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  1. @Gizmo & @Lisa and all the community of 3DXCHAT. ( Sorry for my basic english ) I have been registered with 3DXCHAT since August 6, 2019. I play with a male avatar and I regret that little work has been done since my arrival on 3DXCHAT. 7 clothes for men and 30 for women. if we remove the police and Santa Claus outfits, we only have 5 outfits that have been updated for almost 2 years. My question is for the developers of the game: Why so few updates of men's clothing? Are we less deserving? Do you encourage us to create a female avatar? A second question of an other subject: Are you going to modify the male avatar one day so that it is no longer permanently hard? (the penis) I'm not the only one to complain about this. You can't for example sunbathe in nudity without having your penis upright. Lot of others hobbies you can't do like this, it's very disturbing.... My questions are simple and legitimate because we are on a paid game. Thank you very much so you are just like me sensitive to this. PS: I put a photo of the clothes updates since my arrival on 3DXCHAT on August 6, 2019
  2. I Know that but sometimes, in the login, you can't connect to server... there is no queue
  3. hello .... i have a question regarding the end date for the challenge. As there are a lot of crashes, often we can't build, like right now 1.40pm CET, impossible to connect to the server and many builders who connect during crash problems will waste a lot of time ... .
  4. A complete construction made by a single person is noticed in the whole room because there is a homogeneous whole. A downloaded object gives a less harmonious and coherent result in the whole room. there are also the different construction methods which are specific to each one so with objects downloaded from different constructor authors, this will be seen because the methods, assemblies will be different and the styles too .. A room built by a single constructor is unique and this is noticeable
  5. I think it's the better way to juge a complete build. It's the same if you look pictures of an object or a location but it's realy better an objective to se it in real.. 2D is not 3D : ))
  6. hello. The best thing to do is that the builder of the room open it to be juged in immersive.. screens or videos are not enough because you can hide some parts of the room... The best way is to open the room and be juged in real immersive visit
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