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  1. Leoninha

    User Reviews

    I play WoW. The ignore system works wonders. If I block someone there, no character of his account no matter the realm, will be able to reach me. Now if we invert things, and I block said person and start insulting him or her everywhere. Am I being fair? Ain't I supposed to forget that guy's existance? He should be able to still read whatever I say in public channels to see if I am insulting him, so he can properly either block me or report depending on the gravity of the situation. That's my view.
  2. Leoninha

    User Reviews

    The worst idea ever, from who decided to implement an Ignore System in which you (the ignored person) are unable to read whatever the person who ignored you is saying on public. In anywhere else, all it does is block contact and hide your messages from the person who blocked you. With the current system, a person can just go blocking a lot of people and start dissin' you at will for their friends to have a laugh. A friend even said the game became the largest online safeplace ever after that, to which I agree. That idea was so moronic that after observing a few friends of mine being targeted
  3. A miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk, have at you!
  4. Someone told me yesterday that 3DXChat was a giant safespace, but this is a bit too much
  5. Human furniture would be welcome as well. I would happily serve as my queen's place to sit.
  6. Leoninha

    User Reviews

    Primarily the graphics. Everything on Extremely High is awesome. Sex (the most important) didn't change much through the years (2013-2018), clothing and hair on the other side, got a lot of options........................... We have been asking for BDSM things for so long now. A buttplug tail, handcuffs, ballgag, pig mask, leashes. Nothing too alien. Even Elder Scrolls Skyrim have that. Perhaps a micro bikini ending with an anal hook? For outsiders, the game will be amazing in the first few months, especially now that we don't have moderators stating where you can sex or not, but you will ev
  7. Indeed awful to stop doing something down there to raise the arm for a click. No irony.
  8. Every feedback topic need to have someone who calls the other posters ungrateful people, when we should be happy for having something new and that in his/her humble opinion its just fine, bla bla bla...
  9. This is a dancing game. You see more people dancing than getting laid. Now, do you want to see something even crazier? Turn off the music.
  10. The best change was the removal of Moderators from game. It sucked how you couldn't walk naked because it would offend people who rather be dressed and dancing all day in one of the stages. I mean, c'mon. You want to dance, go play Just Dance. This game is a sex online game. If you feel offended to see intimal parts of the human body you are in the wrong place. I remember getting threatned of ban if I dared to strip in the club.
  11. Its so rare to find other brazilians here, I usually speak only in english. I have been lurking the forums for yonkers now, since I haven't see any real upgrade worth more than 1 month renew.
  12. The real problem are with the faces. Every women looks the same besides clothes and hair and skin color, sometimes not even that. All females are twins.
  13. I feel completely happy with my current life. I think it could only be better if I had picked a porn actress career earlier (unfortunately I never got the chance). Not that it was any real issue in the long road. I actually find having sex IRL easier than in here (at least when I used to play). The best part of having many fuckbuddies is that you don't need much talk to have a real quick fuck.
  14. I agree with the xgold part, but your last line made me sad. I do more irl than I ever got to do in the game. I liked to come here to share these experiences, but unfortunately it became too expensive for a virtual pleasure. U$1 is currently thrice my currency
  15. I praise men with the guts of coming to me, look deep into me eyes and dare to say they wanna fuck. How many of those you can find IRL? 1% being generous? But they exist and I'm not one to refuse one of a kind. If I am alone dancing in some bar, that's what I am expecting, not a little romance and talk. I don't refuse women either. There are many generalizations in this topic, that makes me wonder, how many types of women you guys know. Like if you lived in a Matrix where 99% of women were saints. We are all sexual degraded animals looking for rough sex. And there are two sub-types out there
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