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  1. Working perfect! Thanks Niblette your fantastic work!! Was playing around to test, so far get the idea how it works.....just i wondering can we set the fill the shape in naughty designer or we have to do it manually in the game? Many thanks!
  2. hi all, first of all, thanks for bringing this into attention, yeah i think it is good to tell more about the intention of the store idea, rather than leave it to wild speculation. In 3dx, there is a lot of great builders who build, share and sells room individually since long time ago. This is undoubtedly to see the creative side of most users in the game making 3dxchat game more interesting in having infinity location choices. Most builders have their individual website hosted to sell their rooms, but many don't. So the store is merely a sharing platform to bring more great builders together to showcase their builds at their free will, either for sharing free at 3dxchatsharing.com or opt for selling if they like in the store site. We have follow a few rules to helps the community : 1st is in the store site, we promote only 3dxchat and only 3dxchat active subscription user are allowed to join to upload their builds for sale. 2nd The store started with the intention to share as a common place, we do not take any commission on any sales transaction, thus it doesn't coming from intention to make fat profit from sellers. If to look at it more fairly, it is just another sharing site with the option to put a price on their builds. 3rd All parties involved are voluntarily to sell or buy on the site. It is solely based on individual needs and willingness. Last but not least, builders always are welcome to share free as anytime they like, and sell anytime they deemed needed. So hopefully peeps can take an opportunity to showcase their work for sale and earn some token during this hard time. Its not going to make you pocket rich, but some coffee money for your builds, and it serve some great sense of achievement too. And yes it is true many sites are already doing the same thing. Its good this store bring some attention, and i hope its a good attention. I myself a builder love to build and build for free and for sale too. I think its the freedom that everyone has in the game. Nonetheless, hope everyone have a nice day and enjoy!
  3. Interesting topic :) I think rewards has 2 types, tangible and intangible type. But motivations is powered by rewards that is undoubtedly just depends on what form of rewards means to the person (each individual perceive rewards differently, depends what's value to them). Some do extra effort to provide could be just based on passion, voluntary (the sense of achievement and accomplishment is a form of rewards), some people are driven by money/gold. And there is nothing wrong about it. Supply and demands its always there, but all drills down to personal moral acceptability. And again, not us to judge anyone, if you don't agree, just stay away from either supplying or demanding it. No matter in what kind of transaction, payment is needed in all kind of acts. If it is not been paid with money/gold, then it can be paid by love/attraction or simply they like you. They do for you (lucky ones ;)) So when you want something great either you work for it or pay for it. That's what money for. Nowadays ppl buy likes too, obviously. Just a personal thoughts.
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