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  1. Unfortunately it's an out there idea but your point with with members of the community making the room and hosting is a good point
  2. Not good with translations so i guess we'll need to rely on google XD
  3. Guess it would depend on the system used for 3dx, for different languages for the UI as an example... but this would depend mostly on players communicating mostly i think :S
  4. I had an idea for new players of 3DX, to welcome them easier to the world of 3DX. Most experience being lost for the first few days, playing - not understanding what to do and don't understand the certain rules of the more experienced players. (colding for example) My idea is A welcome room, where new players can spawn into or a "key" Default room they can go to where they can talk, hang around and learn, meet new players or even experienced players, who can hang around there if they want to help new players answer questions. I feel this will help most, as many experienced walking around at the beginning too nervous about certain ways to approach people or mingle. And don't need to feel worried about offending people if shown the way we do things in the world of 3DX. Creating this room may take time for the devs but can be left for the community. We can even make a competition for builders to make a welcome room for the newcomers and the prize for it to be made as an default room. I personally feel this would help and welcome the newer players to the world of 3DX better and easier.
  5. Miiya

    Sloppy cock!!!

    I think you meant Floppy <3,,, sloppy works for some too XD
  6. Its January... NOTHING! to do ... I'M BORED!!!! No Edits
  7. Felt like adding another... The summer day ending but still HOT and lovely :3 No Edits!
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