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  1. Anyone who looks only at the past is blind in one eye But he who forgets the past is blind in two eyes And I believe that images and symbols of history on Earth should NOT be removed or hidden Nowhere and not even in 3DXChat ! Quiconque ne regarde que le passé est aveugle d'un œil Mais celui qui oublie le passé est aveugle des deux yeux Et je crois que les images et les symboles de l'histoire sur Terre ne doivent PAS être supprimés ou cachés Nulle part et même pas dans 3DXChat ! Cualquiera que mira solo al pasado es ciego de un ojo Pero el que olvida el pasado es ciego de dos ojos Y creo que las imágenes y los símbolos de la historia en la Tierra NO deben ser eliminados ni escondidos. ¡En ninguna parte y ni siquiera en 3DXChat!
  2. Yes I noticed it too and I find it annoying and think it's a bug and hopefully will be fixed soon. When arriving at a location and starting to walk avatar first starts with a run and I have to click quickly to continue walking in WALK mode. This repeats quite often during further walking while, to my chagrin, I restore the walk option several times. It's definitely not a mistake on my part as I only use RUN mode very rarely! Normally clicking once to a destination point is good for a mode in WALK and clicking twice quickly gives the mode RUN. I always leave the choice for moving forward in the WALK position, but sometimes I get an unwanted running movement. This is the first time since this last week and has never happened before.
  3. @LovelyxDroom: Ik weet het niet heel zeker maar volgens mijn kun je kopen (huren) voor 1 maand en 6 maanden en 12 maanden, ja en ik dacht dat je voor 30.000 Goud een abonnement voor 12 maanden krijgt voor je naam in kleur. Dan is er waarschijnlijk toch iets fout gegaan en kan je het beste via mail dit voorleggen aan staflid Eva (Let op dat ben ik NIET, het is een andere Eva!) en haar email is: 3dxhelp.eva@gmail.com en meestal krijg je dan een reactie binnen 24 uur òf het wordt zonder bericht aan jou vanzelf hersteld en dat zie je dan wel aan je naam. Ik hoop dat je wel nog je nota van 3DX-betaling hebt bewaard in je eigen mail want daar staat een persoonsnummer en dat willen ze weten, evenals je nick-name dus: LovelyxDroom.
  4. I will ask 3DX-Support to reset my avatar but hope that my saved XGold points will not be lost !
  5. I do experience same problem, yes
  6. Yes I also have the same problem after the update to 2.9 and can't log in anymore. Then 3DXChat completely removed including everything from the registry. Then downloaded again and tried to install from the download folder but so strange My Norton security and also Windows Defender mention that it is unsafe and contains a virus. After I forced the installation to continue I get the same problem as mentioned above. Login fails and connect to 3DXChat server gets stuck for infinite time of waiting.
  7. Yes that is also a way to chat in other people's language and switching between 3DX and Google Translate is done very quickly by clicking the key with Windows logo and the desktop with shortcut keys temporarily comes into view. But sometimes I play in the test version of 3DXChat Beta version 2.9 and it doesn't work there anymore and when I press the Windows logo key, 3DX game remains in full screen and I can no longer open Google Translate via keyboard shortcut on desktop.
  8. Is this happening for the first time? Did it work before without any problems? Maybe you have an older computer or laptop with a slow processor and it takes longer to load data, but if longer than a few minutes it is a system error from your download. If you are using the Beta version, it is also possible that there is a delay.
  9. It has happened to me as a woman several times and it confuses me because it cannot be corrected immediately. When added as a Partner to also have sex, there is a pose as a woman with a man and the choice of various positions. It sometimes happens to me that I suddenly unintentionally become a woman with a penis and that is not real and I do not want to. But on the right side of the options there is NO choice with the indication 'Penis off' and I am forced to end the sex and start again. But the partner often does not understand this and stops the contact and disappears from the chat. Usually it is the partner who clicks the wrong choice for switching a pose (ignorantly) and I now know that the leftmost row of poses is reserved for Transgenders and Futas. In sexactions between women and men there should be a CLEAR difference between the choice of different positions, for example with a difference in color, or else on the right side a direct possibility to activate 'Penis OFF'. Maybe others have experienced this too? Mir als Frau ist es schon öfter passiert und es verwirrt mich, weil es nicht sofort korrigiert werden kann. Wenn man als Partner auch Sex haben will, gibt es eine Pose als Frau mit einem Mann und die Wahl aus verschiedenen Stellungen. Es passiert mir manchmal, dass ich plötzlich ungewollt eine Frau mit einem Penis werde und das ist nicht echt und ich will es auch nicht. Aber auf der rechten Seite der Optionen gibt es KEINE Wahl mit der Angabe „Penis aus“ und ich bin gezwungen, den Sex zu beenden und neu zu beginnen. Aber der Partner versteht das oft nicht und bricht den Kontakt ab und verschwindet aus dem Chat. Normalerweise ist es der Partner, der (unwissentlich) auf die falsche Wahl klickt, um eine Pose zu wechseln, und ich weiß jetzt, dass die Posenreihe ganz links für Transgender und Futas reserviert ist. Bei Sexaktionen zwischen Frauen und Männern sollte es einen DEUTLICHEN Unterschied zwischen der Wahl verschiedener Positionen geben, zB durch einen Farbunterschied, oder aber auf der rechten Seite eine direkte Möglichkeit, 'Penis AUS' zu aktivieren. Vielleicht haben andere diese Erfahrung auch gemacht? Me ha pasado antes como mujer y me confunde porque no se puede corregir inmediatamente. Si también quieres tener sexo en pareja, existe una pose de mujer con un hombre y la elección de diferentes posiciones. A veces me pasa que de repente sin querer me convierto en una mujer con pene y no es real y tampoco lo quiero. Pero en el lado derecho de las opciones, NO hay opción para decir "pene apagado" y me veo obligado a terminar el sexo y comenzar de nuevo. Pero el socio a menudo no entiende esto y interrumpe el contacto y desaparece del chat. Por lo general, es el compañero quien (sin saberlo) hace clic en la opción incorrecta para cambiar de pose, y ahora sé que la fila de poses más a la izquierda está reservada para transexuales y futas. En las acciones sexuales entre mujeres y hombres debe haber una diferencia DISTINTA entre elegir diferentes posiciones, por ejemplo una diferencia de color, o una posibilidad directa de activar 'Penis OFF' en el lado derecho. ¿Quizás otros también han tenido esta experiencia?
  10. Anyway I haven't been because my name is Eva and I don't have a Discord account. I'm afraid you were not logged into the original Discord site but a fake scammers site. It is not common on original sites to ask to pay with cryptocurrency! I advise you to change the password of your Bank account as soon as possible and immediately!
  11. I love your wolf face and your eyes hypnotize me and weaken my resistance so I surrender and let everything happen in my vulnerabilitylammetje.jpg.a48078a72b7730562485982ec8d2393a.jpg

  12. Yes that's true SweetyLara but your sample pose can only be against a wall or in woods against a tree. However, the male avatars can also masturbate freestanding, detached from a wall and without a 3some pose.
  13. Yes that should also be created for women and looking at screenshot I think it is already possible for female avatars with cock (futa transgenders)
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