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  1. 3DX Needs Medior or Senior developers already.. Don't you think we had enough semi-Junior skill developers? Everybody complains and goes nuts lol.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAryFIuRxmQ
  3. How about this? With the recent update Defender detects some game files as trojan. Even tho when exclude Defender for some directories (such as 3DX folder, desktop etc), after the first launch Defender immediately deletes those files again and won't let the game run. I can run the game only if I completely disable Defender for any actions.. And of course I will not do that. Congratz @gizmo good job once again mate lol.
  4. Hello there KYUSS! Glad to see you enjoyed your time in our club. You can always reach to our radio station here and see the recent track and the playlist history. http://www.kinkstersinc.us/kinksters-radio/
  5. It's usually 24/7 on. Anytime you wish you can visit. It's Kinksters Inc. BDSM Church 2.0
  6. These are very basic coding stuffs.. It's really shame that development is slower than a turtle speed in this game. No if you have no time to deal with these basic stuffs even you can always go to www.freelancer.com and get a fucking junior developer who would code so many things for the source for like 500-1000 usd and it will be ready in one week. I just feel that somebody doesn't want to think about the things will make players life easier and lower the risks. These guys can always do more than just buying and importing ready designed rooms and properties from Unity 3D store I believe they can. I did rebuilt my room but meanwhile I've been cursing a lot to.... uhmm whoever takes the concern I mean nobody can blame it on me as it was my mistake because I did not wait for 30 minutes for the room to load. When I have super stabile fiber connection....
  7. Everybody are talking about there are mods/hacks about exporting the room layouts but there is nothing I could find in this forum about it. Is there really any solid material? If yes please share the link because there are dozen of people need this mod already. Thank you.
  8. True that. I'm not the only one today I hear. But still this is not our problem. They should allow us to import/export just in case.
  9. Too late Rob. I already did teleported to other places I've waited for the load but it did not come back so when I left it considered as a NEW SAVE as it is blank. Still I did not re-lunch to the game but I don't think it's there anymore.
  10. It's too late I've waited enough for the properties to load back but it didn't came back.. And It's not my internet speeds fault I have 100mbps up and downstream stable connection. It's server's latency issue and I could not wait for hours just for it. I know there is no solution to bring the room back. I did not open this topic to ask for help from devs either but to put it in their eyes that this is a KNOWN ISSUE and somebody should do something about this already. Import/export layout would be very easy to code for junior developers even for example.. *grins* -Anyways, Thank you LovelyBritney
  11. I just went to customization screen and this is what I got today. I know many people had same issue and none got their rooms back but still wanted to share. GG.
  12. ok. Deathrock, Progressive Rock, Glam Rock, Postrock, Alternative Rock, Nu-Metal, Trash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Glam Metal, Grindcore, Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal, Speed Metal, Industrial Metal, Metalcore, Power Metal, Gothic Metal, If you add them it will be fair or gather EDM, Trance, Dubstep and Hardstyle also in one genre as ''Electronic Music''
  13. Poll is not fair enough. Because edm, dubstep, hardstyle, trance are all sub genres of ''electronic music''. Metal is stand alone genre, country also stand alone genre as well rock. that would be better if u gather all electronic based genres (dubstep, edm, hardstyle, trance) as ''Electronic Music'' by doing this generally electronic music would have chance to stand alone against rock and metal. Now I like dubstep, edm and trance and house also what should I vote for? If I vote for dubstep it's not fair if I vote for trance again it's not fair
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