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  1. Fine, this is my last post then. I did not say that I felt offended, this isn't about me. I also think you are the one dodging my arguments since the very beginning trying to put this on an emotional and moral level when, in the end, you just complain about people that can't do to each other what you claim they are doing and just complain about not having the perfect world that would suit you. I'm fine with that, have a nice day.
  2. People fantasizing about rape are not rapists actually. And that does not make them animals. You are being offensive acting that way, disminishing people for what they think. No one here ever said that anyone asked for anything, my point is only that you should not drink if you put yourself in situations where you get hurt by others when you do. You guys are completely off your own topic. I can see where this is going. Before next page, I'll be the one that defends rape I suppose.
  3. I am only talking about you making the choice of drinking and then coming on 3dxChat and hurt yourself because people in here can fantasize about rape. Also, you can't rape anyone on 3dxChat. First, because we are not physically present, second, because you can't force anyone to do anything in game. From my point of view, it is just you complaining about people doing things you don't want them to do. Edit : You don't have to define who's a human being or not, thanks. Some people have dark fetishes, and they properly obtain satisfaction without anyone getting hurt. Having you claiming they are animals is very "against the rules".
  4. People are free to do what they want here, they are not responsible for you putting yourself in a state where you can make mistakes and come on 3dxChat to get offended at things you know are there. Sorry, but not sorry.
  5. Perhaps you are more into descriptive actions than long, dense roleplay then. But again, everyone has its own standards. We are nearly off topic here.
  6. Elenn


    I'm back from a long absence and I do share the feeling.
  7. Some like it though. Careful. Find your own way and see how your partners feel like about these.
  8. Playing with good/better people is the only way.
  9. It always pains us to realize we are just silent masses.
  10. Hello from beyond. A random ghost here : Keep faith roleplayers of all kinds. One day, we will prevail.
  11. Happy new year ! β™₯ (Late, as usual.)
  12. Well, there is simple roleplay : You create a situation/scenario There is descriptive : You put your actions into words. The more the better. And some people do descriptive roleplay indeed. Which is the two combined. That's what i like the most. I'd like to add that those ones often play a character when interacting with their avatars. Which makes it the classic MMO / MMORPG kind of roleplay. That explains the confusion between players who come from online games and the ones who don't.
  13. Elenn

    The Quiet Temple

    Weird glitch made me post twice.
  14. Elenn

    The Quiet Temple

    Hello hello ! So, this is the usual time i open the Quiet Temple (okay, i'm usually about 5 to 10 minutes late, but still.) I come this time to announce that i will be taking a longer break than anticipated. I shall explain : As often, when i plan ahead and start thinking that i will get more free time than usual, fate decides to make it the opposite. I've been sick two weeks ago, had to work much more for the last one and right now i must admit that i still need a lot of time for myself and people around me. Now, i wanted to send all of you private messages but i am just afraid to forget someone, so i won't. I hold you all very close to my heart and miss you dearly. Sadly, i got free time by series of one, or two hours (which is much less than i need to have long and quality time with any of you.) So i prefer to focus on my RL things for now. I will be back around mid january or early february. I apologize for the ones i was supposed to spend time with. It won't happen very soon. I really need to focus on important things and get my head clear for now. I will be back. I love you all. Not only my closest friends or the QT people but the community as a whole. I've met very nice people of all sorts, i'm certainly not leaving any of you. I'll be back ! Kisses. Elenn.
  15. Elenn

    The Quiet Temple

    Hello dear everyone ! As some of you know quite well, i have been away for about nearly two weeks. First one was because i got infected by some bacteria and i had a lot of fever. I couldn't come online without a serious headache. As i couldn't work either, i had to get twice the amount of work done this week to catch up - since deadlines don't care about my shaky health - and i probably won't be done until next monday. I deeply apologize for my absence and the lack of activity on my side. The Temple won't open Saturday but i strongly encourage all of you to meet or have fun. Don't wait for my - inevitable - return ! I miss you all and i hope you are doing well. Kisses to everyone ! (Especially you.) Elenn. PS : I will answer to all of your messages and get my attention back on the different businesses i had with people very shortly !
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