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  1. Dear Diary, This seems to be the beginning of filtering out certain energy. It amazes me how an opinion on a topic can give people the right to be God. One opinion on a topic some how gives a person all the information they need as far as who I am. LOL! Please. And it's coming from people that I never even seen before. Like I don't even know this one particular woman but she felt the need to say that she's going to ignore me as soon as she gets the chance and I'm just like who are you anyway? It would literally not effect me cause I don't even know her. But she calls me arrogant for throwing
  2. Dear Diary, It's been a very active morning in the Forums. I don't know. I feel like I'm being criticized for having a gift. I can live in my gift because it offends. Actually, it seems that my gift has me to look like an ' attention seeker. ' My gift has me to look like I don't accept others POV. I guess that's what the saying ' gift and a curse ' comes from. I love writing/reading. Been doing it since a child, you know this. It's my outlet cause I'm actually shy in real life. I don't say much to nobody really. I come online to write not talk. I express myself in ways many aren't able to. I
  3. Dear Diary, Hey. I'm going to be positive. Really I am. Not everyone will stroke you the right way and vise versa. Not about to feel bad for using 3DX Forums. It's open to the community as a whole to use and I will not be ashamed of it. Some are jealous. Jealousy is a beast that has always been around roaming this Earth. Jealousy is that thing that wants something that it doesn't have. I don't know what I have that has a particular person jealous. It's funny how some like this individual will try and bring you down. I won't let that happen. They will be dealt with accordingly cause their com
  4. So good. Breaking in my new Club real nice.
  5. OMG! I was not intending this Post to turn into a debate about who is the BEST DJ lol. JessicaX is my favorite DJ but I never said she is the Best, never will I ever say that. There could be a DJ that is simply the greatest of all time in regards to every skill and technique known to DJing and if there was a clear chart in being able to scale the skill of a DJ and JessicaX scored LOW on it? She's still MY FAVORITE. I'm sure some of you guys have a favorite sports team that never won a championship but it doesn't matter cause they're your favorite team for whatever reason. Wherever JessicaX i
  6. Dear Diary, Learning shit again, honey. Learning learning learning and you know what? People's idea of Role Play is about to get them fucked up. Like I'm so serious. Since when was it cool to just purple letter some shit that would have you to touch my fuckin ass. Oh, so that's how you do in real life? You just purple letter shit you do in real right? Fuck around and get slapped. I'm sick of these men on here and there purple letter bullshit like I'm supposed to play a long with that disrespectful shit. If that's their idea of Role Play? I got a remedy for that. This guy comes to my club and
  7. β™š Diadem Sapphire Dβ˜₯ck Club β™š
  8. Dear Diary, 1 too many monkeys today, honey. And by monkey I mean those men who only think with their banana. Some guy had the nerve to try and rape me while I was tinkling at the Night Club. But this other guy is what really got me giggling on the inside. I'm at Sin Club talking to a good friend and when it was over I went to the dance floor to dance and stuff. So then that's when this guy PM'd me. We start talking and stuff and he offers to go to the beach. I was like awww this is cute, hell yeah let's go. I said something like well let me go change into a bikini and I'll meet you there. T
  9. Dear Diary, Seems as each day goes by I grow a little more. Change a little more. Learn a little more. It doesn't take long to catch on the jist of this place. Probably my 1st 2 weeks was my most slutty days lol. Then it went into sort of learning the social aspect of it as far as the people and how to actually move around and conduct myself with others here. Lots of learning curves there! From that it went into making friends and really connecting with people. I've made a few good friends that I really enjoy hanging around. Other friends are more so for the sexual benefit. Which leads me to
  10. Dear Diary, Well, just when I thought I found a suitable sex style on comes an even BETTER ONE. Really I got tired of explaining to people what a sapiosexual was. And only a handful of people really get it. But then I was in this Orgy like club room. And met this fine ass white dude. We all kissing and stuff and I was like man we need to find a bed or something, what you think? He was like let's go to his place. I said cool. My mind was initially set on fucking him in that room but he wanted a more private setting so when we got to his room I really loved how he had it decorated. So, I just
  11. Loving the new face 3DX. I look more my ethnicity now.
  12. I'd like to see a color option for nipples. Being of darker tone I'd like to have darker nipples.
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