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  1. I will not leave here ..not knowing how you are!

  2. Hope that you are fine so far my "Queen" ...

  3. ChiK73

    3dx Haiku ♡

    Let us seek a peace Sympathy for senseless loss Without seeking blame
  4. I'm thinking, really, it is a lot of work and effort to build a room, and if a Grand opening is rewarding to the designer, it is well deserved.
  5. Well, since i was invited. I will speculate the next will be Vaughan.
  6. I haven't posted here in quite some time, so maybe I can be considered new? But, if not, then I will say the next person will be of the newer persuasion.
  7. I couldn't even load Forums last night.
  8. Ok, ok, you caught me, now what will you do with me? And I anticipate Susan will reply most swiftly....
  9. That is quite the presumption, Phoenix. I am quite certain there are many people who claim they don't, but still do play forum and game, but your broad sweeping generalization is most definitely incorrect. I stopped playing the game after my computer took an unrepairable crash while I was on, and now I am hesitant to re-install on the brand new machine, especially after hearing of all the nightmares of the new update that happened shortly after my crash. I remain in Forums, because of so many friends I've made here, and to continue in our game threads that we have had running for months, even
  10. Yes!!!! It is me, the one and only Chicago Karla!!!! As I expect Vaughn to reply promptly.
  11. Well, Kaitlyn and I are almost like sisters, David Lee. And I am expecting the next reply to be from Kaitlyn
  12. I'm sorry to intervene, but it's just me, Karla,wishing you to and next I will call upon Anong...
  13. Just to be disruptive to your plans, good evening Anong!!!! As I anticipate Susan....
  14. ChiK73

    Purity test

    The higher, the more pure, according to the test description.
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