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  1. I will not leave here ..not knowing how you are!

  2. Hope that you are fine so far my "Queen" ...

  3. Seems I have been away too long, my 3dx expired all the way back in May.

    1. ChiK73


      Although I am still quite active in Forums.

  4. ChiK73

    3dx Haiku ♡

    Let us seek a peace Sympathy for senseless loss Without seeking blame
  5. I'm thinking, really, it is a lot of work and effort to build a room, and if a Grand opening is rewarding to the designer, it is well deserved.
  6. Well, since i was invited. I will speculate the next will be Vaughan.
  7. I haven't posted here in quite some time, so maybe I can be considered new? But, if not, then I will say the next person will be of the newer persuasion.
  8. I couldn't even load Forums last night.
  9. Ok, ok, you caught me, now what will you do with me? And I anticipate Susan will reply most swiftly....
  10. That is quite the presumption, Phoenix. I am quite certain there are many people who claim they don't, but still do play forum and game, but your broad sweeping generalization is most definitely incorrect. I stopped playing the game after my computer took an unrepairable crash while I was on, and now I am hesitant to re-install on the brand new machine, especially after hearing of all the nightmares of the new update that happened shortly after my crash. I remain in Forums, because of so many friends I've made here, and to continue in our game threads that we have had running for months, even years on some. I would caution you not to be so assumptive, there are so many people here who just look for a reason to start a war of words, and it's been amazingly peaceful of late, and I would like to see that last a little bit longer, if at all possible.
  11. Yes!!!! It is me, the one and only Chicago Karla!!!! As I expect Vaughn to reply promptly.
  12. Well, Kaitlyn and I are almost like sisters, David Lee. And I am expecting the next reply to be from Kaitlyn
  13. I'm sorry to intervene, but it's just me, Karla,wishing you to and next I will call upon Anong...
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