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  1. Thank you I discovered for me it's if I use leg slider at 50% or higher. Thank you I didn't try leg slider before, I assumed it was hips or bum that would affect it lol
  2. A new bug exists with the Dress below if you use "Idle Pose 3" A constant blinking black clip triangle rendering the dress only useable if you dye it black to hide it. Changing body shape sliders, removing any underwear does not make this go away. Please fix.
  3. There are merits to both sides of this topic and I can see why views are separated. However this is a discussion, there is no need for personal attacks & insults. Escalating it to personal attacks. Does nothing but show everyone on the forum the height and shallow depth of your own I.Q. It's easy to insult, it takes intelligence to form a cohesive counterpoint and actually bring something to the table.
  4. The problem is when it is down, it is down for an unacceptablly long time. I have never seen an online game go offline for such lengths of time, and does not even know the server is down to respond to it's subscribers until hours, days later. Abbey x
  5. I have all notifications for World Chat turned off and totally blank it from existence. I will say this however I'd prefer it not to be disabled. At the moment it keeps the trolls all in one place and out of local chats in public rooms. World chat is actually doing us a favor so don't poke the bear to get change, that could in fact make it worse than it already is. Abbey β™‘
  6. Haha you are hilarious Achat salesman of the year award goes to...
  7. Yes something might have changed, however it is pretty standard for your computer to run up to anything around 70'C when playing games. I strongly advise that you check your vents and clean them as you have been playing with your laptop on your "belly". You really should never play anything gaming with your laptop not on a hard surface. The primary intake vents for your laptop will be on the underside and you are blocking a large portion of your laptops ability to cool the cpu and gpu. Best of Luck β™‘
  8. Who's this stranger? Hey you. x

  9. Heyyo, new follower ^^

  10. αƒš(Β΄Ϊ‘`αƒš) nom nom x

    1. Abbey


      Every now and again I need a nibble x

    2. Nikki


      nibble nibble :D

  11. More physics would be nice, but I agree a slider would be nice for physics intensity. As with the example gifs on show the physics are too much for my liking. We are not made of jelly Some areas like tummy and hips really should not wobble. Personally if your going to do it, I'd suggest only having physics on the 2 areas of the female avatar. Abbey β™‘
  12. The big pixels squares falling cumshot made me laugh, it is so out of place in the game. There is something terribly wrong with quality control. If you zoom in and watch the animation you can actually see the giant square paintbrush that was used to create this animation.
  13. Why do people feel the need to continually generate threads which will only do one thing, draw the usual drama. Abbey β™‘
  14. β€œWe delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

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