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  1. This is related to a recent issue with Kaspersky. There is a temporary workaround, see here:
  2. Temporary solution: It's possible to solve the issue temporary with a "trusted application" entry. Be sure to tick the "do not scan all traffic" box. The screens are slightly outdated in terms of design, but the process is still the same. Sadly, since I lack of an English interface, I had to grab them from Kaspersky. However, it's a confirmed workaround until the issue is officially resolved. If needed, you can also add the "Patcher.exe" or, in case of a fresh install, the "3DXChatSetup4xx.exe".
  3. The next naughty adventure ~

  4. Awesome post! I may take the one or other chance to add something to the artwork of course!
  5. Hey Darren (and everyone else), we're deffinitely doing our best to hype and support the RP in 3Dx. Even though the 3Dx devs are aweful slow I'm sure they're doing there best too! I agree that this silly VR is merely a marketing thing since hardly anyone will use it and they should rather focus on their playing and paying customers. It's how it is though and will be done soon anyway. I bet the flow of updates will be way better now that those huge changes with the engine and VR/Gamepad are done. However, no matter how much support we or anyone else might give, the first and most important step into the world of RP has to be done by oneself. Just give it a try! All the best and some awesome fun, Nevah
  6. A very nice idea Innalesta, I'm in. Nevah Ueda Name: Nevah Ueda Setting: - Species: Quantum entity Born: not applicable Age: 22 *apparently True name and shape: a secret known by friends Appearance: Natural hair color: Cotton Candy Eyes color: Maya Blue Body: toned Personality: Nevah is usually a friendly and caring person. She's tough, wild and strict, lovely to friends and family, a nemesis to those who offend her, insatiable and occasionally mean. Timezone: CET / GMT +2 More Info: 3DxProfile, KinkHub, f-list All the best fun and lots of awesome RP, Nevah
  7. Hey there all you awesome 3Dx folks! Thanks to all those who already support our Fetish / RP community and a very welcome to those who wanna give it a try. With joined forces of Proxius and me we are likely to offer a neat platform for all those who seek, want to be found and even those who didn't know they miss out something yet! I'll do my very best to help our little cold blood, can't wait to see us growing and look forward to an exciting time with all the crazy, funny and lovely players out there! Enjoy yourselves and hopefully see you soon, Nevah #KinkHub Administrator
  8. I don't really think there is much difference between being descriptive and roleplay. You're not physically there, all you can do is to describe actions and guess what a possible reaction could be, describing it as well. That's already roleplay, even if you just 'play' your own self. You can add fantasy, sci-fy, a different background story, change your hair color ... or nothing at all. What you're doing remains the same. Two or more people use nothing but the written word to create an exciting experience. A story, set up by more than just one mind. I'd be a rather extreme example of course, packed with everything from sci-fy to fantasy. And still I meet a lot of people who're completely casual, vanilla if you like. The photographer who never did anything but to use his 'job' to hook up nice girls ... Let's meet him, maybe to ask him to take some pictures from my newly collared girl. He wouldn't know, or expect anything unusual to happen, all he does is his thing, describing how he takes the first shots. I could just keep things there, have a regular encounter, never mentioning anything unnatural. But that wouldn't be me, right? So I'll do something unexpected, something this photographer has never seen before ... He may be surprised, shocked, maybe even scared ... but also excited, intrigued ... and then I'll give him something he'll seriously never forget. Was he real? His job? His hair color? Who cares? It's been a fascinating evening, three people sharing about 5 hours packed with wonderful, exciting descriptive play. That's what I am here for.
  9. Hey there, I'm one of those who not only prefer, but exclusively do RP ingame. From my own experience I can approve that roleplayers became rare. A lot of those who did in the past are gone and most of the new players don't care about. The number of people in 'no chat' rooms is increasing and RP rooms are rare to see nowadays. It's a little sad and some friends and me thought about doing something about it, unfortunately we didn't manage to gather enough time. I just can encourage everyone to try! Roleplay can be incredible exciting and no silly animation can ever replace a well written descriptive text. Of course we're all different and not everyone is able to express things like this, or even likes to read huge text blocks. Still, after all I've seen in the last two years I'd say immersive roleplay is by far more rewarding than anything. And it doesn't matter if you RP yourself or someone completely else. I've never been much into ERP scenarios, for me it's the progressive character design, decisions and regarding consequences that make the fun. But that doesn't mean those two things can't be combined. One serious roleplayer and one who joins the game for a single evening can still be a lot of fun. And even I do ERP, just inside of my character, which actually means I do RP within RP. No matter if you're the silent pose-hopper or the RP geek, I wish you all lots of fun in our crazy little world! Best, Nevah
  10. Nevah

    The Quiet Temple

    Makes us very sad to read, Elenn. Very ... very sad ... I hope you'll get at least a bit of peace.
  11. Nevah

    The Quiet Temple

    You have so much of them in front, Kate. We're not going anywhere and you're welcome to visit us for another thousand times at least! Know that we're working hard to make our meetings even better!
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