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  1. Yes something might have changed, however it is pretty standard for your computer to run up to anything around 70'C when playing games. I strongly advise that you check your vents and clean them as you have been playing with your laptop on your "belly". You really should never play anything gaming with your laptop not on a hard surface. The primary intake vents for your laptop will be on the underside and you are blocking a large portion of your laptops ability to cool the cpu and gpu. Best of Luck β™‘
  2. Who's this stranger? Hey you. x

  3. Heyyo, new follower ^^

  4. More physics would be nice, but I agree a slider would be nice for physics intensity. As with the example gifs on show the physics are too much for my liking. We are not made of jelly Some areas like tummy and hips really should not wobble. Personally if your going to do it, I'd suggest only having physics on the 2 areas of the female avatar. Abbey β™‘
  5. The big pixels squares falling cumshot made me laugh, it is so out of place in the game. There is something terribly wrong with quality control. If you zoom in and watch the animation you can actually see the giant square paintbrush that was used to create this animation.
  6. Why do people feel the need to continually generate threads which will only do one thing, draw the usual drama. Abbey β™‘
  7. Abbey

    Mood music

  8. It was a great evening thank you both for your efforts β™‘
  9. It was a culmination of many brilliant artists all coming together to give us an amazing and enjoyable evening. Thank you for all your efforts. I look forward to the next event Abbey β™‘
  10. Abbey

    An apology

    An apology that never comes but instead insults to community reading this post. Good one αƒš(Β΄Ϊ‘`αƒš) all you are achieveing with this post is to make your situation worse. Sincerely Abbey β™‘
  11. Special Characters in profile do not work, they all appear as randomn symbols.
  12. Aliviax rarely has one posters comments compelled me to respond on principle. As others have said changing one word because of a previous thread you created and the communities response, will not disguise or fool people into believing your giving away creations. You might give some away in your catelogue, but you clearly are charging people real world money for others. On other sites that deal with mods and community created content, you would be outright banned by the admin for your underhanded deceptive misuse of the word 'donate'. Donation Definition: A donation is a voluntary gift of charity. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods. Pay Definition: To give money in exchange for goods or services. Available via donation on my blog = Translated "Only available to those that pay money" So tell us how is this villa a giveaway as your thread title implies? Be honest and stop using the word "Donation" because what your saying is a bold outright lie. Abbey β™‘
  13. Abbey

    Sloppy cock!!!

    Maybe Nixxx wants a sloppy cock option too for after play β—•β€Ώβ†Ό
  14. Looking forward to it, location and the music will be amazing. Abbey β™‘
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