for Lesbian poses, and girls are right. The devs seem to think that futa poses are lesbian content. Well they aren't. But it's not like they actually listened to them
  23. You are asking for male updates from these developers?? BLASPHEMY!!!
  24. well in any case. Until then we can share some ways to work around it. I was experimenting with a few measures like for example placing the invisible light in the builder inside a wall or another object, so it isn't captured by my screen space on it's own, and applied on the surface of the window. Objects don't have light collision for the invisible light so it shines right through. But the object itself isn't reflected. Sometimes I masked blinking light effects too from a certain camera position
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