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  1. Okay then its normal, thank you!
  2. Hey, this might be a non-issue but I'd rather ask than regret not asking^^ I rarely hear any ambient sounds. I only hear music, interface sounds and footsteps when I walk around, but besides that I don't hear a lot, which at least for me ruins places like the beach or generally the outdoors a bit for me. Is that a bug or are there just no ambient sounds? I remember hearing ambient once on that small beach island of the general locations but that's about it. Thanks!
  3. Yes it was, thank you for the great night! Oh hey, he even told me about you! Only good things of course Thank you and will do! I don't think I'll be doing a diary but if I get the urge to post another one I'll use the User Diary section!
  4. Leahtastic

    Say Hello!

    Hey! I'm really excited about this game, started playing yesterday and had an amazing social experience! Just saying hi 👋
  5. Hey! First of all, I fell in love with this game, and I didn't even play it properly yet. I bought my first subscription yesterday and honestly didn't expect much. Quarantine just got to me and this game promised something a little different and adventurous so I went for it. What surprised me first is how pretty it actually looks, I didn't expect this from such a niche game. What surprised me most though, was when I joined the first map, it was a bar. I immediately felt the same kind of thrilling anxiety I know from real life. You know, the feeling you get when you're in the club all by yourself because your friend takes forever to get some drinks. All the people, the music, the interaction. It really was something. I didn't know the controls yet so I accidentally clicked somewhere, started walking into the crowd and bumped into a guy. I had no idea how to stop so I panicked and closed the game. No other game gave me this much of a "I'm here" feeling. I played a couple of MMOs before but none did that. So I logged back in and checked out all the other features. Spent about half an hour on one outfit and then moved on to the world editor which got my absolutely exited! Building your home like in the Sims but you can actually invite real Sims people! As a sucker for the Sims game this made me so happy. Then I finally got the courage to join another server. The one little island-beach. It was pretty, the music was good and some guy wrote me pretty quick as he was reading my bio in which I stated that I'm new and don't know what I'm doing. He explained a few things, how the chat works, the interface and what you can all do in the game. We ended up sitting down and had a really good talk. No forced conversation, just a really nice talk about the game. He then showed me a map he really liked so we joined that server. It was a huge beach and only then I realized that there are almost no boundaries to how big the maps can get and I was again super excited on what's all possible here. We sat down, had some bottles of wine and kept talking. He showed me secret rooms you can find with the F5 camera and how interactions with each other work (Nothing lewd, though). Later we moved on to a cafe in a city-like map. Sat down, and continued our talk. Eventually he introduced me to a club that we entered and started dancing on the dance floor. It was packed with 40 other people and it was surreal! I really vibed with the music, it was so fun syncing the dance moves and having a fun chat. We danced for probably an hour and moved on to another open air rock festival kind of thing and spent the rest of the night there. It was literally giving me the same vibes I get in real life when being in clubs or concerts. Obviously not that intense, but it's the same feeling. I eventually logged off as it was 3am for me, but I had an amazing night. I probably spent 30 minutes just laying in bed thinking about what just happened. Oh, the guy and I obviously friended each other before I logged off so we can meet up again. So this was my first day, and I'm still feeling like I went out to party last night. (Also really made me miss the RL club but 'rona says no). I guess what I'm trying to say with this post is that I never ever expected a game like this to be so friendly, cute and immersive. I expected to log on, make out with a random and have some sex animation but nothing of that happened and I'm not even mad, I wasn't even in the mood at the end of the day. Hell, I would honestly play this game without the sex aspect! So yeah, this is a wonderful game and I'll definitely stick to it. Now I can't wait to meet more people and just enjoy this experience! Thank you for reading, below you'll find some screenshots of last night ~ Leah
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