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  1. It's ok. He's working on his Halloween short story. You need to understand she's being creampied by a ghost and the dude's just a mortal cuckold
  2. The only theory I can come up with now, is that Gizmo is David Lynch and hates it, when his work is taken out of context. Other than that, I'm confused and somewhat lost...
  3. Suggested titles: The Witches of World Chat Night of the Living Server Rocky Horror Bacon Show The Silence of the Devs Bram Stoker's Cold Room Can't wait to see the final result jay
  4. Never underestimate the amount & dedication of people, that get off on ruining others online-experience. There's always a chance, that while we're all pissed, there's a basement somewhere, where the scene pictured below, is taking place as we speak. (You're right though. Unless the person behind "Gizmo" is a certain guy from North Korea, the one with the world's most daring and thrill-seeking personal hairdresser, the amount of suspected DDOS attacks is ridiculous) Well, guess the forum is suffering from glitches & bugs as well. My post was, of course, intended as a reply to Nikki's...
  5. Point me towards the killer and I shall be the nice guy and avenge your virtual death. I'm prepared to create a female avatar, that's taken multiple Zumba classes - She could dance-kick the culprit into oblivion. (and in return, much like chloe said, please share the exact specifications and origin / source of all narcotics consumed by you on a daily basis)
  6. Don't get your hopes up. I've been dealing with this glitch, where I'm automatically transported to the bar within 15 seconds, in the real world my entire adult life and so far, no developer or software engineer has been able to help me...
  7. I do like the idea in general. In the long term, one might also think about the option of a home being permanently "shared". This would also mean more profit for the people behind the game, since we all know it would turn into this her: places object she considers to be "cute" / "nice" / "adorable" in the shared home him: "Do we really need this?" Fight ensues, ultimately resulting in a divorce. There ya go, profit! (If you can't relate to this, you've never been in a relationship, that made the trip to the magical land that is IKEA) For the ladies here, feel free to swap the roles and replace the unspecified object with a stripper pole And while I'm a straight male, I am more than willing to admit, that I'd really like the holding-hands option. (it'd be cute, you can't deny that) But then, there's so many things I'd like to see. Why can we only marry each other? Why not "in a relationship with", "open relationship with", multiple marriage partners etc. More poses, a submenu for favorite poses, interactive poses, similar to those in another game that ends in "chat" ... I guess my list is endless, much like everyone else's.
  8. While I understand, that some people do in fact have phantasies involving rape, you should have the brains to know that such content will trigger a certain response from the community. Concerning those, that are into this very special kind of RP, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get in touch here in the forum or in-game. I'd strongly suggest to limit it to private rooms for friends / groups. That way, you get to have your "experience" without all the drama, that naturally ensues when those things take place in a room open to the public. I also see the issue of the language barrier being real for some people on 3DX. You will end up with individuals entering the room, not fully aware of what they're getting into. They might just like the name of the location without even noticing or understanding the rape-part. And you need to understand that the majority of people here don't just view it as simply being "another kink". We're still talking about something that's a felony, when not involving consenting adults, that seek to "spice up" their sex life. But said consenting adults, wouldn't do it in a public park, so that others may join them. So just leave it to rooms that are off limits to the public in-game. RP can be complicated in general, since we all have our own way of looking at things and judging what's acceptable and what equals "taking it too far". The most fun RP-experiences usually involve people that know the "screenplay" or have co-written it, enjoying themselves in a rather private setting / environment. And most people tend to understand that some things should stay in private rooms not open to the general population of 3DX. If you're talking to a friend on 3DX and you both happen to like the movie BlaKkKlansman, common sense should tell you that opening the room "Clan Meeting (Redneck RP)" and spending tons of gold to keep it at the very top, isn't the brightest idea.
  9. I do admire your enthusiasm. But remember, regardless of size, treat all breasts you encounter the way Bob Ross would: "Now gently, veeery gently. Remember, you're just grazing it"
  10. I'm impressed you managed to spot those lips. I've had easier times finding Waldo, rocking a cloaking coat. But eventuelly, I did find them
  11. Well, I'm glad you mentioned that yardstick. Got a little scared, that I'd have to go to sleep later, without a suitable mental image to keep my mind occupied, as I slowly drift towards dreamland Both in-game, as well as the real world, I also tend to prefer "small to medium". And I do of course assume, that the vast majority of the extremely well equipped ladies, are in fact not even ladies in the first place.
  12. This might not be the first time someone is bringing this up, but here we go. So, one of the things that struck me as a bit weird, when I initially joined and started "exploring" the playground that is 3DX, was the fact that a surprising amount of female avatars had, well comically large breasts. The majority were profiles with little to no info in them, but there was a fair share of "serious" profiles involved as well. Now, that I am back roaming this world, it was more or less the first thing I noticed after logging in for the first time. So, since the ladies seem to be far more active in this forum anyways, are any of the "super-sized" kind willing to explain their reasoning behind their choice? I mean, don't get me wrong. I get that there's a certain amount of guys that are into it, but at least for me personally, it has at times really ruined the immersion / experience. Or maybe some of the guys can chime in. Am I the only one, that's thrown off by this at times?
  13. This issue isn't exclusive to 3DX though. Before social media and "playgrounds" like 3dx were readily available, we only knew people's political convictions as long as they were friends, co-workers or family. And that made it somewhat easier to deal with, because there was a deeper / more intimate connection in the first place. Now we roam a world, where complete strangers have their worldview on display for everyone to see. That naturally triggers responses we'd normally avoid, because it can be tempting to go after people, as long as they're faceless pixels we'll never meet in the real world. It's always been easier to yell at strangers. And a certain amount of people sadly exhibit the attitude of "If I yell at you, that's criticism - if you yell at me, that's hatespeech" Another element, that comes into play, is the fact that society in general is more or less obsessed with the idea of looking at said strangers and asking ourselves "What about that individual could potentially offend me?" I wish we could hit that reset-button and return to a world, where we are mostly occupied with just minding our own business. But I guess the go-to method is still just trying to avoid interactions with rooms & individuals that display a worldview one might find "problematic" or "offensive". You might not agree with how these people see the world, but it's their subscription-given right to enjoy themselves here, just like everyone else
  14. I really can't compete with that. As far as I can remember, my first time here resulted in a 3some with a succubus and Mrs. Satan... But I did have a similar experience in the following days. While I wasn't expecting it in a game such as 3DX, I did find people I really connected with and there's been quite a few days where it was all about having fun and just enjoying conversations, with no kinky element to it. I'd say it's the most fun form of escapism I've experienced yet. (jedenfalls schön, dass dir diese, manchmal etwas verdrehte, virtuelle Spielwiese gefällt, Leah)
  15. If they really just randomly ban people without even checking the screenshot, then that's just messed up. Imagine that kind of stuff in the real world. You're casually strolling along a kindergarden fence and all of the sudden, you're a registered sex offender, because some stranger yelled "that guy's got sweets in his pockets!" The easiest way around this would be coming to the realisation, that there are plenty of individuals on 3DX, that have been around for a significant amount of time & have proven to be "decent" people. Just make them mods and be done with it.
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